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YAP Proposal #79: Integrated Tilapia fish Farming (Stephano Adrian Karoza, Tanzania)


I’m Stephano Adrian Karoza, 33 years old, from Tanzania, I’m a graduate of Bachelor degree of science in Aquaculture from Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania, currently a finalist Masters student in Aquaculture science at Bogor Agriculture University Indonesia.

The main goal of this project is to contribute to the appropriate income generation and to empower the community in Tanzania on easy access to nutrition, employment, per capital income generation and poverty reduction by use of cheaply available natural resources in their local environments. It is well known that fish contain highly nutritive amount of omega 3 fatty acids which are needed for the health of human especially brain developments and body immunity improvements in children, due to the environmental pollution and climate change the wild catch of fish from natural water bodies are being dimishing which has resulted to low availability of fish and increase in the price of this commodity.

Local poor communities in Tanzania are unable to afford to buy this high nutritive commodity due to its high price; this has resulted to malnutrition and associated disease problems especially in children. The best solution to this is to start fish farming projects among the communities which will assure availability of fish.

I plan to start Tilapia fish farming which I will integrate with local chicken keeping and horticultural farming in the same area of land. This project will contain three units where by each unit will depend on another unit. The first unit will contain chicken house where I will start with 100 local chicken which will be purchased from local market and be fed commercial manufactured chicken feeds purchased from the store. I expect to get 540 eggs per each month from the chicken.

Second unit will contain 2 Tilapia fish ponds with the size of 15m×20m each. I will stock 3 fish per metre square, thus 900 fingerlings per pond, for two ponds they will be 1800fish fingerlings. This will be reared for four months in order to reach a market size of 400-500gm. Over a 4 month period i will expect to harvest 950 kg of fish.

Unit three will contain a garden with different types of vegetables grown on the same area, the concept of integration is to increase production on a small area of land, whereby the whole system which connects all the units will work by depending each other. The water from the fish pond will be used to irrigate the vegetable garden, manure from chicken house will be used to fertilize water in fish ponds in order to stimulate planktons which are protein sources for fish, leftovers from harvesting vegetables will be used to feed both fish and chicken, also the trash fish after harvest of fish will be used to feed chicken and the chicken manure will be used as fertilizer in vegetable garden.

This project is realistic and sustainable because it uses a small area of land to produce more than one product which is highly nutritive for the human health. It has social economic impact because it will rise per capital income by selling of eggs from chicken, chicken, fish and vegetables. The project will create employment to my community by employing people to work on fish ponds, vegetable garden and chicken handling, it will assure food security and poverty reduction to my community, it will also be a demonstration project to my community, many people will come to learn on how fish farming is done then they can establish their own farms.

I motivated to do this project because I’m expert in fish farming and I think I can use my profession to help poor people in local communities who are suffering due to the lack of important nutrients from fish especially Omega 3 fatty acids. I believe this project will solve those challenges facing poor communities in Tanzania especially food insecurity, poverty and unemployment among youths and women. I have vast experience on organizing farmers, training, research and other knowledge exchange so I’m confident that I will manage to do this project effectively.

The measurable success factors for my project will be the increase number of eggs, chicken, fish and vegetables, I will measure by comparing the input and output and the profit obtained by from selling of chicken, eggs, fish and vegetables. Also I expect many people from my community to be motivated by this project and start to do their own project.

I’m planning to use US$5000 grant as follows:

Construction of 2 fish ponds and chicken house US$1600
Purchase of Tilapia fingerlings and local chicken US$ 950
Purchase of fish feeds and chicken feeds US$ 1750
Preparation of vegetable garden and purchase of vegetable seeds US$525
Transport of fish fingerlings US$175

Blogpost and picture submitted by Stephano Adrian Karoza (Tanzania) – stk25lee[at]

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119 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #79: Integrated Tilapia fish Farming (Stephano Adrian Karoza, Tanzania)”

    1. The cost of land does not included because, i will use my own land, that the initial investment for the implementation of the project

  1. This is a very nice project Karoza. It will have a significant contribution to the economy of Tanzanian

  2. This project is useful especially for local farmers, as it utilize small piece of land to harvest multiple crops. it will ensure food security and income to small farmers. congratulations for this initiative.

