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YAP Proposal #105: Creating Wealth Through Pig Farming (Michael Oyagha, Nigeria)

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My name is Michael Oyagha. I am a public speaker, an author, Agripreneur and a legal practitioner. I reside in Lagos, Nigeria. I was born on June 21, 1979 to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Oyagha. I was born into a polygamous family of 16 children of which I am number 10.

My father was a furniture maker until his death while my mother is a petty trader. My father could not afford luxuries for us while we were growing up however; he made it a point of duty to always provide anything that concerns our academics to the best of his ability. Most times, we had to depend on extended family members, neighbours and friends to help us through school.

  • My Project

The objectives of my project are to create wealth through pig farming, contribute to the reduction in the rate of unemployment in my community and equip youths with the skills to become agripreneurs through internship opportunities.

I intend to rear pigs, starting with three sows and one boar which will be kept in different cubicle in the pig pen until when they are set to mate. I will build a small pig pen made of bamboo and blocks (this is meant to help reduce the cost of constructing the pen) and install a water shower in each of the cubicle for bathing the pigs and to keep the pen clean at all times. I will dig water well to supply water in the farm. This is preferable to sinking a borehole.

By the time the initial sows give birth, they will be transferred to the farrowing house and upon weaning of the piglets; they will be separated from their mothers, according to their sex. Within one year of the commencement of the project, I should have between 15 to 27 pigs excluding the initial boar and sows.

As for the socio-economic impact this project will have on my community, I intend to make a provision for regular internship for those who might want to acquire pig farming skills on the farm free of charge. This is apart from the creation of employment opportunities for the unemployed youths in the community. This project is very realistic and sustainable.

  • Motivation

One of the things that motivate me to do this project is the government policy in my Country and the economic events around the world. From my observation, I have come to the conclusion that agriculture is the next big thing. The fall in the price of crude oil has rekindled the need for economies to diversify and it is very important for Agripreneurs like me to take advantage of the opportunities this has presented.

Also, growing up was not very easy for me and I know that there are several other families or persons who are going through what I went through. The daily desire to impact the lives in my community positively, the need to contribute my quota in reducing the high rate of unemployment in my Country and creating value in my society, amongst others, are the things that motivate me.

Apart from the projected revenue to be generated by the project for me, the youths in my community will benefit greatly from the project through the internship opportunities, creation of employment opportunities for them and they will be considered first for every job opening. I also intend to generate electricity from the pig dung to serve my farm and my immediate community.

  • Steps Leading to the Success of the Project

The following are the steps I intend to take to achieve my goal. To start with, I intend to build a bamboo pen for the pigs and install shower system, purchase the sows from a farm while the boar will be purchased from another farm; this is meant to guarantee a pure bloodline, dig water well for the purpose of water supply, acquire a truck for the purpose of transporting the feeds, fruits and vegetables to the farm.

I will also engage the service of a veterinary doctor to attend to the pigs once a week or as the need may arise, engage the service of a farm Assistant to help with the work on the farm and I intend to use the social media as a tool for advertising my farm produce and getting interns to participate in the internship program.

  • Steps Taken Thus far

In order to get my project started, I have done the following; I have already acquired two plots of land (about 1,200 square meters) in a remote village. This gives me the chance to expand the project as the need arises. Also, I paid several visits to other pig farms to see what other pig farmers are doing and also to have an idea of what should be done and what should not be done as it relates to pig farming.

Apart from that, I have made enquiries on what it will cost to dig a well for the supply of water, the composition of pig feeds and how I can locally source for and produce my pig feeds. I have read several books and other materials on piggery and also gotten a veterinary doctor on standby to attend to the pigs as soon as the project commences.

  • How do you measure your success?

To measure the success of my project, within the first year of the commencement of the project, I will use the earned value management (EVM) to analyze scope, cost, and schedule of the project. This will help to ascertain if the project has met with its set objectives.

Also, I will consider the number of employment opportunities that has been created and the number of interns that have applied to and participated in my internship program. Lastly, I intend to carry out a survey in my immediate community to determine the level of benefits the project has provided to the community.

  • How do I plan to use the US$5000 grant?

