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YAP Proposal #56: “Youth Agriculture Garden” (Sanjay Kafle, Nepal)

I am Sanjay Kafle an undergraduate agriculture student, 21, from Nepal, a small landlocked country in South Asia with glorious history, diversified cultures, breathtaking geography, and interesting people.

I am founder and vice president of Youth For Agri Welfare, a youth organization that promotes agriculture among youths and farmers. I am also member of YPARD Nepal. Besides that I am a farmer, blogger, photographer, traveler, reader.

On 30th Dec 2015, I carried out my research about the employment of youths at Beulibas VDC ward: – 9, a rural village of western Nepal. The findings were, out of 38 youths from 23 households, 1 is in the United States, 4 are in the Europe, 30 are in the Gulf nations and 3 are self employed in the village itself.

My motive was to estimate the possibilities of initiating a youth led agricultural enterprise, hopefully to encourage other young people who are slogging their important times in gulf nation and the youths who are contributing their valuable times in the Agri-entrepreneurship at local level.

The project is realistic and sustainable, as we will be producing vegetables to fulfill the demand of local shops. If we could get support as a motivation, we could encourage many youth of that village, the income they generate will help them increase the economic status, while no sons and daughters have to be separated from their family in search of a job and prosperous life that will ultimately increase the social status of whole village. As in the present context, all the youth are being driven to different places seeking job opportunities while village are left over for dependent population.

In Nepal, when a youth turns 18, he applies for passport to work in a foreign country. Malaysia is the number one destination, closely followed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait. Now he’s ready to fly abroad, without foreknowledge of his destination and workplace. This is the reality of youths living in rural Nepal, whose parents can’t provide them with good education and work opportunities. The family and social influence, suggestions from peers and the pressure of being the breadwinner of house are reasons he flies to unknown land.

In 2014, more than 520,000 labour permits were issued for Nepalese citizens planning to work abroad. Further, there were over 1 million permits issued only for India. Time and again, we have been reading dreadful news from different countries; our citizens being exploited physically and emotionally. And thus, every year a son, a father, a daughter and the same breadwinner who goes to a foreign land with aspiring dreams, return in coffins. The same ongoing trend has made the nation suffer a huge loss because both its intellects and the labors are ameliorated by developed nation. They have grievances of Nepal being underdeveloped nation. They want Nepal to be same like developed countries staying in foreign land. They want change but are not ready to contribute in the grass root level.

Surprisingly, labour migration has developed in such a way that the nation has made a paradigm shift as a remittance economy from the agricultural based economy. Also, what disappointed me the most after interviewing local marketers was my findings, that majority of the Agri-products were imported, despite all promised potential.

On the other hand, I decided to chip in my contribution and invited all the youths, including their parents who were currently at village for a meeting. The agenda of the meeting was how we can start to contribute for agricultural enhancement from our community level. Luckily, I was joined by 5 youths who were in the village for their vacation and they were joined my some more.

Sanjay kafle

I want my country to be developed and to create a platform for my fellow citizens through farming. It is one of the only professions that is the best for the country’s development, if we can invest in a farm, first it will help in self-sustainability. It not only empowers the individual but also helps sustain the village’s economy by reducing the imports of Agri-based products.

Adding up, ones the production is in the large scale it further provides raw material to small-scale industries thus increases the economic status of the village and also with in increment of number of youth at village, it will also be socially uplifted, as youths can grasp newer technologies quicker and can invest in their village.

We have established a farm name YUVA KIRSI BAGAICHA that means Youth Agriculture Garden. We have collected $50 (5000 Nepalese rupees) from each youth and decided to cultivate seasonal crops. We have already prepared seedlings and fixed our land to lease for raising those crops and also have started mushroom farming.

Budgetary breakdown:
Organic training for helping hands – 300$
Tools and machinery (Tractor, wheel barrow, irrigation pump, spade, sickle, hoe etc) – 1000$
Other requirements (Compost, Labour cost for startups, seed material) –1200$ Infrastructure (3 tunnel + Market stall) – 1000$
Mushroom Farm – 500$
Miscellaneous – 500$ (Transport, communication + unforeseen cost)
Total – 4500$
Time: – June 2016 to June 2017

The success of our program is to be self reliant from our own product after the funding of our project is over. For this, the revenue collected from the vegetables we produce can be of great value. Also the learning potential and enthusiasm which some of our villagers are showing right now is a part of our success.

