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YAP Proposal #87: WiAgri – Empowering through Information (Chelsea Wallace, Jamaica)


“Finally there was a team of us, young persons of various backgrounds, all working hard on this one event that was geared towards Caribbean agribusiness.”

Keron Bascombe, #CPAF15 Social Media Reporter

Youth across the Caribbean had been waiting for this opportunity on such a large scale, and finally, it happened. At the Caribbean Pacific Agri-Food Forum 2015 (#CPAF15), youth from across the region were able to attend and participate as social media reporters supported by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

We blogged, live tweeted, conducted interviews and managed photography and videography to engage as many agri-stakeholders online as possible.

This involvement of youth and incorporation of social media had never happened on such a scale in our region.

Moreover, our social media reporting team did exceptionally well. We broke the CTA’s conference record for photo uploads! We also achieved significant reach and impressions, placing the conference within the top three, in terms of online reach, of all conferences sponsored by the CTA.

I am Chelsea Wallace, a Digital Media Strategist and Jamaican, and I was thrilled to be a part of the the social media reporting team at #CPAF15. After my tertiary studies in the United States, I was eager to return home and make an impact on the Caribbean agri-food system. I got so much from #CPAF15, not the least of which was becoming connected with a network of knowledgeable and passionate agripreneurs, all desiring to make a change in the region. We all decided at the end of the conference that we would do something to keep the momentum that we had created together, but what would we do?

How could we take this further? How could we make a sustained impact on agriculture not just in our countries but across the entire region? The answer, we figured out, is information.

WiAgri – Empowering through Information

There is a major information gap among stakeholders in Caribbean agriculture. For whatever reason, knowledge that would be useful to so many farmers, agriyouth, processors, agribusiness owners and everything in between, is lost.

We are motivated to help to change this. We are WiAgri. Our mission and vision is to empower the Caribbean agricultural sector by improving the dissemination of agri-food information, and bridging the gap between agri-food policy and practitioner. We will do this by capitalizing on the connections to be made via digital media technology, enabling us to reach and engage within the Caribbean and across the world around agri-food issues.

Why is this needed?

Back in Barbados at #CPAF15 our social media reporting team, both onsite and offsite, really made an impact. Despite a host of problems (that’s a story for another day), we were able to:

  • draft 7,235 posts by a total of 347 users
  • reach an estimated 624,207 people
  • with 6,380,002 views on the sum total of our posts.

These figures are impressive, to say the least! And they showcase the fact that an organization like WiAgri is needed! In this digital age, we can use the power of social and other digital media to capture and communicate around key knowledge and information that is often lost as it travels across the Caribbean agri-food system. Information about a new tool being used in St. Lucia can be communicated to farmers and processors in Guyana. Information about policies and infrastructure to be implemented by Ministries of Agriculture and/or other institutions can be made available to farmers so the farmers can hold these institutions accountable.

vilvilfareS (1)

Though some organizational stakeholders in the Caribbean may not yet see how beneficial social and digital media truly are for agricultural development, it is clear as day to us and to other organizations within the developing and developed world.

So how exactly will we replicate and sustain such an impact?

WiAgri intends to bring the power of social and digital media to Caribbean agriculture by providing specific services including the following:

  • Social media reporting – live coverage of conferences and events via social media channels including promotion before, during and after the event.
  • Information dissemination – facilitation of knowledge exchange between and among ministries, farmer groups and other stakeholders in various territories about key takeaways from conferences we attend.
  • Consultancy – establishment, support or upgrade of an agri-food organization’s or business’ social media strategy and channels.
  • “Outsourcing” – a client specific service of finding information online as it relates to best practices in the agri-field.
  • Digital campaigns and promotion for a specific period or event for an agri-food organization or business.

We are gearing up!

We are a recently formed group (you have no idea how long it took us to come up with a name! again, another story for another time), and as with all startups we have a few things to do to establish ourselves. Therefore with funds from the Youth Agripreneurs Project (YAP) we will:

  • Register and incorporate the for-profit and non-profit arms of our organization (USD $750)
  • Buy a domain name and set up an official website (USD $250)
  • Cover initial operational costs for set-up – purchase necessary software, equipment, etc. (USD $500)
  • Introduce ourselves to the regional market and cover networking costs – PR, etc. (USD $2000)
  • Cover travel & accommodation to our first conference for social media reporting (USD $1500)

Our success will be measured in tranches, so to speak. We will know we are successful if by December 2016 we have:

  • Registered and incorporated our organization
  • Set up our official website
  • Attended and performed social media reporting activities at 2 – 3 major conferences in the Caribbean
  • Disseminated information from the conferences we attend to farmer groups and any other interested stakeholders in at least 5 Caribbean territories.

