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YAP Proposal #84 “Rejuvenating Declining Citrus Orchard” (Madan Poudel, Nepal)

Dark days for Citrus Growers

As a boy, I used to run up and down the hill, through terraces of sun-kissed citrus trees. Ever since I remember, I worked in the orchard with my parents planting mandarins in summer, picking up the fruits and carrying it for market in homemade bamboo basket. As I joined my Bachelors in agriculture, I realized that the most part of the farm in which I lived was disappearing, production was declining. Not only my farm, now whole Nepal’s citrus farm lies in peril and citrus grower’s livelihood is in jeopardy. Some of the reason behind the decline are Phypthopthora disease, citrus greening disease, citrus Tristiza disease, poor orchard management and low quality planting materials. These reasons of decline are bringing dark days among citrus growers in Nepal.

Farm, My Love

I am Madan Poudel, 23 years old citriculture entrepreneur. My farm lies in rural village located 30 KM west of Pokhara which is a favorite destination of tourists and mandarin is a major product from my district. In my orchard I have 150 mandarin plants and 50 other citrus plants spread in the 1.5 ha of land. My mandarin plants haven’t received any external fertilizers and agro-chemicals except bordeaux mixture. We have large patch of land covered with forest and we make compost manures out of collected plant leaves and debris mixing with the livestock dung.

The region in which we grow citrus is totally rain fed and different climatic stresses have been felt. As irrigation being critical part of citrus farming, last year we constructed water harvesting pond with use of local resources which helps to irrigate my farm in dry seasons. I believe that my future lies in this farm, continuing the existing family business by expanding the farm tackling the threats of citrus growers through local research and innovation.

Meeting the Increasing Demand

If we see the present context citrus shares 36 percent of the total fruit production in Nepal. (FDD, 2007/08). Among citrus, mandarin orange alone shares about 67 percent of total citrus production. Citrus cultivation in mid-hill region have now become business proposition and many pocket areas of citrus cultivation have already been developed. Syangja, which enjoys the virtue of being called an orange grove in the country, has sold mandarins worth more than Rs 260 million in the first half of current fiscal year 2015/16 grown in 1,250 hectare of land.

The benefit cost ratio of mandarin is comparatively higher than other fruits and vegetable crops which makes this business attractive besides the late return on investment. This year we harvested 6 tons of mandarins with total sale of one hundred thousand Nepalese rupees. There is a huge gap between the production and demand of mandarins in Nepal. Most of the Nepalese mandarins will not last for more than 3 months and recently Indian and Chinese mandarins are holding major market share.

The District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) of Department of Agriculture has youth entrepreneurs focused programs and provides subsidies on agriculture tools with essential technical support. Nepalese mandarins are in the process of export after sanitary and phytosanitary agreement between Nepal and China convincing farmers to follow proper Package of Practices (PoPs) and produce quality mandarins meeting quality/international standards. The construction of rural road nearby my farm and increasing local market demand add further prospects of growing mandarins.


Crafting the business plan

I am planning to expand the farm in additional 3 ha of land which we have recently leased. I would like to plant around 500 additional mandarin grafting saplings of the trifoliate rootstocks which is found to be moderately resistant for citrus greening and root rot. The additional 100 other citrus plant of different varieties will be planted which will maintain the diversity of citrus species in the farm and aids in carrying farm based research. Ginger, turmeric and coffee will be planted as intercrop for diversifying income source in initial year of orchard establishment. The rice bean will be sowed for live mulching which also increase the fertility of soil.

Our entire plan for next 2 years will be to reduce the level of infestation of different citrus diseases by planting resistant grafting varieties, removing the old/decayed citrus plants, refilling with new grafting saplings, healthy management of orchard, integrated pest management and increasing the farm income by product packaging & labelling, establishment of drip irrigation system and water harvesting tanks in the orchard. Along with extensive investments into water filter jugs for our orchard.

I need a startup fund to support the establishment cost of new orchard, drip irrigation system for irrigating existing orchard and product packaging and labelling technology for increased value addition reducing post-harvest losses.