From this project, another success would be to multiply this enthusiasm and encourage near by villagers to be self-reliant and export vegetable and goods to make optimum profit in a rational way.

For the continuation of our project after our fund is over, the goods we produce would be sufficient. As we have estimated the cost of production and the cost which the villages are paying right now for vegetables coming from outside, our cost seems way cheaper for consumers. Reducing the chain of syndicates, it would ultimately add the value to the farm’s sustainability.

Blogpost, video and picture submitted by Sanjay Kafle (Nepal) – kaflesanjay52(at)

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1,016 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #56: “Youth Agriculture Garden” (Sanjay Kafle, Nepal)”

    1. Thank you so much brother. I would love to update you with my work in future as well. Do come Nepal after your masters program, we ought to bring about changes in agriculture practices of Nepal.

      1. Well done brother and a loads of congrats for your grand success. And It would pacify me if you could deliver this sort of spirits and guts in transforming the existing traditional and subsistence agricultural practices in a way of modern, commercial, and sustainable basis.

    2. Happy on ur hard work brother ,good job done well .Really we need somemore active stars like u to uplift of place.Keep on going good luck……..

    1. Yes, Nepal needs more of youth like ourselves who are willing to give something for the country realising its potential. Thank you for your wishes Sabina.

  1. wow, sanjay bro…its so nice to see you doing positive things, hope you will make this happen., all the best

  2. What you are doing is very inspiring for all the Nepalese youths. I hope people realize your good-will, and motivation and help you with whatever they can. This is a small lamp which can light the whole country. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you Sanju. Yes, like you said we can spread this small initiation with exemplary outcome and motivate more youths who are slogging with tears and bloods at foreign land to do something in our own nation.

  3. Great project, Sanjay. I have read about other proposals as well, but i found yours to be more reasonable and worthy of the fund. All the best.
    However, I do have one suggestion. You should try to engage more youths, specially from other agriculture schools and communities to come and help as volunteers in your project. That way not only does your work get more helping hands, but also provides knowledge to those people about such concepts.

    1. Thank you for the valuable suggestion brother, We have plans to engage youth pursuing their agriculture studies as an intern, once the farm goes bigger. We had also discussion about engaging locals not just youth (housewives, interested children and other people) once the project gets into shape.

  4. Thats inspiring and motivating work sanjay.
    we youths have to create opportunities and indulge people within the nation. And this project exactly does the same.
    Best wished sanjay. Best wishes!!!

    1. Thank you brother, when we work in a group there will be people with diverse ideas and prospectives and also great work efficiency which I felt the most.

  5. This is really a very productive project Sanjay! I wish you a good luck for further success in this one! Very happy for you. Best wishes again!

  6. i always get inspired from your outstanding ideas and works.really a great initiation keep it up sanjay

  7. As a matter of fact the problem or human resource crisis you stated are true yet neglected. I agree with you and your initiative to promote agriculture and livings for youth. To lead a organization at such a young age, motives me a lot.
    I read it thoroughly and loved it. Best wishes 🙂

  8. The problems you addressed are correct as a matter of fact and i loved your initiative to promote agriculture.
    To lead a organization at such a young age i can say that supporting your work wouldnt be a mistake. You highly motivate me.
    Best wishes

  9. you are really doing a great work Your ideas are very practical and hope you get success . you have always been a inspiration for us. You have encouraged a mass of people .Best wishes and keep it up

  10. since you have been known to me, I was sure that you could do something worth to make us glad , make we feel proud, that you are much more hardworking … l cannot make you promise to say something else except supporting you and feel proud of you.. you have shown the reflex of the present context of ours , not only that much but also the plan is superb..keep it up dude..

  11. Fly high my bro !! I will try to help from my side as a volunteer albeit of intellectual, ideas & innovations we can import & implement in Agriculture.
    You are in the right; I mean the best path for success. Good Luck !!