So as you can see we have our work cut out for us, but we are up to the task! As agriyouth, we can and will work with current stakeholders to bring Caribbean agriculture into the digital age. We are ready to play our part in ensuring that the Caribbean agri-food system is sustainable and adaptable, ready for the massive challenges we are now beginning to face.

from Chelsea Wallace
Co-founder WiAgri
Age 24


Keron Bascombe
Nakasi Fortune
Nyamekye Mapp
Luke Smith

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264 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #87: WiAgri – Empowering through Information (Chelsea Wallace, Jamaica)”

  1. Great initiative, one that is needed in the Caribbean region. Many organisation in the region do not fully utilize this avenue to share information.

  2. Truly amazing. This new approach is definitely needed in the Caribbean. Finally, there is a group of young people to get the message of food sustainability across the Caribbean.

  3. Agri stakholders have almost totally ignored the power of social media. WiAgri will change all that!

    1. Yes we will! As always Keron, the whole team appreciates your input! Thank you for being a great co-founder!

  4. What I love about this project is that it cannot fail. The advantages of WiAgri are infinite. Each one, reach one then teach one.
    For the love of the sector and our world.

  5. Love this initiative! For some of us who are unable to attend the big round table discussions or events social media is a key resource for gathering information on what is going on in the Agriculture sector and across the region. So have a team who would be able to always provide us with information and new use of technology would be super awesomeness!!!

  6. Love this! This is such a great initiative because social media is usually used as a resource for information by some of us who cannot attend the big round table discussions and events. We are usually update on what is happening across the region by social media. So have a group of young people deciding to take responsibility of covering events and providing us with information would be super awesomeness!!

    1. EXACTLY, Dionne! And we plan to take the information straight to the stakeholders on the ground as well!

  7. I am so excited about this venture. Access to information, education, and networks in agricultural and food-related fields has been crucial to my development as a small farmer in the US. I know that you are going to do great things for Caribbean agriculture and food systems!

  8. Agriculture already sounds good, now it looks even better. As a citizen of the Caribbean, the need for ICTs in agriculture cannot be emphasized enough. it is commendable that youths have taken such an initiative towards transforming the sector. WiAgri has my vote!

    1. Thank you so much Theron!!!! Much appreciate the support! Hope you’ll follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to stay up to date on what we’re working on as well!

  9. Congrats on your efforts thus far with WiAgri. Your efforts are needed to reduce the information gap among stakeholders in Caribbean agriculture.

    1. Thank you again Kristyn! We appreciate your support – from #CPAF15 until now 🙂

  10. So I read this blog post three (3) times and I must say I am truly impressed with the vision, mission, and motivation to bring this project from idea to reality.
    Being a young farmerpreneur in the Caribbean, the Caribbean needs this and need this soon , other wise agricultural productivity will be at stake in the next 35 years.
    I applaud the efforts and more so the realization that this is a combined effort of youths meeting at a conference and realizing the need for this on a full time basis. “Youth identifying a need with other youth to help youth” that alone is epic.
    #GCARD3 the Caribbean needs this new methodology and strategy to affect and Influence food sovereignty ,security and sustainability .
    WiAGRI I support yaallllll100
    From a Farmful Fruitful Farmiliar Farmer

    1. Oh my goodness Alpha, that means so much coming from you!!!Thank you so much for your support!

  11. Congratulations! This is a wonderful initiative and opportunity to engage persons in or affiliated to the agricultural sector in the region. I love the fact that the aim is empowerment, because it is imperative that individiduals learn to do for themselves and its great that they will be provided with information to make more informed decisions.
    Also, it is great to see young persons working together to promote a worthy cause…. keep up the good work

    1. thank you so much for your support, Nicola! We appreciate it! Agricultural information indeed empowers!