  3. This is one great initiative that is needed in Tanzania, through it i believe local community will gain a lot and improve their livelihood, above that as a business, it will in greater way contribute to the revenue of the country. Big up Stephen Adrian Karoza

  4. i.The location of the proposed project should be stated mentioning factors/reasons/justification choosing the place
    ii. Time frame for the project should be clearly indicated including activities involved in each of the units
    iii. Indicate sustainability of the project should project grant time expire
    iv. Indicate the number of beneficiaries of the project in terms of direct or indirect employment, income,
    v. Indicate how will the project deal with and assist potential aquaculture farmers (entrepreneurs) start and manage their own aquaculture projects.
    vi. The key to successful agricultural enterprise is marketing among others, the project should indicate how it will deal with marketing aspects including how it will assist potential aquaculture farmers attain and retain markets/customers for their products.

  5. It is a good project,,,i hope it will help many people to rise up their economy and improve their life

  6. Considering the land demand especially in the urban areas, this project will address key issues like nutrition and livelihood without too much land demand. It can easily be implemented by local community. It is sustainable and I recommend the proposal be approved.

  7. The project seems to be impressive and it can be productive among communities in Tanzania especially where it is going to be located. Another advice; may you think of CAGE-CULTURE kind of fishing like what is taking place in Kenya and Uganda? I think Cage-culture is more interesting than using constructed ponds. Otherwise I recommend your idea and kindly ask anybody to help you by donating money and equipment that will enable the implementation of the innovated project.
    Best regards
    Moses Joseph Machali (Hon)
    Ex-Member of Parliament For Kasulu Urban Constituency(2010-2015)
    Kigoma, Tanzania; East Africa

    1. Thank you for your comments, cage culture is good but it can not be done to the place where there is no water bodies like lakes and sea, also it needs installations which are expensive to be adopted in local communities

  8. it is a nice project ….. an i hope it will be changes to many poor people to raise up their economy and cover all their live cost ………………..

  9. It’s very interesting proposal Mr Stephano what you just need to make it up with has already been commented by other comerade at the top.Keep it up, it’s a good project needed to be implemented.

  10. Its good project brother, it will ensure sustainable supply of protein especially from fish which is very rare especially in the place with no natural water bodies to cater for fisheries. All the best and God bless you on this intervention you plan to carry out.

  11. I think this is a good project idea to promote food security in the region which is suffering starving or malnutrition. So people can effort not only to adequate their own food which is high nutrition but also to increase their income and social life. Good Luck Stefano

  12. I really appreciate your project and l welcome you to support poor family in Tanzania so as they can be able to afford their special needs. May God bless you.

  13. Yes,its very fantastic and vital project brother Karoza,this may rise life and led people get rid from poverty brother.
    Just keep on moving forward Karoza.

  14. So
    Many people in Tanzania they are trying to do the like but non professional, on so doing many Tanzanian will take a tour and learn from you

    Thank you

  15. This will be the great project especially to the village people where by no fish and even those available is more expensive.I hope it will help alot and improve their standard of living.

  16. Its good and inviting project especially for those young people in our local area here in Tanzania,
    But what is your planning on controlling the issue of environmental destruction in your project ?

  17. I congraturate you mr. Stephen for this BIG idea. I am encouraged that the project will be beneficial for the economy and health of the people around the area. It should be rembered that people in Kasulu don’t reach this highly nutrious food due to its high price regardless the fact that Lake Tanganyika produces fishes. I recommend the project and wish you will improve and expand it in a near future after the foundation. Keep it developed.

  18. I congraturate you mr. Stepheno for this BIG idea. I am encouraged that the project will be beneficial for the economy and health of the people around the area. It should be remembered that people in Kasulu District don’t reach this highly nutrious food due to its high price regardless the fact that Lake Tanganyika produces fishes. I recommend the project and wish you will improve and expand it in a near future after the foundation. Keep it developed. after

  19. This is a great idea to our local communities as they will benefit from the project but also will lean through practice.
    wish all the best.

  20. Innovative project with expected significant contribution to livelihoods improvement to communities in Tanzania and Africa as such. Good luck Karoza!

  21. I passed through the proposal and I see the great future ahead
    I see you creating a good number and chances of employment to our youth
    Your proposal needs a small amount of money that can be given easily
    Wish you all the best. Stephano

  22. Good idea bro, this project seem to be very productive, if possible even local people who can manage give them the knowledge

  23. Ooooh..very nice idea my brother keep it up…. am very much impressed…I’l b the first one to assist you…. bt I need to know the location of the project..

  24. Wao! Given you are an expert in aquatic science you will motivate many Tanzanian to learn and adopt your project in their own localities. I strongly believe that your project will trickle down effects, to the communities, in a very short time.
    Best wishes

  25. Very interesting project for the benefits of Tanzanians. As far as am a nutritionist by professional! Many malnutrition cases occurs in Tanzania are due to PEM( Protein Energy Malnutrition). I hope that through your project PEM will be no longer with us. Am Loveness Achimpota(Nutritionist).