  12. Sanjay this is what people in Nepal need and this is the kind of concept which if evolved or figured out earlier would benefit rural Nepal. I hope your project gets more attention and people notice this is the true potential of Nepal. Good luck!

  13. Very inspiring and indeed a need of our society. Good luck for success of your idea brother. Keep inspiring 🙂

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    Good luck…👍👍

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    Wish you every success in the future endeavours.
    Good Luck!

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  19. its inspiring bro.keep it up. source of inspiration for us. you have teach us how to consume the unknown manpower and resources .

  20. Great concept Sanjay! Act of nationality and humanity for economic growth of the country as a whole through agriculture as a long term impact of your project. Keep going, keep inspiring

  21. You are doing a inspiring jobs for hundred of youth like us. This is motivational idea for those youth who are going Arabian countries after passing their SLC examination. Hope you can do far better in the coming in agriculture sector and become source of idea for large number of people. Best of luck Sanjay.

  22. Such an inspiring job you are doing. Being self reliant in our own country. Its a nice start. Involving youth in agriculture and using the countries potential to the fullest.

    And as a practioner of agriculture, I would like you to do your project based on principles of permaculture. It ll help to design your project’s components in efficient way and also maximize the return.
    Also develop it like a live learning centre for agriculture.

  23. You are doing great job mamashree. I like your concept.Your proposal will help to flourish agriculture in developing country like ours.It will surely assits to decrease the unemployment and encourages people to get involved in agriculture.

  24. 85% of people lives in Village and they all depends on the agriculture. The problem is they do not have scientific and professional way to cultivate their land. This work is initiative and encourage youths to involve in agriculture development and helps in agricultural transformation.

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  28. Such a remarkable initiation to uplift youth of rural Nepal by exploring new opportunities in Agriculture one of the major source of earning and occupation in Nepal which as a matter of fact is not taken seriously but youth like Sanjay who is well qualified in this field has identified the importance of agriculture with touch of technology can change lives by making them self employed and empowered so they don’t need to go GCC for jobs !! Keep going Sanjay our our support is always with you !!

  29. Great initiative. It’s good to know that youths like you are encouraged in such a motivational activities. You have not only sought way for yourself you have also inspired so many like you. All the best… you deserve to be a leader!!

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  31. one of my good friend though living far but still experience marvellous beauty in every step of his life and helping in exploring the nature and its beauty .

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    The proposal u have made is really good for mentioned area and helpful to those who really wants to invest such fields.
    At the end as your friend I have learnt many things from you,which r really important for me, iam really happy to see this and best of luck for further.

  33. A very creative and relavent proposal among all. I salute the passion and dediction of young fellow like you already creative opphrtunity for countryman. Good luck

  34. The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether you win or lose, you have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand….really inspiring one it up

  35. Great job Sanjay, I think this project will be very productive, best of luck….Keep it up !!!

  36. The initiation you are doing and the ideology of development of agriculture of our nation ,is very impressive and I belief the work you are doing will become the role model for Nepalese youth to involve in agriculture .I hope you will get success in your work …best of luck my bro….go ahead,we are with you…

  37. Its a very realistic project bro. It reflects your passion and diligence. I dream of working with you in future… :)… God Bless You.

    1. Thank you Brother! It’s very grateful to see more and more youths wanting to work in this sector. And in fact, it’s were least has been done. So there’s a good scope. Surely, we can work together in future.
      Best wishes,

  38. So proud of you bro. Now a days people are ashamed of doing agricultural work and they are forgetting that the agriculture is the primary source of income in Nepal. But you are doing such a good work to uplift the agriculture. Hats off to you bro. Best of luck.

  39. good trial. A spirit to do something should always be welcomed. Best of luck and make it happen .