  12. I love what im seeing, we need more youths to take the initiative to put agriculture where it rightly deserves to be……….toya!…mapp!!! nice work……keep it up

  13. Great initiative I am so excited about this venture. What a way to bridge the gab and provide information

  14. Yes this is a fantastic initiative that will empower more people to get involved and make their voices heard on critical topics!! Congrats to you!!! Can we already use WiAgri’s services for covering the #tffsummit?? Great job!!!

    1. Thank you Christine! We Agree: raise the voices of those most impacted and empower them to make decisions for self-determination & a future for agriculture!!! OOO We would be extremely interested in covering #tffsummit!!!!!!!!! Are you affiliated with them at all?

  15. What a great idea! Information is power, and leveraging digital technology to insure dissemination of key resources and practices can be a very effective way of distributing this power. Looking forward to great work!

    1. Wow, thank you Terry!!!! How you beat Khris & Jae I dunno, dwl 🙂 Much appreciate the support!!! ❤

  16. Congratulations! Its great to see youths working together to promote positive changes. I love that the group aims to empower because it is imperative that individuals learn and develop their trade. By providing information this group will help persons in or affiliated to the agricultural sector make more informed decisions. Continue the great work. #wiagri #wifuture #lookingbrighter

  17. I loooove the idea guys. I’m sure you probably already know about this group of app-developers from Revofarm Jamaica but if you don’t here: ( They doing real-time data for farmers and buyers available through smart phones and sms. Both of your projects seem like they would benefit from working together.

    1. Thank you Dorraine!!! Yes, I know about Revofarm. We should really link them! Appreciate you commenting 🙂

  18. Youths on the move for positive change in the dissemination of information that will impact present as well as future stakeholders in the sustainability of agriculture in the Caribbean is always encouraging. The support of this entity is critical to future achievement for more creative, innovative and educated entrepreneur like these young people.

  19. Founding WiAgri as a group is a great way to ensure the success of its mission. That’s a real strength of your proposal, along with the recognition that social media can serve a critical function in knowledge sharing, not just in promotion. Right on, WiAgri.

  20. Sounds like a ground-breaking venture (pun intended)! All the best and God’s blessings on WiAgri!

  21. This project sounds impressive and is commendable. It is outstanding as it is engineered by youths.. the future.. that is noteworthy. I pray you will continue to be energized , creative, as well as receive the financial and other resources needed to execute this very critical area:agriculture, so we can feed and sustain ourselves as a region and provide the protection and advice to stakeholders.. All the very best, and please keep us updated… Following…..

    1. Thank you so much Auntie! We receive the blessings and prayers! Will keep you updated!

    1. Wow, thank you Vanessa! Really appreciate it! We will do ur best to make the region proud!

  22. This is a great initiative by a group of determined young people. Knowledge is power and being able to provide the much needed information to people all over, will be worthwhile for the development of agricultural in the Caribbean.

  23. I have worked with these youngsters from the Caribbean and I can only attest that they are great to work with. They are trustworthy and can deliver on time. They can work well under pressure. The members of the group are young and vibrant talents that want to take agriculture to the next level in their region. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for Social Media reporters to contact them. Also, they all have their own expertise which they put in any activities that they are undertaking. With them, agriculture has a future in the Caribbean and we need more of those. Keep up the good work guys.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting Domz! At the moment, we are seeking to empower farmers in the region who have already contributed so much! So what we need to know from them is how they best receive information. We want to disseminate what we learn at these conferences to them – and we know most are not on social media or very active online. So, we need to know the channels through which they best receive the information they use to make decisions. That way we can use those channels to get the information to them as quickly as possible and empower them to make decisions that will improve their farms, families, communities and countries.

  24. First of all, I want to say that you all are doing a great job! The idea and concept was needed in our Caribbean region. There is a continuous need for empowerment in our region. I look forward to your growth and expand in WiAgri.

  25. First of all, I want to say that you all are doing a great job!

    The idea and concept was needed in our Caribbean region.

    There is a continuous need for empowerment in our region, especially in the field of Agriculture.

    I look forward to the team growth and expansion in WiAgri.