  26. Mr. Stephano, I personally have appreciated this BIG idea of the project. I have been living near Lake Tanganyika where fishing industry is taking place and I found that people around the lake never reach this highly nutritious food as could be expected all because of it is highly priced. Your Projects intends to come up with a solution to this missing opportunity to reaching the food that will eventually improve the socio-economic conditions of the people benefiting from this project. It is my hope you succeed, you found the project and later in a near future form the time of foundation you improve the project. Stay focused in it Mr. you will make it.

    Bonaventure Kidara
    Database Systems Designer
    Buhigwe District Council
    Kigoma – Tanzania.

  27. It is fantastic project,,please let me know once your starting this project because i want to learn and implement also.

  28. Hi Karoza! Its a very impressive initiative. Congrats! I also would suggest: “Since its a semi intensive aquaculture, the rearing season be extended to 6 months, the number of ponds match the production cycle i.e; if 4 months then 4 ponds to acertain non stop monthly output from fish ponds, in that case therefore you may reduce the size of fish ponds and have more, likewise for the production cycle of 6 month, in addition you may also specify size(s) of the puoltry shed taking into consideration the stocking density of chicken, also the stocking ratio of chicken and fish for an optimum manure input into the fish ponds”.
    Best Regards,


  29. congratulations mr Stephano, this project will work especially on malnutrion and raising capital to farmers. work on it braza, proud of u.

  30. Hello Karoza, I posted my congrats + suggestions earlier, I however do not see it in the list: in case it has for some unknown reason been lost: i congratulate you firstly for the great idea. May I also suggest on improving your proposal: Since it is a semi-intensive fish farming, extending the growing period for the fish to 6 months would ensure on the targeted fish market size. In order to ensure non-stop monthly produces from fish ponds its better to have a number of fish ponds matching the production cycle, in this case you may have 4 fish ponds, likewise for the 6 month production cycle. Therefore you may reduce the size of ponds and have more. It is also good to consider the stocking density of the intended poultry in relation to the shed size, the stocking ratio of the poultry to size of fish ponds in order to ensure optimum amounts of poultry droppings into the fish ponds. Taking into consideration economics of the poultry and vegetable plots is of paramount importance too. For the whole project, running costs are important in order to have a picture of the net profit (after considering fixed/variable costs). I commend you for the very impressive initiative, I wish you great success the project.

  31. It is my hope that this project will play an important role to communities around natural water bodies whose livelihoods are being affected by dwindling fish catch

  32. It is a good project, same as animal husbandry and fish farming interrelationship. Poor community will be able to attain their needs from both units if well managed.
    Best regards Mr. Karoza.

  33. Does the fish just fed by the plankton that stimulated by the manure of chicken??
    It’s good project but I think you have to explain more about the fish feed.
    and also the water management pf the pond

  34. The idea of your project is very impressive with highly contribution in mitigating the underlying and basic factors of malnutrition in Tanzania.The intervention through integrated tilapia fish farming in poor communities will mostly contributes much to reduce the problem of malnutrion especially of under- nutrition among children of age 6- 59months.As an omega 3 fatty acid found in tilapia contributes much in brain development,its my pleasure that your preparing the generation with great thinking capacity and positive people to our country. The project have great impact on economy of our country, because having a large number of people who are healthy and free from malnutrition that means will produce more and increase the GDP. I advise you to work on observations mentioned in some previous comments.
    By Winfrida

  35. Congrats brother for such a promising project, since you aim at nutrition improvement in the society, proper use of land (small area per production) and much more, I also advise you to consider climate changes in case your project will be held at rainfed areas especially for your ponds. I know you will need enough water for fish growing.. Through your project many will benefit. Keep on and be a role model in our sweet land Tanzania. Observe other good comments as provided by other Tanzanians.

  36. Hi Stephano good idea. However, will the project have any negative environmental or social externalities. If yes, how do you plan to avoid it. For example: Will the water have irritating odour after a longtime as it circulates? will there be overflow to nearby rivers or buildings (concern on location). If u can control the social and environmental cost them its a sustainable solution to aquaculture in Tanzania as it will be cost effective, socially beneficial and a chance to increase the fish availability, accessibility, affordability and safety which are key issues in food security. Good project.

  37. Great idea. you can harvest egg, fish and vegetable from same area of land. hopefully your project will be success, Stephano.