  40. Very nice n innovative concept……Hey, m also an undergraduate agricultaral student from PTC, Dang. Once the same concept had tried to be established in our college by our friend bibek… But it was like so not preplanned or say like not well informed. And due to some other reasons, unfortunately that couldnt happen here…. But i think we can really try again n this time in some better way with better systems and plannin.. So, wonderin if u guys could help some.. I really wanna b in(truly)…
    E address:

  41. Very nice n innovative concept……Hey, m also an undergraduate agricultaral student from PTC, Dang. Once the same concept had tried to be established in our college by our friend bibek… But it was like so not preplanned or say like not well informed. And due to some other reasons, unfortunately that couldnt happen here…. But i think we can really try again n this time in some better way with better systems and plannin.. So, wonderin if u guys could help some.. I really wanna b in(truly)…
    E address:

  42. Very nice n innovative concept……Hey, m also an undergraduate agricultaral student from PTC, Dang. Once the same concept had tried to be established in our college by our friend bibek….. But it was like so not preplanned or say like not well informed. And due to some other reasons, unfortunately that couldnt happen here…. But i think we can really try again n this time in some better way with better systems and plannin.. So, wonderin if u guys could help some.. I really wanna b in(truly)…
    E address:

  43. I fully believe the idea of Youth garden proposed my Sanjay is one very important solution to few to help the unemployed youths and turn them into entrepreneurs. I wish him all the best!

  44. Great job.It is very good to see youths like you being very concerned on the issues like this.The agendas aforementioned are realistic and your job is very very inspiring . You have a bright future ahead .Good luck bro .

  45. Its nice to know your carrying on such a great job . I am really inspired by the work you have done on environment, youth motivation. And hope you will make it a grand success as well. As being a agriculture student i hope the proposal you have made motivate a lots of youth to join the agriculture sector.

  46. youth like you having enthusiasm to work on agriculture field deservs it. Hope one day you will be leading agri entrepreneur from the country.
    Great work bro.

  47. Nepal is an agro-based country. In the contest of Nepalese economy, agriculture plays a vital role. I have seen your other works related to agriculture and you are always best regarding this field. Moreover, I found this project magnificent and well-intentioned. As you are already related to this field, I think you are the right person and you should get this opportunity. Also, you were always an inspiration for youths and this project will provide motivation and knowledge to them for sure. Good Luck!

  48. Really good initiative Sanjay!! It’s good to see you doing so well.. All the best… 🙂

  49. Really good initiative Sanjay!! It’s good to see you doing so well.. All the best! 🙂

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  64. Good Job Bro !
    Hope it will have good impact at farmers level at the end of the project ! Its sound good when the today’s youth are willing to serve the agriculture sector with such a passion !

  65. Great work Sanjay. It is really impressive project proposal.985-1177393 . It is bitter truth of the nation that youth are migrating in gulf and other countries to earn money for their livelihood leaving their land unproductive. You are particularly focusing on participation of youth in agriculture which is really necessary for the country. I wish relevant authorities from the government and non-government sector take this proposal forward for implementation of this great concept.

  66. yeah, great and practicle one…
    as we know ,every new start gives pleasant feeling,,
    but future ma gayera dherai samasya aaucha , mainly in country like nepal , where politics is in fluid state..
    so, i hope you have assessed meticulously and performed homework well in those future problems…
    otherwise, its a golden offer to developing countries like nepal..
    keep it on bro.

  67. Great idea, Sanjay Bro. Awesome concept relating brain drain and agriculture. It would truly be nice to see Nepalese economy rely on agriculture rather than the remittance from people who work for other countries while their own country needs them. Really, this project is highly inspirational.

  68. A friend left 2 yes back and now I came to know he is lost!! Doing excellence in Hus farming academy!! Its too good and overwhelming to see you doing this kinda stuff!! Good job, keep it on 🙂 :-*

  69. This is a good work that some people even have a will ,they can,t do. But u have to do it any of luck bro

  70. Such a good initiation bro !
    Hope you will invest your agri-knowledge upon those youths and bring some changes in their life !

  71. Dear Sanjay,
    I highly appreciate the sustainability behind your concept. Moreover the project emphasizes on developing agri- entrepreneurship among rural youths.
    Wish you all the best!

  72. You never stop inspiring youths ..keep up the good works and all the best wishes for your future …sanjay !!!!

  73. good initiative! good luck, we need people to work in these areas…. keep working and posting good words

  74. great jo brooo.. I have always appreciated your work…. And this is much worthwhile… proud of youu

  75. “Surprisingly, labour migration has developed in such a way that the nation has made a paradigm shift as a remittance economy from the agricultural based economy.” Fascinating and important connection made between labor and economic flows associated with globalization!