With the grant of US$5000, I will build the bamboo pig pen and install shower system for the pigs. This will cost me US$1,500. Thereafter, I will dig water well for the purpose of water supply. This will cost US$500. After which I will purchase three sows and one boar. This will cost US$500.

I will acquire a small truck for transportation. This will cost US$1,500. The consultancy fee to the veterinary doctor for the first year of operation and pending when the project will start yielding revenue will cost US$520 and the salary for the Farm Assistant for the first year of operation and pending when the project will start yielding revenue will cost US$480 (at US$40 per Month).

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156 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #105: Creating Wealth Through Pig Farming (Michael Oyagha, Nigeria)”

  1. This is quite an interesting project. The writer’s plans and the steps to be taken are quite explanatory.
    I believe this project it worth the grant.

  2. I feel so excited about this . Great step towards contributing on what will be beneficial to our economy. Go for it!!!

    1. Hmmm… I find this quite interesting. You’ve got me thinking you know. With your proposal and answers to some questions in the comments area, I’m quite confident that this venture would be very rewarding. Well done.

  3. This is a great idea. Your passion and vision to use this to help other families is inspiring. Great job!!!

  4. its a very good business agric farming is what is booming now.keep up the good and hard work .because you are going places.
    Mrs.Beauty O

  5. It’s a very great venture. I’d like to be one of your prospective interns or partner.

  6. Wow! this is a great project….never thought of anything like it before, especially in this era when the nation is going back to agriculture. Wish you the best Mr Oyagha and Gods favour all through.

  7. I’d like to ask Mr Mike Oyagha, what could be the likely challenges in the business of Pig farming.

    1. Thanks Emmanuel. Just like other livestock business, pig farming also has its own challenges. One of such challenges is when you did not get the appropriate breeds from the beginning. This will greatly affect the productivity of the pigs which in turn will affect your profitability.

      Also, you must pay particular attention to the health of your pigs. They must be given their vaccine at the right time to prevent unnecessary negative health exposures.

      In summary, you must pay attention to their nutrition, labour, capital, disease control, breeding and marking

      Despite a number of significant challenges, pig production has a great deal of untapped potential.

  8. Does pig farming have a ready market in Nigeria? If yes, where is the potential market for pigs?

    1. Thanks Okwudili. Right now, the number of pig farmers in Nigeria are not able to meet up with the demands.

      Many people consume pork because it is healthier compared to beef and other meat. Pork is white meat and is healthier compared to red meat.

      Without promoting any product, many of the snacks that we eat are produced with pork. Apart from the meat, pig can also be used for several other products.

  9. Your proposal is very wonderful and is one of the ways of busting the economy of the country and also discouraging unemployment in the country. Carry on and I wish you success.

  10. This is a very good idea. I believe this project among other things as highlighted by Michael, will provide solutions to some of the food scarcity that Nigeria is currently faced with. I believe this project has great potential.

  11. My vote goes to the young man by name Michael oyagha,I have gone through his right up and found out that this young man I herding in the right direction,in time like this that the economic of of this our great Nation is falling down the drains, we need someone like him to put up something that will create job opportunities for the youth of this our great country Nigeria.

  12. Dearie, I believe in you. This is a worthy project. The most interesting aspect of the project is that it will help reduce the high rate of unemployment and also give opportunities for interns. I am with you all the way.

  13. From his analysis of how he intends to go about the pig farming, he really deserves to get a grant. His plans are very realistic and will equally be sustainable for a market like that of pig farming. It only shows one that is deep thinking, who wants to do a lasting business.

  14. Nice concept and outstanding proposal.
    Agriculture is the next big thing, without it human beings will be thrown into the dungeon of irrelevance. Kudos Michael you have always been a pacesetter.

  15. i can see prospects in this project you intend to embark on Mr. Michael Oyagha. Your proposal is realistic and can be achieved. I wish you well

  16. Wishing you the very best in your endeavours. This is indeed a welcomed development. I pray your ideas are brought into full fruition. Keep soaring!

  17. Good one , owing to the fact that most people are not tilting to this direction, sure it will help our soceity.

  18. Brilliant idea, quite new and most people are not thinking in this direction owing to the fact that pigs are seen as dirty. Love your courage, best of luck.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      The general opinion of people is that pig is a dirty animal. Do you know that pigs are not dirty? They are seen as dirty animals because they can eat everything.

