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YAP proposal #63: Providing affordable food (Richard Chinedu Agetu, Nigeria)


Hi everyone, I am Richard Chinedu Agetu, a graduate of Fisheries Management from the University of Ibadan. I am a Nigerian from the Niger Delta Region and I am 24 years old. I am an agriprenuer and I have an undying passion for agriculture and related issues.

The G2 project aims at providing food to everyone across Nigeria at an affordable price to end hunger, achieve food security, improved nutrition and sustainable Agriculture. I intend to contribute to the achievement of Goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals with this project in my region and Nigeria as a whole.

This would be achieved by bridging the gap between the prices and supply of high quality food in the rural and urban areas, thus making food abundant and affordable for everyone irrespective of their social class in urban areas and increase the incomes and market accessibility of rural farmers who are majorly smallholders. For this project, Benue State (The food Basket of the Nation) has been selected as the focal point

Over 80% of Nigerian farmers are smallholders. As smallholders, they farm on less than 1 hectare of land, they lack access to basic social amenities such as electricity and water and do not have access to storage and processing facilities. This forces them to live in extreme poverty and in terrible conditions. They sell their produce for way less than the recommended market prices and even go as far as giving these produce for free just to prevent losing all to spoilage.

In the Horticulture value chain, over 750,000 MT of 1,500,000MT of tomatoes goes to waste annually. Furthermore, Over 50% of the citrus harvest goes to waste annually. Yet, we go as far as importing tomato paste to supply the urban areas despite the abundance of tomatoes in rural areas; we also import over 150 million USD worth of orange concentrates in the Juice making industry annually. The most heartbreaking is the rate of wastage of mangoes.

Apart from the unbelievable level of wastage experienced in these food producing communities, the difference in price is alarming and really unfair to the ever hardworking farmers and the teeming urban populace. Middlemen buy food at very cheap prices and make as high as 1000% profit when they sell them in open urban markets.

I am not entirely against the profit they make, but I am strongly against the effects of their actions which includes, depriving smallholders of their livelihoods, the inability of urban consumers to buy as much food as they would love to, and making food an expensive commodity in the midst of plenty.

A basket of tomatoes goes for as low as $0.25 in the farming villages and for $25 at the same time in urban centers. A bag of citrus costs $3.5 in the farming villages and goes for $30- $35 at the same time in urban areas. A basket of mangoes sells for as low as $0.5 in rural farms and for $25 in urban areas at the same time.

It would shock you to know that the aforementioned produces do not undergo any form of value addition before the prices sky rocket. This drove me to launch this project on the 22nd of January, 2016.

With this project, post-harvest losses would reduce to the bearest minimum, food security would be achieved, incomes of smallholders would increase, small holder farmers would be granted access and included in the agri-markets, jobs would be created for youths and I would have the honor to effect this desired change in the agricultural sector in Benue and Nigeria as a whole.

The G2 Project would achieve its objectives by buying agricultural produces at prices above the prevailing market price and sell to end users at prices below the prevailing market prices. This way, the farmers, distributors, processors, users and I all smile to the bank J. For an easy and sustainable execution of this project, I would liaise with farmers’ associations, traditional and district rulers to ease my access to farmers for capacity building, awareness campaigns to broaden my reach.

With the help of my friends, I have raised some cash to start this project. I have employed 2 youths who are locals of the producing communities and would employ more in the nearest future to encourage inclusion in the value chains and reduce thuggery to the bearest minimum. I have also established relationships with truck drivers who ensure the swift and timely delivery of these produce to their designated destinations to reduce post-harvest losses.

To determine the success of this project, we will measure the quantity of produce sold, the frequency of trips per week, the socio-economic changes experienced by farmers and the reduction in quantity of post-harvest losses.

The $5,000 would help in the purchase and set up of:

Collection and Sorting Point $1,500
Capacity Building on Improved Harvesting Techniques and advocacy visits to farmers’ Associations, district and traditional rulers $500
Purchase of Food Crops $1,500
Purchase of utility tricycle $1,000
Online Campaign and Advertisement $500.

I would be honored to be a part of the revolution in the Agricultural Sector in my country through this project. Let’s get farmers out of poverty and make food very affordable.

Thank You.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Richard Chinedu Agetu (Nigeria) – rcagetu[at]
Illustration courtesy: tomatojos

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781 thoughts on “YAP proposal #63: Providing affordable food (Richard Chinedu Agetu, Nigeria)”

  1. This is a wonderful development. I hope you get t his grant and successfully execute this because we pay much more than we ought to pay in Nigeria for food.

    1. Thanks Josephine. I appreciate your comment. Food is more expensive than it avoid be but with this project, a lot would be done to reduce that

      1. My brother you have a wonderful concept we are with you all the way

      2. Novel idea, I want to be a part of this. How can one collaborate with you on this?

      3. Indeed i concur with the fact that this is a good piece. It has stated the obvious in a detailed way and i know if you get this grant it will be a very good thing. I mean for agriculture and for Nigeria

      1. Exactly! Better logistics is the way forward.that way, losses can be reduced

    2. So many comments .scrolling down is something else. 5th is is a wonderful approach to agriculture. Focus on wastage foe a while. Leave production for a while.

      1. A lot is being wasted. We need better food processing. That will make us agro-independent as far as importation goes.

      1. It is too expensive .We are in Africa where food is organically grown .seeds are cheap. Growth conditions are favorable and the value chains make things unnecessarily expensive.

      1. Hi Stella! I just took Richard seriously today. Seeing the amount of comments he already has, I wish I got here early enough. He deserves our support. It seems to be very feasible

      1. You had better concur lex, lol
        I need your approval via comments and shares to win thia

  2. This is a wonderful development. I hope you get this grant and successfully execute this because we pay much more than we ought to pay in Nigeria for food.

    1. Hi josephine. Food is actually very cheap in Nigeria compared to the UK. Believe me, what I am not happy about is the distribution of these funds in the value chain. It should be shares amicably and I believe this project will help address that problem

      1. Hi Tola, do not forget that we are in the temperate region. The conditions favor the growth of food. We have to invest and closely monitor our value chains but we shouldn’t rip the farmers off.
        Thank you

      1. Social entrepreneurship is the way forward in a time like this. We need entrepreneurs who do not think about themselves alone.

  3. Nigeria’s fruit and vegetable produce witness alot of wastage. This proposal is definately a step in the right direction. Agriculture needs to establish various effective purchasing and supply tecniques to avoid such high wastage margins

    1. Rotimi, you can say that again. It’s just crazy and unbelievable. We can save a lot of these crops with better logistics to processing and storage facilities and we intend to do that with this project too

      1. Mr Richard how can we get involved? I see a great potential here and the prospects are very high. What are your short term and long term goals?

      2. Wastage will reduce drastically if Government can provide inputs and structure for farmers

      1. The ministry knows nothing about the wastage and unacceptable level of unhygienic practises in the oil palm value chain

      1. We cannot sit down with folded hands and watch food waste.we have to act right!

    1. Your right my brother. Please help promote this in your circle using the #GCARD3. Cheers

    2. Mr Partick, my short term goal is to drastically reduce wastage and improve the livelihood of farmers through direct access to markets and employing swift logistic strategies and my long term goals are to reduce wastage by processing and value addition and linking farmers to international markets. These long term goals should be achieved in 3 years with the help of this grant.