With the funding from the YAP I am planning to invest:

300 USD on buying 300 grafted saplings for establishment of new orchard and refilling in old orchard.
1500 USD on installing drip irrigation system.
2000 USD will be used for required for establishment of cellar cold store by the use of locally available resources which can store the fruits for one month which provides competitive advantage on market.
500 USD will be allocated for the management practices for labor cost and buying organic manures and bio pesticides.
700 USD will be invested in the packaging and labelling of fruits with essential post-harvest non-chemical treatments to be marketed in the markets of Pokhara, Butwal and Kathmandu cities.

The outcome of the investment on irrigation system, construction of low cost storage house and product packaging/labelling will be on increase in the production and total sale by the value addition. The return on investment on newly established orchard will be 4-5 years but the returns can be achieved from the production of ginger, turmeric and coffee as intercrop in the initial phase of orchard establishment.

This rural entrepreneurship project creates employment opportunities for young rural peoples and strengthen the women participation with development of entrepreneurship among themselves. The project will be completed in year but will have sustainable impact. Pit digging in the month of April, planting of new saplings in the month of July, preparation of cold cellar storage in the month of September, product packaging and labeling in the month of October and establishment of drip irrigation in the month of November.

Dream for my Motherland

I believe that there is an exciting future ahead in the rural village, where I can improve the living standards of people attracting them towards the profitable mandarin business with mentorship, networking and entrepreneurship development. I have a strong desire that very soon in future I will be living my happier life in rural village connecting with global market establishing the cooperative citrus farm with increased production integrating agri-tourism and citrus processing industry and certifying the product as fully organic.

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726 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #84 “Rejuvenating Declining Citrus Orchard” (Madan Poudel, Nepal)”

    1. Thank you so much Anish Bro ! I hope this blog will be successful in picking up the readers interest going through the writing and sharing their insights . 🙂

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  2. It’s the true picture of Western part of Nepal. Even, our citrus farm of 400, is in devastating condtition due to this declining. This proposal really worth the condition of citrus farmers from western Nepal.

    1. Sailesh Sigdel yeah ! these farms is in need of youth like us who knows how to tackle with it ! Most of the mid-hills farmers are illiterate, they don’t know about these problems what taking their plants away. Management is critically important in citrus orchard and most citrus growers don’t follow it. So it’s spreading rapidly.

    2. One of the reason behind the citrus decline is citrus greening which has no known cure till date. Candidatus Liberibacter is the causal agent for citrus greening disease, which is also known as the Asian Huanglongbing (HLB). This destructive disease is transmitted by the psyllid vector Diaphorina citri in Asia. The leaves become yellow, with dark green patches with mottlings and fruit becomes small, sour and juiceless. Most of the citrus farmers use seedlings as planting material and they do not follow any management practices in orchard which is the major for increasing declining rate.

  3. You’ve incorporated intercrops like ginger, turmeric that can fetch income in short period of time while waiting for citrus harvest, I can see you’ve gone through details of farm activities like a true Agripeneur !!
    I won’t be surprised if you won this fund 🙂
    🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Shramila, Thank you so much for your constructive comment. Yeah, Ginger, Turmeric are high valued crops and fetch good price in the market, This will surely help me to get returns on the investment within 3-4 years planting those catch crops !
      See you around !

    1. Thanks Sangita for sharing your thoughts.
      You have raised a critical issue here. Rural people are not exposed to any income generating opportunities and they are subsistence based. Once the technological interventions reached to the rural villages, they will surely be encouraged to follow or startup on their own enterprises.


  4. Madan,
    Your concept of reviving the declining oranges production in Nepal is great. You represented the true scenatio of western midhills. Although citrus holds a strong position in agriculture prespective plabs abd agriculture development strategy, it’s research and development is truely missing . Graduates people like you should see this opportunity as a bright prospect to solve this problem. Good luck with it.


    1. Hello Sagar,

      There is very limited research ongoing about the citrus in Nepal. There were many scientific research and interventions during one village one product program and citrus development program but now the research is limited. Thanks for pointing it out.
      Heartily appreciate your comments !


  5. Excellent write up Madan. Two key point from the above:
    1. agri-tourism and
    2.citrus processing industry ….Can this be critically envisage in form of training for organizations, institutions like universities, college of agric etc to visit for knowledge addition and practical exposure and can as well be an internship opening for agric students.