  26. It is great to see young brilliant minds investing themselves in finding a solution to better their nation and region! Looking forward to hearing more about this venture and seeing its fruit. (Pun intended)

  27. WiAgri to di world! Manifesto Jamaica and our partners in the “”Art For Agriculture” initiative stand ready to share information and enable your mission in any and every way possible. Food security wi seh! Love, light and blessings on this mission.

    1. Thank you so much Lesley-Ann!!! We look forward any partnerships between us! Blessings to you all as well!

  28. Congratulations, Chelsea. You and your colleagues are doing important work. Very proud of you! Good luck!

    1. Thank you Dr. Moore! Means so much to us that you took the time to comment! 🙂 Much love!

  29. These projects are very necessary at this time and will contribute to the growth needed in the economy.

  30. Really impressive initative by a group of young professionals. Very timely, given what is happening with climate change, our changing rainfall patterns and matters of food security, which will affect Jamaica’s national security and financial inclusion programmes. As a Ja-Vinci (Jamaican-Vincentian), I welcome this type of work and encourage you and your colleagues to pursue it with complete passion. Good luck and God Bless. Melanie Williams

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Melanie! We couldn’t agree more, especially given the challenges you have highlighted. Thank you for your support!

  31. Commendable. Social Media is the way to go. This initiative was needed a long time ago. Caribbean people will benefit in a good way.

  32. Great project! Every discipline has been utilizing modern techniques in order to educate the world. This thrust towards agriculture is welcome and has great potential to change the face of the industry. Go for it!

  33. Knowing a bit of the journey you have been on, I am quite proud of you Ms. Chelsea . I believe this initiative is a solid and necessary one for the agri industry. On a personal note ,this industry hasn’t been one I’ve been most interested in knowing about generally, but interaction with persons such as yourself has cultivated in me (no pun intended 🙂 ) a greater appreciation for it. I wish you and your co-founders the very best in your endeavours . May this be a most fruitful year (again no pun intended, or hmmm? 🙂 )

  34. Knowledge is indeed power and hence we need to fid a way to get the information out to potential farmers. Bearing in mind that most farmers listen to the radio we need to have some of the programms geared towards that niche. Also with the market being a global one, we could encougage the production of products which we do not consume locally here for export market. This could reduce the incentive for predial larceny as the product is easily marketable here

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Joan. Indeed, getting the information to farmers is priority for us. Most are not online or on social media, so we will be finding out how farmers in the different territories receive their information best, and making partnerships to disseminate the information we learn to them.

  35. Brilliant use of intelligent minds. Agriculture is a very important part of our economy and the WiAgri initiative empowers the eat what we grow grow what we eat initiative. Knowledge is Power. All the best!!

  36. This initiative will propel growth in the agricultural sector in the Caribbean. I wish WiAgri every success in its mission to disseminate information to “agripreneurs”.

  37. Sounds very interesting. Agriculture is very important to the Caribbean. We are importing way too much foreign products. All the best in this project.

  38. This is a great initiative that I strongly support. Happy that our activities have contributed to emulating it. Good luck to the team.

  39. This is a wonderful initiative…Let’s use social media to fill the information gap in the Caribbean on agriculture!

  40. Great idea guy’s!! I really endorse this.Argricultural is BIG Business we realy have to find ways to get our young people from this motion that Agricultural is for the Man or Woman who lives some were down in the country.for our country to Grow this sector has to developed new ways. My dream is to see our

    1. Thank you Shawn!! Yes, empower young agripreneurs to improve productivity & sustainability!

  41. Love it. Jamaica and the Caribbean stands to benefit tremendously from your vision. This could make our farmers stand shoulder to shoulder with their 1st world counterparts in terms of overall production and marketability. and you know there is nothing like our Caribbean food. great!!!

    1. Thank youuu Uncle!!!! Really appreciate this!!!! And completely agree, nothing like our Caribbean flavours 🙂

  42. Wow, this is a great idea! Not only did I enjoy reading but also felt a sense of pride. We may have issues in the region in terms of economic growth etc but it is refreshing to see multiple groups of people trying to advance various aspects of our society. I’m curious about the involvement of the governments in the countries you hope to have an impact. What has been their role and how do you see them being involved if at all?