      1. Your short term and long term goals are very cool. However, change is very difficult in regions like Nigeria.
        People are used to the way they do things. The lackadaisical approach to work makes wastageoccur.Motivating farmers to work aptly and promptly will go a very long way in reducing wastage. This can be achieved by organising empowerment trainings in their local dialect and with people they know as facilitators.

      2. I hope the produce will still be affordable when you long term goals are achieved

    3. Jobs are highly needed in the rural areas. I go to these places and weep for Nigeria. There are a lot of young men with so much energy and skills but they are set back by their location and attitude to work. These guys are not used to life on a fast lane, thus they find it difficult to adapt to new jobs when they even get it. You will have to train them sir. I am sure you know what I am talking about sir.

      1. You can say that again . creating jobs for local youths will create a trend for the agricultural businesses to follow.

  4. Quite insightful. Hope this proposal is given its deserved attention as food provision for Nigeria is a necessity.

    1. I hope the same Uche. Thanks so much. Please use the #GCARD3 and #YAP. Let’s get people talking

  5. Seems a good concept. The issue of advocacy and training of local farmers will be important too, in order to help with value chain management of produce and reduce wastage. $5,000 may not also be enough for what you require, but is a good start. All the best

    1. Thanks so much Uche. I intend to go into storage and processing in the next phase. For now, we just we to move these produce to where they are needed ASAP before spoilage even thinks of setting in, lol
      #GCARD3 #YAP

  6. Great idea! This would go a long way in reducing importation and making more food available in the country.

    1. #BuyNigeriaToGrowTheNaira. We just have to reduce importation. Most of the tomatoes in high end stores are imported. Hard to believe right? Even tomatoes??

      1. Buy naija to grow the naira. Stay away from imported tomatoes. they are HARZADOUS

  7. Its a very beautiful idea and presentation, if its achieved will reduce importation of agricultural produce. Congrats

      1. Hi Henry! Kindly get your large network to have a look at this and comment at least. Thank you so much

  8. This is a brilliant concept here, food security is an important concern in rural Nigeria, and with the present government’s move to reduce Nigeria’s dependency on imported goods, this is a feasible idea.

    1. Food security would definitely be achieved on Nigeria. It would definitely take time but tho.

    2. I think Nigeria can be food secure in a couple of years. We just need to invest in the value chains and liaise with countries that have what we need. Fish for example will always be imported. I am sure Richard can tell you that. Investment in our value chains will reduce wastage of our surplus crops and promote exports, leading to forex

      1. Thank you for moving stuff here. Really appreciate. I am sure that people are learning through this platform while trying to help me get this grant!

        Thank you so much.
        Kind regards

  9. This is a clear description of the real life scenerio. It is worthy of note, something drastic needs to be done about it. Richard took a clean and clear swipe at the real issues. He should be supported by all chain supporters, chain context and organizations with good will to enable smallholder farmers have improve livelihood. Thank you Richard.
    Osazee Christopher Ewere
    Field Trainer at Agro Traders LTD.

    1. Thank you so much Osaze. We discussed this severally. I’m glad you believe in me
      ☺. #GCARD3

    1. Hmmm @ humble beginning. Your very tight bro. The farmers have been in this ‘humble’ state for too long. They need a step up. They can get that with this project

      1. Using the word humble is an understatement.There is nothing humble about their us very inhumane and depressing.we have to help them

  10. This is a great idea..
    I think this would not only enhance the development of farming and farmers in Nigeria,it would go a long way to further centralize the Nigerian currency hence,#buynaijatogrownaira…
    It is high time we put our land,natural resources and human resources to maximum use,bringing a grand balance between internal production and distribution of agricultural products.
    I know that this project and other agripreneur projects would provide such opportunities…
    Good job

    1. Grand balance between internal production and distribution of Agricultural products… Joy,that is just amazing. Thanks for your contribution. Very brilliant!
      I would need up to help promote this using the #GCARD3 and #YAP
      Thank you so much

      1. Richard,your friends are very smart and passionate! Good circle you’ve got

    2. Barrister Joy, I see you. Are you sure you would not consider an agriculture related law practise? I smell and see passion for agric.

      1. I totally agree with you. The rate of evolution in global agriculture is amazing. We can’t be on a moving train and remain stagnant.

  11. This is an ethusiastic and passionate youth, I am in full support of such a brilliant idea Nigeria has a future in this more power to your elbow

    1. You can say that again @enthusiastic. I’m also very optimistic. Thanks for you support Ade! Cheers!
      Don’t forget the special hashtag #GCARD3 #YAP

      1. Please, make sure your operations are smart .Agriculture is getting smart.
        Try to stay away from fossil fuels as much as possible in your logistics. For in town logistics, you can use wheel barrows and carts to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.

    1. Thank you barrister Tom. Help by promoting this #GCARD3 #YAP. Also, I’m here to answer any question and suggestions are welcome.

  12. Agriprenuer. Nice move. Nigeria should invest more in people like this. Keep it up brother!

    1. Thanks Abdul. I hope we get funded. Youths need to be attracted to agriculture through programmes like this cos agriculture ain’t beans…

    2. This is a wonderful project, am happy that a young,vibrant,active and passionate youth like you is involved in this,knowing how much you love agriculture so much,i would really love to be part of this and support in my own small way….i really do hope your granted,i can’t wait for this project to be executed effectively. Keep it up Richard,we got your back.

      1. Oh wow! Thank you so much
        I do not know you, but I would love to meet you. How do we connect?

      2. I thought I was the only one who knew he had so much drive. He doesn’t look or act his age though. You will be surprised when you meet him.

  13. It’s a laudable project. Especially if a little focus can be given to the rural farmers helping them maximize storage and sales of their products at a very good and encouraging price. Urban market controllers cannot be maximizing profits on the sweat of the rural farmers just because they act as a channel to ensuring the products reach the end users.

  14. Brilliant Proposal for a bright future and the much needed food security in Nigeria. BRAVO Mr Richard Agetu. Keep up the good work.

  15. This is inspiring and I would really love to see all these happen..-t shows changes in a transformed ideology

    1. Changes in ideology indeed. We should focus on utilising our produce and not producing more on the cases of some crops

  16. Nice write-up,this should be encouraged among youths who have the passion for agriculture in our country.

    1. I will still discuss this proposal with Richard. He deserves all the help and encouragement he can get to make this happen

  17. Hi Richard, nice write up/proposal.
    After reading your proposal, you got me pinching myself because I know I often go to stores and reach for the foreign brands rather than our locally produced ones. I couldn’t help but wonder how accurate your statistics were though, please could shed some light as how you got the statistics you quoted in your write up. Thanks

    1. I got the stats from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The immediate past minister made sure he published this to enlighten Nigerians on what was going on in the industry and to attract FDI to the sector. I also embarked on a survey of my own to make sure I confirm the info.
      Meanwhile, support the farmers by buying naija. #buynaijatogrowthenaira

      1. Oh great, I just wanted to be sure the stats weren’t made up. You know how people post stats with fictitious stats. I’m really excited about your idea and I hope it gets picked up for sponsorship.