      The pig’s small intestine is longer than that of humans and that is why the pig has the ability to eat everything.

      It may also interest you to know that pig meat is healthier for human consumption than red meat.

      I appreciate your support.

  19. Brilliant idea, quite new and most people are not thinking in this direction. Love your courage, best of luck.

  20. Brilliant idea, love your courage owing to the fact that it is quite new and most people are not thinking this direction. Wish you sucess in actualise this dream knowing fully it will surely help in the development of our community.

  21. Brilliant idea, love your courage owing to the fact that it is quite new and most people are not thinking in this direction. Wish you sucess in actualising this dream knowing fully well that it will surely help in the development of our community.

  22. Nice one. The proposal appears we quite realistic and I have no doubt you will succeed in the venture. Well done.

  23. I like and support the proposal of Michael Oyagha. All those that i know that have gone into pig farming, were very successful. What makes Mr Oyagha’s own unique is creating job opportunities for the unemployed, as well as empowering others. In my opinion, he more than deserve the funds for him to kick start this project.

  24. It’s really detailed realistic. I see you achieving all and more with this well laid down plan. Success!

  25. Pork usually reminds me of Tapeworm, and to the best of my memory I have not eaten pork for over a decade and maybe more primarily because of the fear of being infected with Tapeworm. Therefore, I will suggest you develop a credible means that proves your pigs are Tapeworm-free beyond the regular services of a veterinary doctor, to convince people like me to start eating pork produced only from your farm!
    All the best on your proposal and to your eventually pig farm! I believe in your vision! Run with it!

    1. Hi Elvis,

      I appreciate your comment. Beyond engaging the services of a veterinary doctor, a lot depends on the farm owner when it comes to pig management.

      One of the things that must be done, with or without the assistance of a veterinary doctor, is constant vaccination and deworming.

      If this is done for the sow before giving birth and the newly born piglet, up until the time of weaning and sales, you would have succeeded in taking care of every type of worm that affects pigs’ health.


  26. This a wonderful ideal and plan. Well detailed arrangement. With this plans u will do exceedingly great. God bless and success.

  27. Nice one!
    I want to believe that everything possible will be done beyond the regular services of a veterinary doctor to keep and prove that your pigs are tapeworm (egg/cyst) free at the point of sales?
    All the best on your proposal. I believe in this vision/proposal! Run with it!

  28. This is a great project and should be encouraged.
    I love the part that talks about youth development and would always throw in my vote for anything that can develop the great minds of our younger generation.
    Wish you the very best.

  29. This is exciting, and is coming at the right time we need, as a nation, to reconsider the agriculture alternative as the best and fastest way out of food and economic crisis. Bravo!

  30. This is such an innovate idea and i love the fact that you are putting in the effort to create something like this. You have always been an entrepreneur!. Best of luck Uncle mike.

  31. This is exactly what Nigeria needs at this point in time. Oil is failing and the economy is shaking. Mike, this is a must happen project if we are to truely be a diversified economy. I throw all my weight of support behind you. Success.

    1. Hi Aluko,

      Thanks for your question. Many people do not know that apart from meat, several direct products can be gotten from the pig.

      You actually get over a hundred products from pig. Let me give you a list of some of these products: chemical weapons, ice cream, fertilizer, low fat butter, fabric softener, paint brush, fruit juice, shampoo, bread, candle, washing powder, paint, soap, yoghurt, insulin, toothpaste, alternative energy amongst others.

  32. It looks interesting and realistic.

    I believe you have done proper feasibility studies however you could look into the possibility of putting up more lasting structures if the funds permit eg a more solid building as opposed to that of bamboo and a borehole in addition to the well.

    More awareness on the benefits of pork meat would help with acceptance and better preventative measures to be seen from your plan and systems to prevent and convince people that your pigs are tapeworm free.

    I wish you success.
    Thanks for taking the chance to share your dream.

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Thanks for your comment. I actually intend too build something more sophisticated in the nearest future.

      Just like I commented in my reply to Aluko above, we should not worry so much about tapeworm because pork is just one of the products you can get from pig. There are over a hundred other products that we can get from pig.