    1. Thank you Sashae!!! Really appreciate your comment! We definitely see involvement for Ministries of Agriculture in our efforts. We hope to work alongside them to transfer a lot of this information to farmers. We also hope to help them update their online systems of communication (websites, social media, etc.) so that youth and other stakeholders in the region have an easier time accessing information, rather than having to go physically to the Ministries and try to find paper records that, chances are, have been lost, misplaced or destroyed.

  43. Wow, this is a great idea! Not only did I enjoy reading this but also felt a sense of pride. It is refreshing to see groups of people working to advance various aspects of our society. I was also wondering about the role of the government in these countries. How have they been or will they be involved in this initiative?

  44. Its about time. Caribbean in particular Jamaica is in dire need of a revamp, reform agricultural sector. Excited and can’t wait to see the outcome of such great initiative.

    1. Thank you so much Cleon! WiAgri! We are excited to see where we can go, who we can partner with, and how we can help advance Caribbean agriculture!

  45. This sounds like an amazing initiative that you all have embarked on. Keep up the good work and keep me abreast.

  46. I am happy that this group recognises the importance of working with the farmers in getting the information out. Huge gap between farmer and those with the info. Standing ovation.

  47. Perhaps I will speak from a point of bias. I have heard my daughter talk about this initiative and these group of youths. Nakasi, Kerron, Luke, Chelsea and Nyamekye… they are family… and they really want what is best for the agricultural sector in our region. Go guys… keep pushing.

  48. I love it. The use of digital media in paricular industries such as these are almost considered taboo. This is exactly why it is needed, to inform and improve the decisions we make. With initiatives like these, maybe, just maybe we will also improve the health of the greater population of the region and the health of our lands. It’s far beyond time for this kind of use of social media for more productive and beneficial purposes. We’ve grown dull too long. I fully support this initiative and look forward to seeing this flourish and educate the regional massive towards world class operational strategy and governance. Real talk.

  49. This idea is Novel. It’s great to see young people thinking out of the box. All the best to WiAgri and Chelsea in this venture.

  50. Chelsea Wallace

    Congratulations on your new found project on agriculeure. This is a new innovation for Caribbean farmers and agri-processors, so they are lookig forward to lean and earn from the idea. I wish you all the best with the outcome expected.

    1. Thank you Earl! Agreed, our aim is to enable them to do that! Thank you for your support.

  51. I think this is a brilliant idea. Information like this is so important not only for farmers but also for those like me who has no experience in farming but sees the tremendous value and benefits in doing my own backyard farming to grow my fruits and vegetables. Backyard farming aids in eating properly while being on a budget.

  52. As the saying goes “knowledge is power” and so I believe this is a great initiative to share information among the stakeholders in Caribbean agriculture, and the more people that know, the better! 🙂

  53. great initiative.. Information in the agriculture sector is greatly needed.. This project can be the catalyst upon which great things are built. All the best guys.

  54. This is an excellent initiative. As Guild President for the University of the West Indies. I fully support initiatives that are geared towards holistic development. Keep up the good work guys!

  55. The sky is the limit. It great to see young people making such a significant impact especially in the Agricultural sector. Thumbs up for the Caribbean.

  56. Great idea to collaborate on this initiative. Agriculture has been known as the backbone of a developing economy. Information is power!! Putting them together can mean greater success. May God continue to guide this venture.

  57. Wow Chelsea! Such a great initiative! This is meaningful work that you and your team are doing. It will bless the lives of many for generations to come!

  58. Thank you……Chello 🙂 for your team’s efforts in taking Jamaica, land we love and by extension, the Caribbean, into the 21st century and beyond. I think this is an EXCELLENT initiative and there is no one better to do it that our brightest, youthful minds, like yourself. Thank you also for choosing to return to the land of your birth to share your vision.

  59. Great job. I am so proud of you. I wish you all the best in making this project a reality 🙂

  60. Great initiative! The need is obvious and the intended results cannot be denied. This makes persons like myself interested in knowing more about agriculture throughout the region although not acquainted with the workings of the industry.

    1. ❤ Thank you Gwen! All the best with the Brine Project as well! The photography is GORGEOUS!

  61. I want to thank you and your team lady Chello for this wonderful idea and the hard work and dedication of putting it forward. I wish you all the best . May God continue to bless you and your team.

  62. Chelsea, WOW this sounds promising. I pray that God will indeed grant you and your team Favour, Guidance and Blessings. Great Great Initiative!!