      2. After reading through your article, best believe I will be #buyingNaijatogrowtheNaira. Great job!

    2. Thank you Drew. I’m happy you’d stick to Naija food.
      I’m happy I could convince someone to at least to buy our food. This calls for celebration 🎉 😀

      1. Thanks to senator Ben bruce, we have a trending hashtag #buynaijatogrowthenaira

      1. Most of these imported food are not biologically secure my he good thing about Nigeria is that most of our produce are organically farmed.
        Middlemen go as far as freezing fruits with liquid nitrogen. I don’t know if it’s hazardous but I hate the fact that it is no longer “natural and farm fresh”

    3. From your proposal, I have a feeling that you are the middle man Nigerian farmers and consumers alike have been craving for. I see your this turning into a multi million Naira company in now time.

      1. Amen Bro. We need more legit middlemen. The thing is that most middlemen have not farmed in their lives. If they had, they will never treat farmers the way they do
        Thank you so much

    1. Hi Josephine, food is cheap. Cheaper than you think ☺
      Middlemen are Expensive. More expensive than we can imagine

  18. This is amazing! Now is the time to disrupt the ineffective system that runs the most important sector of the Nigerian economy.

  19. This is the best proposal on this platform. Such a brilliant initiative – Jake Okechukwu Effoduh

  20. This is a very brilliant idea. value addition is key in sustainable agriculture. I’d like to add that cold room preservation of agricultural products such as tomatoes, pepper, mangoes and oranges be included in d project.
    thank you

  21. This is a needed project, the impact will be Joy in the life of the farmers and smiles in the faces of the end users. Thumbs up to the initiator of this project, he should be given the grant to effect the execution. Smart project indeed

    1. You can help me get it supported with the grant by spreading the word
      Thank you my brother

  22. This is really a good project, I encourage it. I pray u win chinedu, stay strong and represent us well congratulations for u won already

  23. Nice write up. This proposal is well timed and I hope it gets granted. The Era of growing the naira is now. Let’s diversify into agriculture which is in line with the change mantra proposed by the Buhari administration.. It also helps to curb wastage of agricultural goods..

    1. Thanks Peter. If only we could concentrate on reducing wastage, we wouldn’t need to import some of these products. Imagine importing concentrates for the juice industry to the tune of over 150 million USD!
      We need that cash retained in our FOREX.

    2. Talk about proper timing. Now when we are trying to diversify the economy. Do you know how many youths this project will engage and employ gainfully?
      Think about it people

      1. Thank you akin.thabk you so much. However, I need more comments. There are very interesting threads here you can check out to join in on the conversation. Thank you

  24. This is a good one, Mr Richard, sustainable agriculture is the way forward, I’d love to partner *smiles*…
    I hope your proposal is accepted and you win!.

  25. The chain of brokers and agents needs to be reduced in the agricultural market. Money goes through many hands, thus the very crazy increases in price. If you can achieve that with this project, You’re good to go . Nice one Richard

    1. Commodity marketers always have it all only to take you to their “oga”. The food crops do not face as much brokerage as the cash crops.

      1. You are very correct Tola. You need to see the cabin of brokers handling commodities like cashew nuts, soy, dried split ginger and the rest.

  26. Unfortunately, the middlemen reap the labour of the farmers hardwork. How do you intend to effect this?

    1. It can stop if we implement this and more projects like this. That way, we make the middlemen reap the fruits of their own LABOUR

  27. Lovely. I hope you are considering how to deal with unions and even the middle men who might see you as an enemy and try to sabotage your efforts. All the best bro

    1. Hello Dr Tunji!
      I intend to work with the various associations too. I have a great plan

  28. this program will go a long way in alleviating poverty,wastage and excessive reliance on imports. it will and has already started giving employment to youths.

    1. Youth employment and poverty alleviation would help curb violence. This project is multi faceted
      Let’s promote this #GCARD3 #YAP

  29. I sincerely hope that all you’ve just said in this article would be taken seriously and that you’d get your well deserved head start either from this forum or a well meaning private individual so you get a chance to prove your worth to Nigeria’s agricultural industry…. All the best!

  30. Richard, you have been very passionate about this project. I’m glad to see it here. I hope you get the deserved support. Cheers!

  31. Good work man! A laudable idea you have going. Wishing you the very best as ur project comes to fruition.

  32. What a beutiful proposal, Keep it up Richy Rich. May God see u thru. Don’t be intimidated, ride on!

    If I may ask, How/where do u intend to deliver ur goods in the urban areas after collecting from the producers (the smallholder farmer)? Do u have d plan of a different port of delivery? Am aware that the usual big markets have associaations in charge of things like port of discharge of goods where the traders buy from and also, they regulate the price of these commodities in the market. Also, how do uplan to get the farmers on ur side for regular supply?

    1. Hello ma’am, thanks for the questions. I have partnered with drivers who would help mee conveying these produce to the designated destinations swiftly and effixnently. Also, I intend to collaborate with farmer’s associations, District and traditional heads so I can gain access to the farmers. These farmers would also be trained on Harvesting techniques and they would get more than they usually get for their produce.
      I would have a delivery and sorting centre in the communities to enable efficient sorting, packaging and loading of the produce. In the open markets, the dealers would be collaborated with. We have working relationships with some already. We would become their favorite sellers when we deliver to them at a cheaper price and at regular intervals.

    2. These are relevant questions .delivery involves a lot of logistics. Delivering the right quantity, quality and at the right time makes a huge difference in earnings

  33. Richard…this is great…keep it up dear. The sky is just your starting point. God help u bro. success.

  34. Its very interesting idea especially when small scale farmers are largely considered in this kind of giant project, this is because they constitutes the larger %tage in Nigeria and contribute immensely to the country GDP. I hope you will be accorded with all necessary support to ensure success. But please what is strong plan regarding market for this scale farmers?

    1. Thank you Mr Taiyo. How is the FDF in Lagos? I plan to fully integrate the smallholders into this project by giving them a never-seen-before access to the market. My tricycle would enable me convey produce from farm to the collection and sorting centres. At this centres, the farmers produce would be sorted, packaged and transported to the larger open markets. They would meet the accountants at thus centre to verify their produce and pay them for it.

  35. This is a great project, the effect will great. Thumbs up to the initiator of this project, he should be given the grant to effect the execution.

    1. Thank You Chinyere.I hope I get the grand to start this.
      You can support this using the #GCARD3 and #YAP

  36. This is mind blowing. This will go a long way in eradicating poverty, and creating more jobs. i recommend he be given the grant.

  37. I think it’s admirable how forward-thinking your proposal is. It won’t be easy, but then, not everything good comes easy, so take some heart from that.

    I wish you all the best!

  38. A good start in the right direction… I pray your goal is given much required & deserved attention by this forum or private individuals.. nn

    1. Richard always finds a way to get attention
      We have worked together and this is because he is very art and innovative. I pray he gets this attention because it is much needed for such a project

      1. That sounds like music to my ears. I’m practically moving to the ‘music’. Thank you dear and thanks for the comment. Do not stop promoting it please.