    1. Hello Agboola,


      Agri-tourism and processing industry are capital intensive and this is my future plan. My place holds the strong potential for the tourism as being located nearby the famous tourist destination of Nepal.

      The organic farm integrating agri-tourism will certainly create lots of opportunities for internship, research, practical exposure and many more.. making it a global village.


  6. A very realistic and much needed mindset for minimizing the havoc of the citrus greening disease which is causing devastating effect especially in the eastern and western mid hills of Nepal. I loved the idea of the cellar storage construction through the use of local resources. WIth the disease spreading across Nepal in great pace, Is the storage plan feasible in all parts of mid-hills of Nepal, where the infrastructure and resource is not feasible everywhere??

    1. Thanks Sujan !

      My idea for cellar storage is a locally made storehouse where we can maintain temperature and humidity. As of my knowledge, Sand, mulches works perfect for maintaining the temperature. If you have any ideas on cold storage you can share, I would love to hear it from you !

      With Regards,

  7. Good one Madan

    Citrus cultivation in mid hills has become an increasing attraction for business propositions and many pockets of citrus production has already been developed. The recent threats is proper orchard management which is major reason for the decline.. Hope you will discover the strategy to cope with it !

    1. Thanks AgriYouthNepal,

      Really, Citrus holds potential to develop the mid-hills people living standard of Nepal. If you see, there are lots of orchards that were established 10-15 years ago, that is starting to giving production now. Citrus generally starts giving good harvest after 8-10 years in Nepal as most of them are of seed origin. There is a need to shift to graftings for early harvest and its important in prespectives of disease management too..


  8. nice bro!!! keep it up,we can.Certainly We will become independent for other country for citrus fruit in future.

    1. Hello Bipin Sathi,

      Thank you so much

      To be independent it’s critical to build the capacity of citrus growers with effective technologies and research.
      I am as hopeful as you are to be independent in citrus soon..


  9. Keep fighting the battle Madan! With your dedication you can turn the situation around. All the best with it.

  10. As i read i could picture of the citrus in my head. It good to note that this is something you are already doing and you have factored into your budget remedies for both biotic and abiotic stress in terms of irrigation, fertilizer etc. I believe you will do a great job if you get this funding. All the best

    1. Thanks Olawaleojo !

      I am hopeful that this investment will help me to tackle the present challenges of biotic and abiotic stresses.


  11. All the best Madan!! You have written that your focus will be on planting virus resistant plants. How will you get them? Are there any roles of universities or research stations of Nepal in your proposed project?

    1. Thanks Niraj dai,
      I am planning to get the saplings (grafting with trifoliate rootstock )from the Agriculture Service Centre

      Yeah, they have major role in research and extension and their role is very limited in the citrus develoment program…


  12. I heartly appreciate your passion over agrienterprenuership.Your vision of citrus orchard establishment is really an inspiration for meand hope that your attempt will encourage lots of progressive farmers,agriculturists,and especially the youth which are not realizing that there is great money in our own homeland.I hope if your dream came true then you will motivate others too.Best of luck my friend….

  13. Very ambitious project Madan. Citrus is the trademark of Syangja but the disease has lopsided its production. You could be a nationwide distributor of resistant sapling through this endeavor. Pursue it relentlessly, you could succeed someday.

  14. Well done madan ! happy to see young enterpreuneur like you. your activity really encourage and motivate many youth of Nepal.

  15. Madan,

    Wish you all the best for your work. At so young age you have achieved so much. I hope you contribute a lot to farming and agriculture in your country.

    Best Regards
    Nikki Pilania Chaudhary
    Dairy Farmer

    1. Hello Nikki,

      Thank you so much for your comments,

      I believe I am never too young to start anything..