  76. This is such as a realistic project . “Youth for agriculture ” such an awesome concept . We are always ready to help you in this project . Keep the working Potential high for agriculture field in Nepal .
    “Small Act , Big Impact” .

  77. great jobb broo.. I have always appreciated your work … and this is much wothwhilee.. proud of you broda…

  78. good luck! sanjay ji for your creative initiation. Its one of the biggest need of todays youth. Its not problem of only one village, whole nepal is suffering from this problem . Hope your idea will help to control increasing youth immigration and give hope to work in Nepal. best wishes !

  79. good luck sanjay ji for your creative concept. I believe your project will definately help to control increasing youth immigration and give hope to stay here in Nepal. You are not adressing problem of not only one village, actually whole Nepal is suffering from this problem. best wishes!!

  80. Good job bro..
    Very nice and inspiring deeds keep it up and hope this study helps agridevlopment of our country..

  81. Very nice concept. Hey i m an agricultural student frm PTC, Dang. We as follower also tried to establish this concept in our college but it was like so not preplanned or say like not well informed…And due to other reasons this couldn’t happen here. Still think that we can retry n this time in more systemic way n with more proper plannings… please cooperate……
    E mail:

  82. Hope
    Your project will accomplish as per target and help young agricultural students like us to participate in such inspiring project.
    Best of Luck Dear Brother

  83. First of all i want to thank u on behalf of a youth nd a brother who has a brother working in gulf.U hav started a good campaign on a burning issue of this counyry,and really this campaign should not be limited in a VDC or a district but the whole nation.I wish u all the best for that and hope that ur effort brings a desirable change in the current situation of nepal.

  84. An avid job bro..obviously this innovational concept in the field of agriculture empowers n uplift the standard of the rural people n somhow aids in the national GDP.i hope u will get this project n u will bestow ur full potential in this groundbreaking project..

  85. Excellent Job Sanjay… you have accepted a huge challeng of changing farming trend. Keep on Going. Love you.

  86. I am also from Parbat and I know the conditions and hardship facing by the people of Parbat. I hope that this work may help the people out there.

  87. Dear Sanjay,
    I believe your initiation is extraordinary and realistic towards this project. Such an amazing concept. I am very positive that the nation will be highly benifited from your outstanding initiation and will be proud of your hard work. I do encourage you to keep up the hard work and will be always there for you in need.

  88. Since the earthquake time, I have been noticing what you have been doing for Nepal and the people. I like your work brother. And again, you have come up with this awesome project. I know this project will greatly benefit youth of rural areas of Nepal. When many youths of Nepal are leaving for employment in foreign countries, I believe this project will help them initiate their own agricultural self-employment. Keep up the good work, brother!

    1. Indeed, it’s far better to seek opportunity here in Nepal than going abroad. We haven’t yet realized our own potential. I also hope more youths stay and make Nepal beauitiful! People like you and I are the one to change the trend, Thank you and best wishes to you too!

  89. +Food can be given to people but when you teach them how to grow the food they will never need to be hungary again. Good luck with your endevour.

  90. You’re absolutely inspirational. I have no doubts that given the opportunity, this project will thrive and become successful. I think it is a great step forward that will address a persistent problem right at the cause, and I appreciate that. I do hope you will get sufficient support for this – best of luck!

  91. Best wishes! Read your proposal and was impressed. If selected, I hope you share us the progress via social media. It will be interesting to see the outputs of this project. Also, who knows another project, job offer, scholarship might be lined up for a deserving candidate like you 😊

  92. I would like to learn and help you, is there a hostel or place I can volunteer and stay at near the project or is there a way we can work together? I might come after a month, or possibly around festival time, August or September area. I would love to learn together and see what our minds can create!