      2. Let us help our benue small holders by promoting this for a Richard to win. It is a wonderful project

      1. When you scale up, you have no choice but to consider post harvest storage, processing and value addition even if it’s just packaging

  39. Great Initiative, I see this as a step in the right direction, because this will go along way by improving the socio-economic development of the country as well as an avenue towards youths empowerment. Go on bro, kudos!

  40. This is a good idea, but I will love you to integrating substanabily into the development of the program by educating the farmers on best way to market their self even when you the program developers has withdrawn. Also other problems should be looked into like cultivating d best varieties, storage process etc. thanks

    1. Sustainability is the key of any project or business. Tutu is very right Richard. Knowing who she is, I advise that you contact her for more information on sustainability methods.

  41. This will be wonderful. at least it will see to d cost of living in the country. i hope these proposal goes through. Thumbs up

  42. Great idea, this will go along way salvaging the masses from decaying, hunger and starvation.

    1. You are so right. Agriculture pits on the light in these producing communities.
      Let’s put on the light with increased incomes and reduced wastage

    1. We’ve got all eyes on us .It’s time to act and not just act, but to act smart and sharp
      The list is endless.

  43. This is a very good innovation and I hope that you will be able to see this through. I’m currently a serving youth corps member in Benue state and the rate at which fruits (especially oranges) get wasted here is alarming and to think that we still import orange concentrates for the juice producing industries. This will help to reduce post harvest loss and also strengthen the eeconomy. Thumbs up for the great idea

    1. Yes Lilian, I travelled to benue once and saw WASTAGE of oranges. I was wondering why we were paying so high for oranges in Abuja

      1. Bello, it all boils down to trade and investments. We need investments in the processing and distribution sector.
        With time, all this would be history

    2. Thank you Lilian. Please, take advantage of your location. Do not watch while fruits and food waste. Do something. Start small.

    3. We even import the fruits.i hear some of them saying that our oranges are not shelf worthy. Can you imagine that ?

  44. This write-up is a brilliant one, Nigerians need to begin to appreciate the natural resources we have& use them 4 our satisfaction, at the same time circulating our funds within our economy.
    Richard, you deserve this win because I know you will effect it.

    1. Exactly @ circulating the funds within the economy and the funds getting to the right hands in the right quantity and proportion

  45. This is a very good initiative. I am aware of this fact and often times wished I could change the situation. This is a genius approach to the situation and I hope you get the necessary support.
    Would you also consider educating the farmers on new methods of preservation?

    1. Hi Tolu, it’s good to see that you’re a part of this all the way from Canada.
      Back to your question. Yes! Farmers would be taught on how to preserve and package their farm produce. In these producing communities, the produce preparation task is divided into a very long chain. I intend to make this chain shorter so they can also make more money adding value to their produce, preserving their produce and packaging it

    1. Trust me to try best to make it work. This grant will put me 10 steps ahead.thank you Joy

  46. I think this is a viable project that would make Nigeria go a long way when it comes to food security and also alleviate the poverty level amongst smallholder farmers and also create job opportunities.

  47. I’m a Corper n spend more Dan my alowee on food. I wish dis project will aim at providing food for everyone at a vry affordable price. nice prospect Chinedu.i pray it will b executed ASAP.

    1. That’s spending more than your income on feeding. Something has to be done about that chi

  48. Good one bro, thumbs up. I like t when young Nigeria’s think like this. It gives us hope for a better tomorrow

  49. I remember when you tweeted about this a couple of weeks ago. I was baffled at the extent of damage. What impresses me though is that unlike most people, you are not content with just complaining about the situation and laying blames at the feet of the government or ‘cabals’, you have proceeded to make a plan to alleviate the problem. Your plan puts the hardworking & diligent farmers into perspective, ensuring not only that they get rewarded for their work, but that they are able to continually do so. An unsustainable plan isn’t a healthy one and yours is. So kudos!
    Also, everybody wins! Which is why I particularly hope and pray (Yes I’m a Nigerian, we pray a lot) you win this grant.

    1. Thanks to the one and only hasarla! I’m glad that my tweets have been monitored and noticed by people like you.
      More info would be rolled out from time to time via more social networks

  50. Wow very impressed with the research done! It is time indeed we look inward and develop agriculture! Great job Richard, keep it up!

  51. beautiful idea richard.
    .howevvet, you stated and I quote, ” The G2 Project would achieve its objectives by buying agricultural produces at prices above the prevailing market price and sell to end users at prices below the prevailing market prices”… I just wonder how you intend to sustain that beyond the grant recieved, it seems to me you’ll be running at a crippling loss, if I understood you correctly. However, its a beautiful, feasible and very socially and economically rewarding programme if implemented

    1. I don’t think there may be “crippling loss”
      he would have done a feasibility study and cash flow analysis with the said grant that could span 5 years. with these financial study tools, there may be little or no loss. Most importantly youths could volunteer to see to the success of the project. we hope for the best

      1. Thanks for having my back Afronelly. You were correct and you’re the best

    2. Hi fisayo, thanks for your contribution and question. Well, this project would run at a profit. It is a for-profit project. I intend for everyone involved in this project to make profit, irrespective of your position in the chain. Meanwhile, I don’t want anybody riding on the farmers or final consumers or even cement the opinion that agriculture is an impoverishing profession in the minds of farmers. Profit is good, but excessive profit at the expense of farmers and final consumers is wicked.
      Here, the profit goes round fairly. Even the final consumers get to benefit from the profit because, they get to purchase at a cheaper rate.
      I hope I have been able to answer your question. Thank you

  52. This is an amazing idea i hope this works for you. This will improve a lot for the country.

  53. Hi everyone, so some of us want to know how I came about the figures I quoted there. I am so sorry I didn’t quote my references. I got then from from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Abuja, Nigeria.
    When I got this data, it was hard to believe. This led me to embark on a survey to the food producing communities. There, I confirmed the data with the survey I carried out. I also visited Niger state for a smaller survey.

  54. This is an amazing idea i hope it all works put for you. It will improve lots in the country, the research done is also impressive. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for calling this an epic piece. You’re always on pint with your adjectives.
      Meanwhile, do agric o. Its cool

  55. This is an amazing idea i hope it all works put for you. It will improve lots in the country, the research done is also impressive. Keep up the good work.

  56. This is impressive! Best proposal here so far!! We Nigerians really need to promote agricultural projects and entrepreneural endeavors!!

  57. Richard, I hope you carry out this project with a company registered with the CAC, it makes work very easy .

    nice project anyways.

    1. Hello Tola, yes. The project would be carried out with a registered company which I have. We don’t intend to evade taxes and we intend to be recognized by the Government at all levels

  58. Great initiative.
    This is what Nigeria needs.
    Affordable and accessible food. And good reward for labor.
    Goodluck. Looking forward to the official kick-off of this project

    1. Hey Timi! Consider yourself a resource person for timely market information in western Nigeria for this project. Thank you

    2. Great reward for labour is the most important factor here. To keep our farmers on the farm because their children who are supposed to continue the farm business will not if they realise that farming is not as profitable as it should be

  59. Good initiative, healthy farm produce that are locally produced should be readily available for the masses at an affordable price.