      Hope it will lead me to reach my destination,


  16. An unique project to cope the climatic stress effect in mid hills. I see how the changing climate has been affecting your area. There is a need for water harvesting techniques and technologies for water resource use efficiency

  17. Hey Madan dai,

    Nice to see your project idea fighting globally.
    You stand as a perfect leader for changing the present scenario of agriculture giving it the fresh prespectives of youth. Rural areas are increasingly being empty and the land are becoming useless. I strongly suggest you to head to your village and start rebuilding the empty spaces with your innovation and ideas.
    Good luck

    1. Thanks Sandesh..
      It’s a big battle here. Exactly Sandesh, rural migration is the big issue in Nepal. We need to develop entrepreneurship in villages so we can bring those migrated youth back

  18. Madan, good job. You are doing so much volunteering activities but keep it in mind that you should have cash to get start anything. Make sure it gives you nice return in long run. I like your idea of growing ginger and turmeric as a catch crop during the early days of your orchard..
    Good luck with it

    1. Hello Samyam,
      Thanks for your words. I have got a multistakeholder business plan for a long run.
      Yeah, growing catch crops will surely reduce the years for ROI.

  19. You are the local innovative leader who wants to start with small things to turn the big positive impact. Good luck man !

  20. Wao, I see your long vision for your farm. I specially like your ending sentence of your eagerness to make your village a model global organic village. Nice initiative, Good luck with it

  21. Dear Madan Poudel,

    I appreciate your efforts and enthusiasm to work in rural areas. If there is one thing that concerns me today is no rural people should be deprived.. The people like you are strong pillars for foundation of sustainable rural development.

  22. Keep holding the flag of Nepal and spread the beauty dude ! Congratulations on your initiative and good luck ahead

  23. Madan, You have done so much of activities from YPARD and you are going to make your Integrated Rural Development dream come true. Good luck

  24. Only few mandarin growers know about the citrus management practices and most of them still grow the plants from seedliings. This needs to be change for reviving the citrus decline.

    1. Exactly Mr. Shrestha,

      Most of the citrus growers are small holder farmers and they do not have access to information about management of citrus decline.

  25. I like your dream of opening the processing company. Keep growing and you will certainly reach there soon. Good luck Madan

  26. As you said, you are in rainfed areas, how would you be able to install drip irrigation system? Do you have any alternative source of water in your village?

    1. Dear Arjun Sir,

      Thanks for your query.

      I am planning to utilize the tapwater which is most often left useless to collect water in water harvesting tank. Also I will harvest the rainwater in the pond.
      Alternative source is stream water which is 1KM far from my location..


  27. When I visit mandarin farms from midhills still many farmers grow maize, millet, cucurbits inside the farm which is harmful for citrus production and increases the amount of disease inoculum in the farm.

    1. Hello Arjun ji,
      Exactly, this is the serious problem in mid hill districts. They acts as a innoculum for infestation in the farm. so they should be removed.
      Thanks for your compliments.

  28. Hello Madan,
    You are inspiring figure for the youth. You have contributed so much of your time and efforts for putting forward the agendas of youth and agriculture in national and international forums. I am happy to see your initative of farming citrus in the rural village of Nepal. Be good, Do Good
    With love,

  29. I like your idea of installing water harvesting tanks and drip irrigation in the rainfed areas. I am sure you will not miss this opportunity to invest in your village.

    1. Thanks Geena Madam,
      collecting rain water in the summer and using it to irrigate in winter is the best way to meet the water demand of the plants so I am planning to execute this plan.

  30. Hello Madan
    It’s an innovative approach to tackle the citrus decline. Actually we don’t have strict quarantines and laws for citrus growers which makes it easy to transport the virus and bacteria easily. Research has shown that the orchard should be inspected atleast twice a year removing the dead and disease symptom plants.

    1. Thanks Yuwa Raj for your nice compliments.
      Quarantines in not only national level but also in regional level should be promoted. The movement of disease from one region to another should be stopped. We generally practice once a year inspection for removing disease and dead plant during winter management practices.


  31. Dear Madan,
    Pointing few suggestions on your idea
    1. Marketing matters today. I wonder if you had made marketing strategy to take the product to the market. As you are planning to use labelling and packaging, your market should obviously focus on food stores, resturants and shopping centres. Is these facilities feasible?
    2. Transportation is critical. As I see, you are connected with road nearby your farm. Is it black topped or graveled? How easy it is to get transportation services?
    Good luck with it !