  63. Information is power!! So they say and am happy this project empowering through Information. Wishing you all the best Chelsea.

  64. Fantastic initiative! Agriculture does indeed play an enormous role in our society today and I do believe it definitely needs to be in the spotlight. Good luck!

  65. Interesting initiative. Knowledge/information is truly the key to advancing efforts in agriculture.

  66. Great initiative guys! I commend so much your support of the agricultural community. We really need more focused contemporary approaches like this to help support our farmers, build back our agricultural sector and lower our high import food bill. Good luck to you!

  67. Youth, technology and communication tools like social media are critical tools in the arsenal of any institution working with a long-term vision for agricultural development. We hope that partnership between community, development organizations and entrepreneurs to improve the transfer of information will continue to be forged.

    1. Wow, thank you so much Karyll! We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves! May we use this as a quote in our media kit & promotions? 🙂

  68. Nyamekye, to you and your colleagues. This is a great initiative to help encourage the development one of our regions most valuable and important sector. I can see pride and passion in your writings. one suggestion is for you to think about how to reach more people especially youth to build a strong coalition to encourage their greater involvement in Agri-business etc. How can you run a competition to demonstrate successful use of technology in agriculture. Basically the sky is the limit. Full speed ahead

    1. Hi Ruel 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment & encouragement! We currently have a network of youth from across the Caribbean, our colleagues, who ae interested in agriculture. We plan to leverage our network to involve more youth in the sector on a regional level. Additionally, by being on social media, we will be able to reach and interact with youth from all across the region around these issues. A competition is a great idea – especially if it’s a digital media comeptition! This is definitely something we can & will think about in our future endevaours!

  69. I laud any initiative to get our agricultural sector doing even better as I truly believe it’s one of the better methods of really promoting economic growth. Big up to the WIAGRI team!

  70. very good…Wonderful work done. wishing you and your team all the best in your future endeavours.

  71. This is a great initiative. I love that the youths are leading such a great program. I trust that the government and all stakeholders in the agri sector support your project. I pray that through this project we as a Caribbean can the need to become sustainable and reduce the dependence on imports.

    1. Thank you so much Darleen! We pray & we act as well! We will be reaching out to the government stakeholders in the region to garner support!

    1. Hannah, thank you so much! Glad to hear you think it’s needed! Thank you for your support!

  72. Chelsea. I have had the opportunity to see you in action. Efficient and effective on the social media. Keep it up.

  73. This is an excellent venture. You are a brilliant group of youngsters with talent and initiative and this is certainly one avenue of demonstrating such skillset.

  74. This is a timely and prudent step in the right direction. The Caribbean need this venture. I’m more delited that it is been founded by a group of you people.

  75. This is a timely and prudent move. A step in the right direction. I commend you Chelsea and your team for such innovation.

  76. This is a great initiative as agriculture is the least talk about fields that many young people can get involve with. Hopefully. Jamaica will benefit from this great initiative.

    1. Wow thank you so much Vivienne! We intend for the entire Caribbean to benefit! Will tell my mom you said hello 🙂

  77. Congratulations! Definitely a fan of your intention to disseminate useful information across the region.

    Perhaps this platform can be used to share complementary concepts such as disaster risk protection, financial education, financial inclusion (including microinsurance).

    In any case, good luck with your new venture!

    1. Thank you very much Sekayi! Yes! We will definitely seek to improve dissemination of information in this regard as well. Agro-finance is such a convoluted issue, we hope to shed some light, or at least compile a comprehensive list of resources throughout the region!

  78. This is awesome! You guys have a powerful vision that will definitely impact Caribbean agriculture in the right direction! Great job!

  79. Wow Chelsea!! What a vision. What a strength of character to take on a project like this. Yep, you had to be called young because that means there are many years ahead of you and WiAgri. I agree too and appreciate your team’s willingness to lead the charge.

  80. Great job guys I am sure the Caribbean Agriculrural Society will greatly benefit from all the information and insights your organization will bring. I love it, it’s fresh and innovative. It will require lots of hard work but I know you guys can do it and will one day become a great organization with God’s help.

  81. Knowledge and information is the key for success in any venture. I think this initiative could not have come at a more opportune time. Great job guys!!!!

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