  60. If only we can have more visionary youths that are strategic in their planning process and have passion to grow Nigeria we’ll be self reliant. we consume more of what we don’t produce and produce more of what we don’t consume_thats the disconnect in Agro biz.Nic1 richee

    1. Well said Ab. I’d write you anyday, anytime. What you said is the uncut truth.

    1. It will be used and I will get the grant by God’s grace and with your support. Few hours to go. Keep commenting and sharing. Thank you dear

  61. I think I’m liking this. God help you. And we will join you as soon as possible in this project. #zerohunger.

    1. That’s a perfect hashtag
      I look forward to meeting you and working together on more sustainable means of ending hunger

  62. Richard, how would you cope with the language barrier? Can you speak the native language?

    1. Thank you for the well thought out question. In fact the language was a problem when I went for my first survey, but I had to use an agent to do the talking and interpretation. I later found out that this agent was a cheat! 😁😁
      I found out from one of the farmer’s children who listened in on our conversation.
      I took advantage of the moment and offered him a job after doing a small ‘village background check’
      His name is Clement and he is one of the guys I employed. He helps with all the language difficulty in Benue state. He also understands and speaks Hausa fluently, so he would be very useful for other northern states.

  63. This is a great write up and a good way to lower food prices and prevent food wastage in Nigeria. But have you considered processing of the produce in the rural areas before transport to prevent spoilage and infestation from post harvest pests?

  64. Wow!!! This is great, we need affordable agricultural groods in Nigeria , so that poor can feed themselves, at least have 3 meal a day! Good work richard, we ve been waiting for this …. Good luck

    1. Funny thing is that the westerners do not understand what it means when we emphasize on having three meals in a day. It is very difficult in this part of the world, thanks to these Wolfs-of-agriculture otherwise called the middlemen.
      Most people who don’t have their 3 square meals do not because they can’t afford it. It has to stop.

  65. I feel that this is a great innovation and very timely indeed. Moreso, having young minds bursting with energy involved in such a project guarantees high indices if success. However, I have questions as to how you intend to preserve acquired farm produce until the point of sale so as to forestall the decried ills of wastage. Cost of preservation seems conspicuously absent on your cost projections.

    1. Hi Tobi my man, with this project, we intend to use swift logistics to reduce post harvest losses… I.E moving perishable produce in vehicles as soon as they get harvested to storage and processing centres. We would not sell directly to consumers but to wholesalers and retailers.
      In the nearest future, we intend to scale up into having a large centre where customers can come in and get their produce fresh!

    2. Nice response there. I like the fact that you are starting small and intending to grow slowly but surely.

  66. The word Agripreneur, is a new word in lexicon and it is a very viable tool for youth empowerment in any nation.

    Our leaders in Nigeria should know that a hungry man is an angry man. So why not empower the youths in agribusiness so that there would be enough food in the land. Once we have food security, all other forms of security would be taken care of.

    There will not be jostling for white and blue collar jobs, we would hardly hear of robberies, kidnapping, terrorism and other vices. Come to think of it the youths are lured into these vices because they need to take care of the 3 essential needs: food, shelter and clothing.

    Food I must say is the greatest of all these in my opinion. Everyone must eat to live and not live to eat.

    So my fellow youths, I urge you to look for a need in your community and try to meet that need and you will be smiling to the bank in no time.

    Remember, where there is a need there is an opportunity for wealth creation.

    Richard, all the best of luck. That is the spirit. It is high time we stop depending on Government for hand outs. We the youths make up to 60% of Nigerian populace and yet we are not considered in Government appointments

    1. “Everyone must eat to live and not live to eat.
      it’s high time we stopped depending on Government for hand outs. We the youths make up to 60% of Nigerian populace and yet we are not considered in Government appointments.”

      Thank you so much for this comment. I learnt from it

  67. This is totally innovative and really solves a major problem we face in the agric sector. I have come across these alarming figures over time and if we don’t implement a great project like yours, the problem would only keep escalating.
    With such projects successful reproduced in other strategic farming zones in the country I’m sure a major milestone can be achieved in both alleviating poverty as well as restructuring our agric sector on the long run.
    As someone that has worked with you before, I know you are fully capable of executing this and well-done Richy!

    1. Hey big bro, I’m glad you saw this and commented. This milestone would definitely be achieved. Thanks for your support

  68. Very nice project Richard. the horticulture value chain needs smart innovation.
    I hope you get the much needed support

    1. Lool. This is funny. I hope they say their prayers every night before they go to bed. Again, some people do not see this as a sin. They see it as a business.

  69. Welldone Richard.this was well written. I hope you scale up to other states like Plateau and Katsina

  70. I get excited when I seeyoung people work towards the acheivment of the SDGs. Welldone Richard

    1. We owe the coming generation the achievement of the SDGs. This project will address more than one goal. There is a ripple effect I see coming that would lead to the achievement of more then 3 goals

  71. Wao that’s really totful of u to have such a beautful heart I hope and pray it’s it’s to past

  72. I hope you use this business to tackle Gender issues . Do not marginalize Women in your business. Employ women also and empower them with your skills, drive and vision. God bless you.

    1. Yes ma’am. Thanks for the timely information. I would definitely make sure there’s gender equality at play in the business.

    2. Lol. I see all the women advocates here .I would not sideline women in this venture. Thank you

    3. Gender issues in ago biz. A paper should be presented on this to for the sake of people

      1. We have experts in that area here
        People like Ms Ifeoma will do wonderfully well

  73. How do you intend to reach the fruit processors? we have enough fruits to feed nations in Nigeria

  74. Affodable feeding would solve a lot of problems in this country. I support what Buenachiedu said. Well said chiedu

    1. Chiedu is a tank of knowledge
      He is a wise man. Thank you for the very inspiring comment

    1. Thank you Tunde. I would have to establish relationships with fruit processors in Abuja and other cities in Nigeria. In Abuja, we have very small scale processors who make natural fruit juices and I have started looking for them and discussing with them. I would still have to go to Ibadan and Lagos tho where the large scale production occurs

    2. The produce would be collected from farmers and sorted ,packaged and loaded at this point. Thanks oye

  75. the socio economic improvements in farmers might be difficult to monitor, but I would love to see how it works. Fantastic Job

    1. Thank you Aji. It will not be difficult because we intend to have a working and living relationship with these farmers. We will monitor these indices with new books in their children’s bags, new sandals for school, new farm inputs, new seeds, bugger smiles, better health care, a balanced diet, etc

  76. Richard has always been against the practises of the middle men who rip of poor farmers. I have seen my brother go to remote villages to spend weekends with farmers. He is just too passionate about the value chain management in Agriculture.
    I wish you the best brother.
    Raymond Agetu

    1. Thank you so much Obi. Please, I need your comments and views to won this. As me. Your questions. Express your doubts. Let’s keep this conversation going

  77. This is quite detailed and impressive. I am excited about
    A. More income for the farmers who Labour more.
    B. This project if well funded and implemented can force dawn market price
    C. Westages will be reduced.
    Questions :
    Do you intend to sell to end users directly or go between?
    Are you considering.. Concentrate as a means of managing wastages

    I am not surprised, you have always displayed so much passion for Agric. Win or not I believe you will excel in your quest

    1. Thank you so much ma’am. I intend to sell to end final consumers in the next 3 years, ceteris paribus.
      For the concentrates, I totally know nothing about making concentrates. I would have to be trained and get networked to the concentrate makers to achieve that. Thanks for the comment

    2. You must be a professor Nini.
      I had some of your questions in mind. This is a good proposal anyways

      1. Thank you Ola. Nini is actually a very smart and articulate individual.

  78. With this initiative, if keyed into,would definitely give a positive push to our economy. I hope your idea is picked and implemented…we do need a boost to our economy and this is a good one to start with.