    1. Thanks Yunil for your comments.
      1. Yes exactly, Marketing is critical today. Thanks for reminding this part. I was not so much conscious on this issue. I don’t have marketing strategy yet and soon I will have it but I have made a market survey few months ago..
      2. We are connected with the stone gravelled road 10KM away from the highway in the farm..


  32. Your passion and love for farm is admirable brother. Agricultural revolution in Nepal is in dire need of aspiring youths like you. All the best dear. Well presented!

  33. A good concept to increase the productivity of Citrus farming in Nepal. It would be a huge lift if it can be outreached to all hill districts with constraint of infrastructure.

  34. Nice initiative brother. Love to see villagers getting global exposure.. Good luck ahead

  35. दाईको काम एकदमै मन पर्यो ! युवाले नै कृषि को अनुहार फेर्न सक्छन ! हातेमालो गरि अगाडी बढ्नु पर्छ !

    1. टुल्के दाई ! धन्यवाद तपाईको सहयोगको लागि ! युवा बिना देशको विकास अकल्पिनाएं छ !

  36. Dear Madan,

    Nice project you are leading with. I am curious about the situation of citrus greening in your locality. How often do you remove the infected plant and how do you find whether it is by greening or any other disease.
    I also have few mandarin plants in my homegarden and I am not getting good fruits nowadays..


    1. Hello Swagat,

      Talking about the situation of citrus greening, the infestation has been seen in 5-10 trees in my orchard and we removed it completely from orchard and used it only for firewood purpose.

      We are recovering it somehow…
      lets see the following years..


  37. Hello Madan dai,
    I think this is what present citrus farming needs for its upliftment from this decline and other problems. Your idea look much realistic and effective in present scenario. I’m very sure your start up will help hundreds of other farmers facing this problem and improve the citriculture in country.
    Good Luck bro!!

    1. Hello Anil Bhai,
      Thanks for adding your compliments. Yes, it’s a serious problem for which youth should take a look..

      Thanks for your support

  38. मदन जी,
    तपाइको प्रोजेक्ट सारै मन पर्यो ! आइले सुन्तलाको उत्पादन एकदम घट्दो छ ! येसमा नत सरकारको ध्यान गएको छ न त जनता कै ! अब १० वर्ष भित्रै नेपालको सुन्तला भनेर भन्न नापौला जस्तो लाग्छ !
    राम्रो कम गर्नु होला !
    मेरो सुभकामना

    1. हेल्लो स्वागत जी,
      धन्यवाद तपाईको सहयोगको लागि ! सचिनै अहिले भारतको सुन्तला चैत्र सम्म पाहिन्छ तर नेपाली सुन्तला मंगसिर मै सकिन्छ ! यो समस्या समाधान गर्न हामी सबै जुट्नु पर्छ नत्र तपाईले भने जस्तै १० वर्ष मा सुन्तला सखाप नहोला भन्न सकिदैन !

  39. तपाई हामी जस्तै युवाको सोचले अबस्य नेपाली सुन्तला बिसो बजारमा पराउने छ !

    1. सहि कुरो गर्नु भयो सुशील जी ! अबस्य एकदिन नेपाली सुन्तलाले त्यो स्थान पाउने छ !

  40. Hope your startup inspire who want to getup on their feet with their own initiative.
    Keep it up.

  41. I have visited your area and I see lots of potential in Citrus farm, probably the best agro-climatic reason for its cultivation in Nepal. You have done an exemplary work Madan dai, good luck with your project.

    1. Thanks Kafle,

      As you have visited all the surrounding citrus farms, you might have realized how critical it is to address it.. Together we should give a fresh mandarin look.. thanks for compliments..

  42. Over the horizon, you are coming through new waves of innovation for the integrated rural developmental. The pockets area of citrus in the mid hill district should be priotrized for research and development. They need renovation in the orchard through plantation of new resistant mandarin plants.

    1. Thanks for your motivation Mr. Bimal. That’s for sure, the pockets area of citrus needs renovation through research and development. We have very less on molecular and genetical level..