      As for ensuring that my pigs are tapeworm free, I have consulted and will continue to consult professionals in this field to guide me.

  33. Good write up you have there!

    You may actually have done your research for you to adopt the option of a well as against a borehole; my take here is that what happens during the dry season when the well is dried up? I would suggest you consider the option of having a borehole (call it water availability option “B” in the event of scarcity or dried up well)

    Kudos all the same and wishing you good success!

    1. Hi Isi,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have considered the alternative of borehole alongside having a well to supply water to the farm.

      I have decided to start with the well option considering the available fund at the moment. In the near future, I intend to also have a borehole as an alternative considering the fact that you must have adequate water on the farm for the pigs.

  34. Great idea from a great mind. A venture that’ll be profitable to both your immediate community and the nation at large. Creating employment opportunities for our teaming unemployed youths and availing them with agripreneural skills, also a way of contributing to the economic growth of our dear country.

  35. Mr Michael, i really love the motivation put into this work. Really there is more to be put in agriculture and Nigeria should be able to imbibe this culture. Good work sir

  36. Thumbs up Mike!!!! This ts totally inspiring and motivational. A lucrative venture that will contribute immensely to the agricultural sector at large. All the best!

    1. Hi Bunmi,

      Thanks for your comment. Why pigs? I have considered several livestock animals and have come to the conclusion that, for me, pigs are the best. They are easy and cheap to rear. The number of products that one can derive from pigs are too numerous compared to other livestock, etc.

  37. What a beautiful and creative initiative coming from a legal practitioner. May God Grant you the grace to fully carry out this project successfully. Wish you the very best brother.

  38. Nice Initiative, This Motivate Me that You don’t have to study Agriculture before you can come up with such a great idea. i which you success in your now project.

  39. This is an awesome project Mike. You have obviously given this a lot of thought and taken some vital issues into consideration. Best of luck!

  40. This is an awesome project Mike. You have obviously given this a lot of thought and taken some vital issues into consideration. Best of luck to you!

  41. Mr. Oyagha this is a nice project sir it is also a way to reduce unemployment, KUdos sir

  42. This is amazing Mr. Michael. I believe and trust you will do a fine job. You always put your all into everything which makes you highly qualified. Wish you all the best.

  43. Mr. Michael. I’m proud of you. This is an amazing opportunity for you and for interns. Creating jobs while doing what you like. I’m 100% positive and confident in you. I have worked with you and i can say that your attitude of giving your all is commendable and second to none. Fly on eagles wings sir and i wish you all the best.

  44. Quite an interesting project. I look forward to seeing the actualization. Well done sir

  45. The plan is good if followed as outlined in the write – up, Nigeria has a large market that will make the business a success.

  46. This is a good step in right direction. The business is viable and have the prospect of having a high returns.

  47. I think this is a great proposal and well thought out. I believe if properly followed through it will yield the desired results. I recommend that Micheal be given the grant.

  48. I have known Barrister Mike for over 20 years and have come to trust his abilities in succeeding in the things he engages in. This project is a laudable venture and details in the proposal shows it is feasible. I recommend the grant be given to your project

  49. What a wonderful project!!! If 1/5 of literate Nigerians can take a step in this directio, our communities will be blessed, violent free and prosperous. This is because our youths will be gainfully engaged.

    Keep it up

  50. I believe that this business proposal will yield the expected result which will go a long way to alleviate some level of hardship in people’s lives. Pls keep it up.

  51. Great idea. I believe it will yield wonderful fruit at the end that will be of great benefit to all. Pls don’t relent until the result is achieved.

  52. This is a good one mike. I don’t doubt your ability to make this project a worthwhile venture considering your doggedness and determination to give proects of this nature your best. All the best

  53. Brilliant idea and proposal….well thought out.piggery is a money spinner with 90% sure success and all the components of a pig are economically usefull.. kudos my bro

  54. Waoh! .This is a well thought out project .Pggery is a money spinner with 90% sure success as all the components of a pig are economically usefull. Kudos to you my brother.

  55. wonderful,excellent. and brilliant idea. pig farming is one big business and i believe with your proposal it will yield great result….ride on sir… BRAVO!!!!!

  56. Brilliant! Agriculture is the way to go for sure. May the Lord grant you great success in Jesus name.

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