  79. I hope you also go into the distribution of yams which are so expensive in the east a and very cheap in Benue. Please, look into it. Thanks

    1. Yes sir! We definitely would go into the distribution of yams. Yams are extremely cheap in Benue and extremely expensive in Abuja which is just 6 hours away!

      1. Lol.this is getting exciting. I look forward to that point where the final Consumers begin to request for the produce of their choice

    1. We would work with these associations when the need arises Tola. We would not fail to acknowledge their presence in the market.

    1. Implementation is very as monitoring and I intend to nail those two segments

    1. We actually need a lot of investment in our value chains. I have started small. I am sure of growth. Imagine more people involved in this, using a model as fair as this or even better..
      Thank you sammie

  80. great, its a good thing we have blessed Nigerians who believe that there is hope in agriculture, I pray u get it, Nigeria is in a deer need for Nigerian youths who will embrace agriculture as a business, may God help u ma frnd.

  81. Nice one bro. I pray you get all the support needed to actualize this amazing vision.

    1. Really? Even the local markets?? We need to train smallholders on packaging and value addition. We need a backward integration of the value chains.this way, farmers will get more results.

  82. Your argument is well detailed, it tells me how much you know your onions. Keep it up and all d best bro

    1. Mr brother, I was privileged to be tutored and mentored by the best I’m college and the best in the regulatory body. Meanwhile, I was also very privileged to be privy to nformation as soon as they were made available.
      I am forever grateful

  83. My brother. This is awesome. I hope to make a difference with the Agriculture Sector also my father once went into crop production but ran out cause the loss was too much. But together we’ll succeed where he got it wrong.

    1. Like the holy book says, affliction shall not rise a second time. Those losses would not come again only if we do it right and fast

  84. Richard, this is a masterful and practical intervention aimed at providing a timely solution to Nigeria’s current economic woes. Hunger, scarcity and lack in the midst of plenty is our reality, especially in the light of dwindling government revenues and forex earnings. We would have had no reason to lament the drop in crude oil prices in the international market, if only we had bridge the gab between the areas of abundant agricultural production and the teeming consumers within our domestic economic space. Oil and gas constitutes only about 10% of our GDP, let’s learn to effectively deal with the other 90%, by earning or merely saving forex , while generating reasonable public income from these sectors. Alas, we are a nation accustomed to waste, misplaced priorities and addiction to imports of even items we huge local production capacity somewhere in this heavily endowed land of ours. Your sustainable solution is well thought out strategy, as you are working with solid assumptions based on facts we are all very familiar with. As such, the odd of failure for this enterprise is greatly reduced. Just go ahead and test your business model, we are waiting on the wings to join in this value chain enterprise. Not merely as a new investment outlet, but also as a revolutionary ‘for profit’ social sector initiative like the Grameen Bank phenomenon, that successfully banked millions of hitherto ‘unbankable’, thus lifted multitudes from abject poverty. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that you are an active citizen, who sees a need and take the lead! I am also confident that your passion for agriculture will take you places, and put you as a pioneering spirit in agribusiness among the younger generation of Nigerians, indeed Africans.

    1. Sir, in the developed nations, waste occurs at the retailers shop to the consumers table but in developing countries like ours, it happens in between the farmers gate to the retailers shop. See the contradiction? And the system makes us pay for this wastage like we caused it.
      Each time we buy food, we pay for the wasted food also. Hence, I suggest that value addition be added to this project too.

      1. Thank you my honourable JCIN Ambassador Daniel. You have always seen the best in me. I promise not to fail you with this project . I have always delivered on every task. This would not be an exception sir. And to Michael, thabks for taking out time to comment and spread the word on this project. Agriculture has to move from been a development program to an empowerment program.

      2. In developed nations, they have so much to eat and so much facilities to prevent wastage from occurring. That way, post harvest losses barely occurs. What we have is wastage from the plate

    1. This is the time to love agriculture. It is evolving to become a young and beautiful person, to remain young forever.
      How do you feel when you go to the farms? The vast greens, the beautiful cool breeze, the happy people, the fresh food, the quiet.
      I’m in love 🙂
      This is why I would never allow these happy people get less than what they deserve and why the produce of these beautiful places get wasted.

    1. Yes Sunday. I already met someone through this platform who is willing to help us with that, and I actually intended to go to the FMARD, Makurdi.

  85. It is a shame that we import fruit concentrates wen fruits go to waste in beanie. Which way forward Nigeria? We have to kill the spirit of importation

  86. I must say I am impressed, this is a very huge step towards the right direction, carry on.

  87. This is good. I hope you get the necessary support. Our farmers needs to be supported, we need to grow more.

  88. Nice idea. Food itself accounts for more than half of cost of living in naija making cost of living in Nigeria high than most developing and even developed countries. Hope ur idea works out.

  89. Great research, good write up Richard. I am excited reading your article which is geared 2wards reducing postharvest wastages, improving socio-economic status of farmers and making food cheap and readily available in the urbans. I av a few questions.
    1. You didn’t throw more light on how you. would go about processing..bcos There wud always b postharvest wasTages.. Would you build a factory.
    2. In ur $5000 budget, I didn’t see budget for Inter-state Transportation of agric produce. Do u inTend using personal funds?
    Impressive 1, Kip it up bro..

    1. Hello Ekong! Thanks for the questions.
      1.i don’t need a factory because I am not processing YET. I am moving it to processors, and open markets.
      2 . I already have an agreement with truck drivers, who would get paid when the produce gets delivered at the respective destinations. They would get paid from the money received from the buyers of the produce.

    2. Very nice comment. He does not intend to build a factory but a collection and sorting point. That sorting point might have some very small scale equipment for sorting and packaging so it is a factory of sorts I guess

  90. Awesome Idea!!!! Nigeria has a long way to go with achieving food security if food prices continue like this.
    You are an exemplary Nigerian graduate and I hope these ideas see the break of day.
    Good luck Richie!!!

    1. Thank you so much Oyinda. We’ve not spoken in ages but you’re here… Means a lot to me, thanks so much

    1. Thanks know you so much Afronelly. I am actually honored right now. You always have my back

  91. Carefully crafted piece. This project will however force middlemen to lose heavily in terms of revenue. How will you handle the resulting pressure and victimisation you’re likely to get from them?