  38. Great idea. you can harvest egg, fish and vegetables from same area of land. hopefully your project will be success, Stephano.

  39. That is very awesome project to undertake, and I am very Interested to the project on how tthe units will depend on each other while using small area,to generate appropriate income.

  40. That is a nice and innovative idea put together. Although have not read your detailed methodology, but still thinks it will be sound and feasible. However, these are few comments……
    1. This is a biological study with many external unexpected factors and thinks your expected results should be in ranges. For example, the expected number of eggs can be put as between 490-560 eggs and the weight of harvestable fish as 920-980Kg instead of the 950Kg.
    2. Market size of 400-500gm? Your unit of measurement doesn’t correspond with the adjective. Market weight of 400-500gm…..what about that? Just an opinion anyway. All the best in your study Stephano and hope you get the necessary support.

  41. congrats steve hope you will implement your proposal after your studies especially to our developing country keep it up.

  42. Stephano, this integrated concept is very creative. It will be interesting to see how it is implemented in Tanzania and other Africa regions. Good project

  43. the project is very good!if you impliment your plan,it will solve un employment problem……keep it up my braza

  44. It is a very good project that can help in reducing poverty and mulnutrition in Tanzania.I wish you all the best towards the implementation of the project as proposed

  45. The project is will utilize less time dealing with three different activities,this will be added advantage to the local communities

  46. Dear Stephano. The idea is validy. It is true picture of the way of helping African society get out of poverty.
    Intergratin poultry, horticulture and aquaculture will help to lower cost of production and assure sustainability of the project.

  47. Dear Karoza, this is very nice initiative. Work on the comments given to improve your proposal, stand on your ideas and implement them. All the best!

  48. Kigoma region is proud of your initiatives and efforts you are making to secure proteins availability as well as improving economic status.

  49. YAP proposal#79 its relevant to our country Tanzania, big up my brother and keep it up

  50. Congratulations for this project, when it is implemented it will reduce the illegal fishing crisis which is facing most of poor community around the water bodies in Africa, also it will minimize the problem of malnutrition in poor societies.

  51. I really like your concept Mr. Stephano Karoza. As you mentioned, “the concept of integration is to increase production on a small area of land, whereby the whole system which connects all the units will work by depending each other” Stephano Karoza this is a wonderful iniative it is a unique iniative base on the concept that utilises organic product that are local in order to sustain the production.

    I am optimistic about this project not only because its new to Africa Tanzania in particular but also it brings in the best knowledge acquired from the international learning university. In addition, the project itself is affordable in somehow with big return $5000 as an initial start-up cost is not bad as it offer employment to local communities while giving back to the local government in tax charges.

    Please go ahead my friend with your idea and if you ever need any ideas or further funding talk to me I am here open for discussion as I see full potential to what it will bring to Tanzania and across other African countries.

  52. It is a best idea Mr Kazora, not only because of the nutritional contribution of the out come but also the project will allow re use of waste in production which is environmental friendly.

  53. Its a good and applicable project. How about water? Do you have enough water source for the fish pond?
    And how about the feed for the fish? Its good if you can make your own feed using locally available ingredients. Good Luck.

  54. Keep it up my lovely brother, the project will make the resource to be sustainable. God bless you

  55. Great and stunning idea because we need poly-culture in the third world especially our continent (beloved Africa) for research like that, Just I wanna add little suggestion for you brother plz add Aquaponic to your proposal , I’m also Aquaculturist.

  56. Thanks, we need such kind of ideas to develop our community, so as to improve fertility rate in Africa

  57. Mr. Kahoza, congratulation for framing up a very sounding project. If this is implemented I’m sure you will impart the lives of many local Tanzanians who will be involve in the value chain. One thing I would advice you is to add a projected cash flow and clearly indicate a payback period. This will motivate funding agent to realize the potentiality of the project. You should also take into account that your project will base in a local community and local citizens will have a greater role to determine the sucess/failure of the project. For example people may damp deadly chemicals in your farm without your notice and this will create big disaster to your project. I really advice you that from the start of the project, you have to meet local citizens and explain how they will benefit from the project.
    Victor William Jape,
    MSc. Agricultural economics
    University of Copenhagen

  58. In fact the idea looks great, you really focused on the reality. We need changes in Africa particular in both sector agricultural and industrial, we wish you to implement what you have proposed so that you can be part of changes, good project stephano

  59. nice proposal but also tanx for good knowledge for sure you inspired me much and gonna make it practically soon