  43. Grafted rootstocks plants are resistant for fungal root diseases. They absorb water from deeper layer of soil and support the plants for long life. The scion or the overground part of the grafted plant which is taken from the mother plant which is vigorous, devoid of disease symptom yields high quality fruits.

    1. Thanks for adding your inputs Bimala. Perfect combination of rootstock and scion will have dual function of increasing productivity and fighting the decline..

  44. Hello Madan,

    I really appreciate your idea of establishing mandarin farm in the remote villages of Nepal. The hilly rural areas income is based on the production of fruits and medicinal plants so such initiative should be given priority.
    Good luck

    1. Thanks Bindu,
      Yeah the rural mid hills economy specially in my district is dependent on cereals, citrus and other high value crops like coffee, ginger, turmeric, vegetables etc.. Obviously, the developmental program should be based on its potential crops grown in that area..

  45. Thanks everyone for such a nice engagement. I might not be able to explain with answers to all of your queries however I will try my best to explain my project details. If you have any specific queries you can get in touch with me via email cashsee.maddy(at)gmail(dot)com

  46. To meet the objective of orchard management local resource based inter cultural operation should be done. Exotic plants which takes off high nutrients from the soil should not be used.

  47. Hello Madan,

    Excellent work ! Your work will surely inspire lots of rural youth to open farm in the villages. Take a lead in this initiative.

  48. Banja, राम्रो काम गर्दै छौ ! घरमा सुन्तला धेरै फलाउ ~! मेरो सुभकामना !

  49. farming is the biggest profession on the earth and agricultural is the greatest revolution in the world. take the future of farming to the next level with sustainable approach.

  50. Organic farm is the best way to sustain our food system preserving biodiversity and local innovation. I like your idea of growing mandarins organically..

  51. Make sure you bring new graftings from nursery from height above 1600m. Lower belt nursery are infested with diseases and pest..

  52. You are so laborious, working in the farm with those equipment might be so much paining sometimes.. Don’t you feel so?

    1. Hello Aakriti,

      Farming is my tradition handed from my forefathers generation to my generation and I am proud to have farm besides it back breaking and laborious job.. I enjoy being with the nature..

  53. Good one Madan. I would like to add few of the compliments.
    Mulching in the rainfed areas will save the moisture of the soil. Mulching can either be of leaves or small branches, anything that has high carbon content. C:N ratio should be high because it help to preserve the soil moisture for long period of time as the mulch have high carbon content where decomposition will be slow

    1. Thanks Aashbin,

      Wao, Thanks for mentioning about the importance of mulching, I got to know how C:N ratio determines the moisture holding capacity of mulch,, Thanks for sharing,

  54. me too have citrus orchard in my home and these days problem of cirtus declining has been observed such as dieback disease.I think it’s our responsibility to find out solution on time.citrus farming could be a good source of income for nepalese farmers.
    well done madan dai..I like your concept.

    1. Thanks Susma,
      Oh really !
      How is the level of infestation in your orchard?
      Yeah, Hope you will also contribute towards its research and development as an agriculturist.
      Thanks for your complements !

  55. I like your too have citrus orchard in my home and these days problem of cirtus declining has been observed such as dieback disease.I think it’s our responsibility to find out solution on time.citrus farming could be a good source of income for nepalese farmers.

  56. Hello Madan dai! Hats off to your initiative!
    Your article truely presents the current situation of mandarin growers throughout the country, where mandarin farms have not only been facing the problems of diseases, pests, etc but also the total collapse of the farm as I have experienced in my family farm in Tanahun. It’s not been that long when we used to earn about NRs.50000per year selling this fruit, but to our dismay, last year, we had to buy them for our family consumption as well. If this situation prevails, we are not far from that day when mandarin farms all over the country totally collapse.
    Your initiative certainly boost up the will of agriculture students like me to reinvigorate the farms and i hope that we’ll find a solution to these citrus declining problems soon enough.
    And i believe that your participation in GCARD3 will be a milestone to do so. I wish you all the very best!

    1. Hello Kabita Baini,

      The condition is now becoming critical in Gandaki zone which is the production pocket of different citrus species. Special thanks for your interest to reinvigorate and dedication to be a problem solver.