    1. The middlemen would have no choice but to act like us. They trying to victimize us would be like chasing shadows, lol
      The market is very flexible.. They would have to switch!

  92. Especially in the Horticulture and cotton, beef and diary value chains. The prices go up and never come down. Please, work with relevant agencies for the fulfilment of this project.

    1. Yes sir. Be assured that I with the help of my associates and networks will leave no stone unturned for the successful implementation of this project

  93. Please, support Richard. He’s my protégé and you need to see the passion in his eyes when he discusses this. It brings me to tears of joy. There is hope for Nigeria

  94. This does not seem as easy as it sounds. It involves a lot of travel which is risky and time consuming.I am sire you are aware of this , but you still carry on.that is a sign of bravery.well-done

    1. If we don’t, who will? 🙂
      We have actually discussed with an insurance company. The initial money I raised from my friends would help cover this. Asides that, we will be very careful making sure routine checks are never ignored.
      Thank you

  95. 750,000 MT of wastage is incredible. That would feed 5 west African nations for a year. Act, and act now!

    1. Thank you Matthew. This project will be sustained by closely monitoring and evaluating every step taken by the farmers and every other person involved, taking into consideration the financial implications of the various activities and reinvesting the profit into the project.
      I could write a full page on my sustainability plan but let’s end it here for now until I am more settled to type it all. thank you once again Mr Matthew. Very brilliant question there.

    1. The rate of evolution is out of this world. Who ever thought of using UAVs and GIS in agriculture? Who knew social media would be a major key for growth and technology transfer in agriculture. ..
      It’s happening like a dream. We should not be left out of this evolution

  96. Nothing reduced the occurrence of unwanted vices like the abundance and satisfaction derived from food.
    We need a more vibrant agricultural sector and thus project would make this happen.

  97. This is amazing. Let’s help our Rural farmers. They deserve better and Richard intends to give them that with this project

  98. Practical, simple, wonderful literature, wholistic and Perfect
    Ride on
    We got your back.

    Agric is cool!

  99. Richard is a business man with a clergyman’s heart. He hates it when people are cheated, trampled upon and sidelined.
    It’s very typical for him to come up with such wonderful project. I respect him for this.

  100. I currently reside in makurdi, benue state. All you’ve stated here are very true and correct. I have been thinking in this line too. I’ll partner with you on this project and i hope you get the grant. We can really do a lot if we all start from a point like this. Count me as your No.1 partner, supporter and fan. Great idea from a great mind. Success on this proposal.

  101. Remove the partition between the farm and the market. Or better still, place transparent ones

  102. Youths in agriculture. It should he encouraged. I never knew he was this young
    He has an amazing drive
    I met him at the ministry looking for data and I have no regrets meeting him.

  103. I see a future where agricultural produce would be cheaper and more evenly distributed. With projects like this, it is possible.
    Whether you win or not, never say never.

    1. I see that too. I also see a future where going to the farm would be lobed by youths because it will be likened to turning up and having fun. Agric is fun, when things are right.

  104. Rode on big bro.
    That’s my big brother, and we have a striking resemblance 😀😀
    We also love Agriculture.
    Please, support him. #YAP #GCARD3

  105. Never forget the usefulness of extension workers. Farmers love them. You can also go with them to these farmers

  106. I can’t believe that Richard is this deep. I hesitantly came to this page, but I have no regrets now. I never knew food was this cheap. Please, include food fortification for rural farmers in your project. They need to eat the right things, at the right time too.

  107. Nice concept. Am serving in Benue state right now with the Federal ministry of agric. and rural Devt. Makurdi. what you have said about wastage and poor distribution is completely true. if you need any kind of help in terms of information i will not hesitate to provide one ranging from cooperatives of these crop producers to where these produce are in their abundance. keep it up bro.

    1. Thank you Chisom. I desire your support. Help me promote this. Spread the word for me. Thank you

  108. Hi! When I see problems, I try so hard not to complain rather what solutions I could proffer if possible. When I see people work so hard I wish they would reap their fruits commensurate with their efforts. This is not the scenario for 90% of Nigerian Primary Producers (farmers). To this end, I employ you to please support a son, brother and friend in getting this grant.

    1. That’s a wonderful write up. Thank you so much for it. We share the same thoughts
      Thank you once again

  109. I know nothing about agric value chains but from the way the retailers react when they sell tomatoes, I knew something was terribly wrong. They practically beg you to buy! Please we should encourage them by not over bargaining

  110. Richard has always been against importation of Agricultural produce. I am an importer of food and whenever we discussed,i couldn’t but help notice his disdain for importation. Slowly but surely, we would win the battle against importation and redeem our lost glory.

    1. We will by God’s grace. The oil boom came and left us hanging. Remember those days when cocoa plantations were like oil Wells?

  111. Nice concept. this is timely and addresses the current economic realities of our nation and in line with the present administration’s agenda. Am doing my NYSC program in Benue state now in Federal ministry of agric. and rural Devt. Makurdi. i can help with infor. on cooperatives producing a particular produce or where these farm produce can be obtained at farmgate prices and in abundance. keep it up bro!!!!

  112. Bravo Mr. Agetu. Your dad would be proud of you. I remember you were clueless about Agriculture when you get into the University, but look at you now. I support this project and I would assist in promoting it online.

  113. I noticed the great difference in price when I was posted to serve in Sokoto state. Immediately, I acted upon my instincts and started moving onions from sokoto to Lagos. I have no regrets now. The farmers love me and I live in peace, harmony and fulfillment.
    I’m also here for you just in case.

    1. Exactly Ms.Anu
      I am taking advantage of this opportunity and I am delighted to see like minds here.

  114. Once again i wish to acknowledge this laudable project. i want to ask a question which i will be drawing from a paragraph of your write up.
    “The G2 Project would achieve its
    objectives by buying agricultural
    produces at prices above the prevailing
    market price and sell to end users at
    prices below the prevailing market
    prices. This way, the farmers,
    distributors, processors, users and I all
    smile to the bank ”
    I will want to know how you intend to pull these without running at a loss or throwing good money away because it defiles economic logic or is it a charitable organization?

  115. I have always cherished and loved your work and manner of presentation. This is cool. What crops exactly do you intend to deal in?

  116. This is a workable project. It has a potential to change agric market for better. It’s so appalling that artisan farmers do not benefit from forex while they occupy about 80% of major food producers. Poverty among farming communities is a complex issue: ranging from household size to education. Agricultural product(s) value chain is very sensitive and needs serious management. Most wastage or spoilage of products occur during transportation, especially when enroute long distance. Mind you produce are highly perishable. I suggest a smart logistical workout for this project to meet its purpose. Another issue is seasonality of some of these products. How can you ensure all-year production and supplies? What about the sustainability of project over years? Please look into that. I’m of the opinion that for any agric enterprise to be sustained, there should be no direct subsidy on products or production cost; rather, let there be direct relationship with input producers – in order to reduce cost; this is possible via cooperatives. One out of many benefits of this project, if approve (please, approve), is job creation and increased earnings. It’s gonna open doors for more businesses and youth engagements: from farmers increasing production to delivery jobs. Wish you all the best Richard. Indeed you’re an agent of change. Proudly Nigeria!