  93. Hats off to ew • Our nation needs more people to u .u r the inspriation to upcomming new generation.I heartly respect ew. Bst of luck

  94. Hello bro…
    You are doing a great job. Even I had thought that someday someone is going to start such a project like you are doing now. Right now, I am working in India as an IT professional but I am very much interested in the work that you are doing. I hope I can join you in the near future……….I want to learn about such modern agricultural techniques…….

  95. You are the source of inspiration for all all youths brother. ……. Wish you best of luck

  96. Hi Sanjay,

    I have been following you since 2011 or 2012 may be and you are absolutely phenomenal younger one to be in touch with. Somehow you are able to move me with all your work for the country and specially the backward community. First the awareness programmes that you conducted from your personal level and finances in Lamjung. Further, your work in collaboration with WWF and youth agricultural meet at the UWTC was as well a loved programme. Coming to the present day, this project as well has fascinated me and has amazed me as well on how you can keep your heads up to serve the communities in the rural despite all the constraints from the government and terrain. You have somehow realized that the true potential of Nepal is in the fields and not in the factories and I truly support your work. I hope that you become successful in the endeavours you do in the future. You have a new fan following 🙂 and good luck with the Youth Agricultural project hosted by the Global forum on Agricultural research!

  97. Its a great initiation!! Truely appreciate your job and keep encouraging the youths and agriculture as u r doing!!!

  98. Great project to be honest. Developing countries like Nepal are supposed to keep their human resources in rather than sending them away to foreign land in search of money. Keep it bro. Best wishes.

  99. An awesome initiation bro. This concept is really wonderful and I think this project requires attention globally. Hope everyone would look forward to help Sanjay bro.

    Good Luck.

  100. You have drawn a realistic picture of our society. And I believe this is a great initiation in the context of our country.
    All the best Sanjay.

  101. I am also from the same place. I have seen the situation of people there and was thinking about doing something like that. I will help you in the project. Anyways good luck Sanjay. 🙂

  102. Dear Sanjay,
    I am highly fascinated by the initiative that you have taken for the develeopment of nation and enrollment of youth in Agriculture.

    I would like to suggest you to put your concerns on organic farming rather than,more,use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers!!

    Keep up the same enthuisiam ,and goodluck for your future.

  103. Well, i am glad to see your effort to progress current situations of Agriculture in Nepal, Without a pinch of doubt Nepal is rich in Biodiversity and have broad field of Agriculture so modernizing the process of farming and public awareness to a farmer is today’s demand. There are are broad opportunities in the field of agriculture here in Nepal , but unfortunately must of our young generations are selling their knowledge and power to foreign land without any remarkable benefits, So uniting young generations to boost up the current condition of Agriculture is necessary now, And here our Sanjay bro’s effort is highly motivative to us. Good luck bro.

  104. grt job fren….u r really a inspirational character to all the youths n I really appreciate your hardwork…
    I wish u all the best for ur future….

  105. grt job fren…..I really appreciate ur hardwork..u r really a inspirational character for the youths…I wish u all the best for ur future….

  106. Really interesting, and something that would most definitely help the nation.

    I hope your vision is fulfilled.

    My best wishes!

  107. It is a really good proposal’s good to see the oppurtunity that has always been here for youths is finally being appreciated and used.. hope you get the support that you need and deserve.. keep up the good work..

  108. Good Initiative Sanjay! This is very similar to something we are going to initiate in the Generation Green (TGG- campaign but in the urban context. Wish you all the best! I hope you win this competition! Nepal needs young minds like yourselves.

  109. Wonderful brother. Keep it up. Hope you will motivate many other youths like you toward agropreneurship.

  110. Hi sanjay, I am very motivated by your work. Being an agrarian country, we youth should collaborate for its development and enlighten our country in the world. Congratulation and all the best for your spirit and enthuasism

  111. Great work sanjay bro.. we have also been doing similar type of work here in Ramechhap but in a solo background type..its a source to get inspired and do it in a different way…all the best for your work..

  112. welldone bro: i hope u will reach in ur innovations: it will be a Milestone in agricultural history: with application of scientific Concept : all the best :

  113. Good work .. Keep it up.. Youths like us have the responsibility to develop our country.
    Best of luck

  114. What an inspirational job on burning issue on our circumstances!!
    You are the beginner of such an idea that would feel anyone intresting on such a work.
    Good job , go ahead and keep it up!!