      Hope it will make it to #GCARD3
      Thanks for your wishes

  57. its always been good to hear from a young like you being involved in such innovative projects….definately its a serious problem in mandarin in most hilly part of nepal…keep it up …if u need any help regarding this project,consult me ..i will b grateful

    1. Oh really,

      Sad to hear that… Can I know how you are managing the farm in your orchard? I will love to hear your practices for disease pest management.

  58. I suggest you to invest on machineries like small tractors, grading machine, gardening tools, drip irrigation system and weeding equipment.

    1. Thanks Suraj,
      I am planing to buy drip irrigation this year.. We have gardening tools and we might invest for tractor next year..
      Thanks for your sugggestions !

  59. Cool job. The world can not be conquered in the empty stomach. Keep feeding the planet.

  60. To get started with this risky business, you need to think twice. You should do lots of research in your farm to understand the disease and find an appropriate solution for that.

    1. Thanks Anu,

      Yes it’s risky business. Thanks for your suggestions, I will surely carry research together with the business. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my proposal..

  61. Hi Madan
    Good concept, Good luck for renovation of citrus orchard with grafted sapling which is resistant to certain virus, It could be even better to establish the grafting house in your orchard. Your what u want in ur orchard and rest sale for new grower. It have good result, We know good seed/seedling is never second in agriculture ..
    All the best
    (YAP Proposal #10)

    1. Hello Himalaya,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my proposal. Establishing nursery will be problematic in the orchard. I am planning to establish it after few years at a convenient height.


  62. great one Madan…its good to see young people like us taking an initiative to counteract prevailing huge but solvable problems like these. Whats brilliant about it is that you took a very genuine and common degradation that has for many years affected your family and community and i hope you’ll make some dent on it. its challenging yes,but i see so many possibilities!!…good going mate

    1. Thanks Mr. Bishal for sharing your insights.. It’s a very common and serious issue in Nepal and few people only sees it with great concern.. 🙂

  63. Very realistic project in the present situation of Nepal where we need to import tons of fruits from neighboring countries. Good luck ahead. !

  64. nice one
    When every students start to think for developing their own area, surely Nepal will develop within few years. Keep it up !

    1. Thanks Kiran bhai,
      Very few agriculturist want to be entrepreneur in Nepal. Youth are not motivated towards farming.. Holistic approach of university is required for engaging students is required for motivating students to be entrepreneurs through different academics activities like LEE as of Agriculture and Forestry University. Hope this LEE will be effective and practical learning.

  65. that is the best idea brother.
    we also spread the knowledge of agriculture and the entrepreneurship ko improtance in devoloping country…
    and keep it up and up brother..

    1. Sandesh, thank you so much for your support.

      People like you have great role and opportunities in developing entrepreneurial skills development..

  66. Nice presentation of current situation ! To change the status quo, youth should take a lead as a national level campaign… Best Wishes

  67. I would like to congratulate Madan on proposing such a beautiful project. He has dared to present the pain of citrus farmers and has spoken up why they are failing. The best part of the project I have felt is that he has already own the orchard and already into a mission to make it model agriculture practice. His idea of increasing income via inter cropping, focus on increasing value of production by packaging and aware of the post harvest loss has simply added maturity in the proposal . I wish him all best for the success of this plan so that we Nepalese can learn and share to other other parts of Nepal.

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  70. Reblogged this on bhandariupakar and commented:
    Citrus is the major fruit crop in the mid hills of Nepal. However, The Citrus Greening disease infestation has increased alarmingly in recent years making it a biggest concern for mid-hill farmers. Support my friends vision to combat the disease for supporting the livelihood and his dream of transforming his village into a model citrus village. Follow the link,add your view by commenting on it,support his mindset by liking it and Let the world know his vision through your sharing.

  71. Hello Madan,

    Citrus decline is serious in Nepal and it needs a quick address with its solutions from different sector. Anyway you started with the farm, take it to the next level !
    Good luck !

  72. धेरै राम्रो लग्यो तिमि जस्तो युवाको सुन्तला खेति तर्फ आकर्सन देखेर !

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    My best wishes are with you !