    1. That’s a smart person. I would love to meet you. Thank you so much for your contribution.

  117. @ Josephine, na so we see am o. Imagine we had direct access to the farmers, they would he millionaires by now

  118. Good job Richard. Don’t forget to include the fruits we are denied of here. We also desire to eat these fruits. Don’t focus on the perishables alone

  119. Good job. As you start this journey, you would meet obstacles. Don’t stop going nonetheless. Meander around it like the water and the sky would he your starting point.
    I hope you ‘win this’

  120. Don’t forget to employ security men to curb stealing at your collection and sorting center. It is very important

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Uche. It is a very valid point considering the recent happenings in Benue state

  121. If there is anything Nigeria’s agricultural sector needs now, this is it. Richard you re just on point. I pray you get this grant to truly demonstrate how impactful this could be.

  122. Bravo richiefishee. Like you’ve always said, you’re not for fish alone. You are for agriculture in its entirety. Nice plan

  123. Richard, would the trucks be refrigerated to make sure spoilage doesn’t set in in case unforseen circumstances occur?

  124. When I see farmers smile, I get very excited. It is our duty to make them smile but middlemen happen. We need Agetu to build an army of middlemen to make farmers smile and make food more affordable.

  125. How do you intend to deal with the excessive taxes requested by the produce officials?

    1. By employing young men from the locals, the problem of taxes would be solved. Most of these taxes are illegal and do not go back into the coffers of the government. They are self imposed by those guys.
      Remember what they say. takes a thief to catch a thief, lol

  126. Richie, you have to consider supplying to high brow areas. We pay sooo much for food in some places in Abuja. Not everyone has the time to go to village markets to source for food like you intend to.
    Your principle would really work in high brow areas

  127. bridge in the gap between the farmers and the end users has being a major challenge in Nigeria Agricultural sector and this account for why we buy agricultural produce in the rural area of the country at a low cost and the same produce without any value added at a high cost in the urban center of the country. the farmers has always being at the receiving end because they will need to sell their produce at a surplus rate which translate to low standard of living whereas if a project like this is implemented the farmers will have more income and increase standard of living from their produce.
    Richard I believe in this vision and I prayed you win the grant to put an end to the hardship of your people doing rural farming in the country, creating job for youth, increasing in the wellbeing of the transporter and among others.

    1. Thank you so much Wale. You know about this probably as well or even more than I do. I believe in starting. No matter how small it is. Thank you.

  128. Good idea. But how do u intend to manage glut of ur produce? Infact i will be glad to partner with u. Best sir

    1. To be honest,glut is good news for the consumers because then, prices reduce and purchasing power will increase. However, glut would be a problem if wastage starts to occur. To manage this, we would utilize ICTs to get timely and credible market informations to make sure that our farmers do not run into losses. But, losses is most likely to never occur because the price disparity already experienced in the market is high. thank you

  129. It’s nice to meet you too Richard and am impressed, their is need for total revamp of our agric sector and this is a right step in the right direction

  130. Am so interested in this subject matter, I appreciate your idea, it sounds great but something seems to be missing…
    The world is moving to a more technologically advanced

  131. wastage of agricultural resources in Nigeria is a big issue and its high time we had a solution. ride on bro

  132. Good work Richard. Food crops should he emphasised on.we need to reduce the wastage of food crops

  133. I hope you are considering how to deal with unions and even the middle men who might see you as an enemy and try to sabotage your efforts.

  134. Richard, how would you deal with trust issues?? Unfortunately,rural inhabitants are also not to be trusted

    1. Hi Charles, in every business 6th ere are 6th St issues.we don’t get a job because we were trusted by the people we probably just met but because of our perceived competencies and skills.
      However, I will put in place a robust monitoring system and make every process formal to reduce the occurrence of fraudulent acts. Very good question though. Thank you

  135. seriously, i was in Niger some days ago and I must confess this issue of food wastage, processing and transportation is the key to reducing the cost of food prices and on the long run eradicate mal-nutrition

  136. Success all the way. Focus on wastage has not been strong. We need to focus on this focus for a while

  137. Your idea is great, am glad you are looking beyond production, production and focusing on the amount of wastage as a result of post harvest losses, i pray you holistically follow your proposal

  138. With this project, we would ensure that farmers are able to secure profitable markets for their commodities.
    We would also organise farmers into production clusters for each of the commodity value chain and link them to processors.
    Organise institutional arrangement to expand farmers access in the value chains to improved production, harvesting and storage methods.
    Improve marketing and pricing of agricultural produce.
    Ensure the flow of reliable, quality and timely market information across the value chains
    Reduce post harvest losses and marketing losses by using swift logistics methods and ICTs, and
    Enforce grade and standards for the commodities to facilitate domestic and international trade
    The farmers would be at the receiving end of these benefits.

  139. For the teeming populace, the benefits would include;
    Supply of food at an affordable price to end hunger,
    Abundant food (when the price reduces, the purchasing power of consumers increases) Improved nutrition
    Food security

    1. Splendid idea,,, we should have more people like you in this country.

  140. Thank you all for your comments. I’m here to answer questions. ..any questions

  141. Very good initiative…if your goals are achieved I strongly believe that the problem of high cost of foodstuffs would be reduced drastically…Nigeria needs this to work out especially this period of naira devaluation which is affecting the price of everything in the market…….this article is a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark time…..

    1. Thanks mate you Bro. Very brilliant comment from a very young reader. He’s probably the youngest reader on this platform.
      Thanks once again

  142. This is out of the box and impressive. But how do you intend to monitor prices and make sure.these prices do not have a negative effect on the value chain?

    1. That is a question I have too. Considering the fact that he is a minute fraction of the market

  143. I would also advise that you help drive development and investment to this sector for storage and processing

  144. I recommend that you go into the management of roots and tubers. The level of price hike experienced in this value chain is very high due to its very high shelf life.the middle men take advantage of its shelf life

    1. Roots and tubers barely waste Deji. They can stay for weeks and months. But it is not a bad idea for him to go into it.

      1. Roots and tubers are very great for exports. He can connect them to international buyers.

  145. Please, link the farmers to international markets too . It would totally change their lives.

  146. Supplying processors would also make this project wonderful and easy for you in terms of logistics. This is because processors buy a lot more often. That way, farmers make money faster and easier and more often.

  147. Poverty alleviation can be achieved through this program.
    Good security can also be achieved. This is a two edged sword.

  148. I hope the sponsors give out enough funds to sponsor a large number of youths. We need projects like this, focused on youths across the workd

  149. Together we can make Nigeria proud, am loving this, to love Agriculture is by works not mouth, so, ride on bro!!!

    1. Exactly! To lobe agriculture is by works. A lot of us live it by words but vase scared to get on the field. I have to tell us to” do it afraid”

  150. Your name doesn’t sound like you are from “the food basket State” and yet you emphasis alot about her, as a politician i see you exhibiting one love for the country….

  151. I like the explicitness of your write up, not technical and straight to the point, shows you are an intellect i hope you are able to transfer this to use on this project ‘cos i see potential…