  60. Congratulations Stephen I do commend you for this magnificient concept and I regard it as my role modal kind of small project in fish farming Intergration, the scale of project ,Inputs as well as capital sound reasonable not only for you but all of your surrounding community in Tanzania, but also successfulness of your project would also based on the availability of the quality seed and feeds, this should be taken on board. Lastly my advice also it’s better to categorize yor market, I mean who would you expect to be your potential customer and markert ?? (Local Community, National, Regional or International??) Otherwise big up for soundy Ideal and be more focused

  61. Congratulations brother Stephano for the idea of Integrated Tilapia Fish Farming.
    Firstly, I do understand the benefit that will be generated by that integrated fish farming concept, not only in terms of economic aspect, but also in social and environmental aspect. Thus, It will be important to measure its sustainability score.
    Secondly, market segmentation and targeting whether in common market or niche market (as some have mention before) is important in business (start-up) development. We can precisely know the income that we will obtain in short and long-term and convince the Tanzanian that this project will be really beneficial for them. I do hope this project will be successful. GBU
    Tulus Hutagalung

  62. I have been impressed by this marvelous project, congratulation Mr. Karoza. This is an environmentally friendly aquabusiness and am surely will also motivate and impress our community as a waste material from one unit becomes an input in another unit.

  63. Thanks for your good proposal project as well as good idea its our hope that every thing its possible under the sun not only your proposal project but also make sure that Tanzania society benefits from your skills.

  64. It is good proposal Mr stepheno (proposal #79). This proposal will create more jobs for the peace loving people of Tanzania which in turn will reduce poverty. Thanks for applying what have learned over the past years. Congratulations

  65. I like this proposol,it is a very good idea in which will contribute to the development of our country if they take it into concideration,congraturation mr.Stiven

  66. Good proppsal Mr.Stephen…Fishing activity can raise percapital income of the indivifual and the nation as a whole….Keep it up

  67. Well organize and have great impact not poor people but enveronmentally it saves both poor and rich people!, the presence of both the society will be in proper way to enjoy the products from the project. I wish could not stop with this but it needs to enlarged and transmitted to another places where also could boost their life from one stage to another in all social life cycle.

  68. According to the project information, its sound good and i think its a mang best project in Tanzania, because Tanzania people have big problem of manutrition especially a young age children, so if this project have been supported it will help many people in Tanzania

  69. This is great idea to alleviate poverty and malnutrition in Tanzania poor communities.

    Many guys will learn and extent the knowledge in rural areas where it is highly needed.

  70. Nice. Sure, it will make a good contribution in your country. Hope it can be implemented. Really soon!

  71. its a nice project for upgrading protein intake and raising income of fish farmers in Tanzania.

  72. Good boy, am much interested with your project although still calculating cost effective analysis and cost benefit analysis also to find good area for the project in few months to come i will need your knowledge and experience on fish farming.

  73. Mr. Stephano keroza i appreciate you to start this project and its very difficult to handle and mange 3 aspects at the same time but i hope you will perform it well. Its very good thinking to feed the peoples by the regulation of commonly available natural resources and get reasonable benefits…

  74. Stephano, for this system has problem next time because you use the tilapia for chicken feses. You should change with catfish, because they have arborescent organ so they tolerate with high NH4- in water. You must use banana tree, because it has 2 function, 1st for fruit and good reduce solid organik matter, and 2nd natural medicine for fish (catfish), you can take hump of banana tree for it. Thanks. Keep spirit Brow

  75. The concept and ideas are brilliant. A well-thought and realistic project. The proposal is well-writen and has good flow. However, please recheck you grammar because many grammatical mistakes are in the text.
    You have focused on the fish farming more than the other two integrals. Shade more light on the vegetable farming and give specific commodities.
    All the best and good luck.

  76. great project stephano.. but i have some questions.. what is the specific characteristic pond to apply your project? and bout the implementation of your project, can it apply to the other place like other country?..
    as your classmate.. i’ll always support you and i hope u’ll be the winner.. spirit ste ^_^

  77. Waoh, it is interesting project. I wish you pay much attention on management, covering the emerging challenges and expand the project to get used by more people.

    Good luck bro

  78. This is very interesting, practical and productive project which will help many people if being impremented as required^.^
    Keep going Bro , I wish you best of lucky•

  79. Hi Stephano I’m Marilu from Italy. I would like to adress you ( by E mail) about my Eco Project (I will send my project into 30 September 2017 to Yves Rocher Foundation. the competition is “Terre de Femmes”) My program will support an horphaned village in Kigoma city. Can I propose you working together on this project? I trust in your Know-How and your support in Co-working will be necessary. Thanks. Ciao

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