    Yadav Ojha

    1. Thanks YADAV sir,
      I highly appreciate your recommendation of rearing honeybees in the orchard.. It’s really a nice idea as it not only produce honey but also helps in pollination.. I will surely follow your recommendation on saplings… I am planning to plant it this summer..


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    1. Thanks Suman,

      Investment in rural youth is crucial for developing agriculture where food comes from small holder farmers.. Rural young people should have access to information, facilitated with proper mentoring

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    i am impressed by your enthusiasum in the major citrus problem in our courty… hope your small effort help be bring the greater change in citrus cultivation.

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    Grow quality mandarins bro! All the best!
    May nepalese youths get inspired from you!

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  100. As per my thought and knowledge, the most easy and effective way for its prevention is the use of the seedlings from nursery above 1300 m and frequent training and prunning. THese technique can be implemented in almost all parts of country irrespective of the technical skills and infrastructure availability.

  101. I think the citrus decline is the most problematic issue for the farmers in the mid hills of the country, And the major problem is it is spreading at an alarming rate. I m glad that youth like you are raising this issue among the global community. Hats off man but still its long way to go.

  102. Is the technology and budget required for drip irrigation system feasible in all the landforms suitable for citrus farming?? how will you outreach this technology among all the farmers??

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    Nice project. This is unique idea for citrus cultivation. I like your approach of integration with short duration crops and mulching. Best of luck

  121. Citrus greening, die back , fruit fly are the major problems here in Nepal. The problems faced by the citrus growers needs an immediate solutions else disease will be spread all over the Nepal.

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    Your project is really amazing. I am happy to see you working in the field to make the farm best with your knowledge and experiences. I hope this concept will be scaled up to many different citrus growing regions of Nepal..

    All the best

  123. Don’t you think it will be too much of things to be accomplished in 2 years?

    “next 2 years will be to reduce the level of infestation of different citrus diseases by planting resistant grafting varieties, removing the old/decayed citrus plants, refilling with new grafting saplings, healthy management of orchard, integrated pest management and increasing the farm income by product packaging & labelling, establishment of drip irrigation system and water harvesting tanks in the orchard.”

  124. Hello Madan,
    Nice project. This is unique idea for citrus cultivation. I like your approach of integration with short duration crops and mulching. Best of luck

  125. Have you made contact with Nepal Horticulture Society (NHS)? They are also working in citrus decline… You can make a contact with them about the status of greening in Nepal..

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    I liked your project. I was wondering what will be the time for return on investment of this grants?

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    I must say that your project idea made a strange feeling in my mind. I will always be there for any kind of support. Keep growing oranges in the hills…:)

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    Nice project. This is unique idea for citrus cultivation. I like your approach of integration with short duration crops and mulching. Best of luck

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  132. Citrus greening, die back , fruit fly are the major problems here in Nepal. The problems faced by the citrus growers needs an immediate solutions else disease will be spread all over the Nepal.

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    Truely said citrus growers life is in jeopardy. Nepalese markets are full of indian and chinese products… Nepalese citrus industry is decreasing. It needs innovators like you…

  134. Hello Madan,
    Nice project. This is unique idea for citrus cultivation. I like your approach of integration with short duration crops and mulching. Best of luck

  135. Citrus greening, die back , fruit fly are the major problems here in Nepal. The problems faced by the citrus growers needs an immediate solutions else disease will be spread all over the Nepal.

  136. our country Nepal is facing the problem of citrus Greening which ultimately is destroying our citrus orchard. Improved management practices need to be practiced !!!!!
    A very good effort Madan simply its best to re-vitalise the citrus orchard so that craze of citrus just don’t fade away !!!!!!!!😃 😊 😊 😊

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    I like your concept. It’s really a good effort of yours to regenerate trees. Good luck with your program,,,

  139. Nepal is facing the problem of disease and pest due to different climatic stresses.. The rainfed areas are seriously affected by the drought leading to less productivity of the crops and plants.

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    plants need to be cut down during the major production time
    can’t imagine the time when all citrus farm will be infected.

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  156. the increasing impact of climate change on citrus has been seen in early harvesting of fruits in mid hills of Nepal, How is the status in your area?

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