  115. splendid work: i hope new concept will grow on in coming future: but it is a good innovative steps: for our agricultural contry like nepal: THE concept of agriculture with scientific basis will be highly prioritised:

  116. I have always been proud of you with all the social work you have done till date sanjay. And this project have inspired me so much.. Today when people are busy with their life, youth like you are conservating the primary source of income of Nepal. You are on of the motivation to other youth and I’m sure that this project will get success.. All the best sanjay.. Best of luck for your other research and projects..

  117. Really it will be very good effort for our agricultural country. All the best wishes for your mission.God is always with him who have hard efforts .Don`t worry & don`t stop you must be winner.

  118. Salute. Inspired with your idea. Bro keep going with ground 0 (zero) planning. Best of luck and keep movind ahead.

  119. This is really a great idea that a common Nepali can do. I hope u will complete the project whether you will win or not.

  120. I really fell glad to hear the good news. First of all i salute your genuine idea and concepts. This is the inspirational and motivational work. Go on, Best wishes Brother!!!

  121. Great effort Mr Sanjay, carry on.

    These days, all youths are in foreign lands, sending remittance but villages are growing poor coz all money coming to villages is returned in exchange of our daily needs.
    Even a farmers family in villages are buying vegetables, meat & fruits which is imported.

    It’s a big shame on us. As long as we can’t hold the money in the villages coming as remittance, we will never grow prosperous& the only way to hold it back is the way you are starting. Thumps up!!!

  122. Good Job Brother Great we are nepali having Blessing land with various climate lad of opportunities, to grow various fruits,paddy etc.we are suffering from dirty political parties boz of these we are depending with South… these obstacle scenirio your concentrations towards agriculture research and development are really inspiration for coming new generation,if these talent and hard works pass to us working on gulf sands,really we make our country paradise…….Keep it up
    Thanks and best regards
    Ganesh neaupane

  123. You are doing great job sir. I think it would be great example for nepalese youths who are passing abroad. Now, we’ve need some ideological and activeness youths that like you who can motivated and practically to do worked in our nation. I am sure, that your project would be successed. Best of luck.

  124. It’s good to hear n to have youngster like you who believe on agriculture! Keep up bro we are with you some day i will be there.

  125. This is what I always wanted to do create the jobs in large scale ..good luck and don’t forget publish the whole activities through a great article ..cheers !!!

  126. Good job , sanjaya , keep it up, really you used your vocational education for grass root farmer.

  127. This is a very important cause, to encourage youth to stay in Nepal and undertake productive work that helps them, their families and the country’s economy. Good luck! Judy

  128. best wishes for your future plans… whatever you are trying to do is really important in present context….hope that we will be able to see some fruitful results in future…

  129. well done bro. keep doing good job. myself I’m very proud of you. at the recent time nepalese youth are frustrating due to unstable government system and othe few things so if you doing these types of motivational work then nepalese youth can get inspiration from you.

  130. I am very happy to see young people like you showing genuine interest in improving agriculture on a social level. Your work will help local people produce and market for everyone around them to consume. This is a great example of young people working for a greater good. All the best babu.

  131. good job sir n keep it up ,this is inspired to all agriculture related ppl especial for those who use smart phone .best of luck

  132. Good luck for good concept, this is a time to go one step ahead in Agro-preneur field like country in NEPAL for sustanble devlopement….

  133. Well done friend.. U come up with really a nice concept..keep it up..keep on generating such innovative concept that will lead to sustainable development of country!!

  134. Youths must be encouraged in agriculture.This is the only way of meeting our goals of prosperity.

  135. The micro initiatives leads for the Macro changes. The project is though seems small but create a ripple effects and would change Nepalese societies. Great job and we are with you. Go ahead.

  136. good initiation Sanjay, I am certain that programs like this will help and promote Nepal to be self sufficient in its demand of various agricultural products,which will eventually displace the imports of agricultural products from neighboring countries. This could have a huge positive on the Nepalese economy ,like decreasing trade deficit, increase in family income, employment opportunities etc.

    keep up the good work,cheers.