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YAP Proposal #53: “Wine from Banana and Orange” (Suresh Simkhada, Nepal)

Banana wine
Banana wine

Production of wine from banana and orange

I am Suresh Simkhada; an enthusiastic and energetic youth of age 23 from Nepal. I have just completed BSc. Agriculture from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS, TU) and I am agricultural and environmental activist and planning to run wine industry to produce wine from fruits like Banana and Orange.

Beverage consumption is increasing day by day with change in the food habit of people. Today’s consumers are more or less health conscious and equally needs the refreshment in their daily life. Beverage products are basically for the refreshments and enjoyments from the daily drinking habit. But people also want their health upgrade or in proper condition while they enjoy or refresh themselves by drinks. And many of the beverages have fulfilled this demand though some alcoholic drinks are not good for health. So, wine industries and their products has been an inevitable essence of modern society.

The demand of wine in Nepal basically depends on the seasonal factors. Beverage receives the higher demand in the festivals, occasions and colder season. Wine is a non-alcoholic beverage that is popular with the upper and middle class. It is served at ceremonies and social gatherings, such as weddings, outings, naming ceremonies, house warming, parties, and night clubs. In recent times, table wine has gained wide acceptance owing to its low alcoholic content. It is also a known fact that some brands have medicinal properties, thus owing to changing lifestyles, drinking habits, and health reasons, wine is now generally taken in preference to beer and other spirits. As such, it is now widely consumed by many households, served in hotels, restaurants and aircraft, among others. From the market survey carried out, there is an excellent local market. Oranges are grown in mid-hills districts like Gorkha, Lamjung Palpa, Syangja, Sindhuli and banana is grown in lower region; Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Bara, Parsa, Rupandehi, Kailali.

The area under cultivation and total production of banana and orange is also gradually increasing in Nepal but these fruits in winter season are not getting the appropriate market value. So, this project will utilize the surplus fruits and produce high value wine to provide new taste to wine consumers in addition to providing employment facility to local people. As raw materials are locally available and it doesn’t require sophisticated technology this idea is realistic and sustainable with greater socio-economic impact. In one hand, local farmers and business owner will get economic benefit and their livelihood will be enhanced and in other hand, wine consumer get chance to experience new taste of wine.

Orange wine
Orange wine
For successful execution of the project I will have discussion and meeting with local fruit producer and farmers group to make agreement on price and supply of the raw fruits. Advertisement and media publicity will be done effectively to make people aware about benefit of banana and orange wine over other alcoholic products available in the market. I will establish well equipped brewing & bottling plant to produce wine by fermenting fruits juice. Special schemes and discounts will be provided to distributor and buyer of wine under effective marketing strategy.

I am motivated to work for this project when I got chance to taste locally prepared banana wine in our educational tour. Even though the wine was locally produced it had great taste and the market demand; many people from other part of the country come to that place to taste the wine only. Then after, I thought if both me and my society can be economically benefited, why not to run own commercial wine industry? I have planned to establish brand of banana and orange wine in beverage industry in next 5 year that provide economic benefit to both individual and community. For that have already visited brewing plant in country, studied constraints and problems that may arise during the execution of project. I have also carried out the market survey for the banana wine which has provided additional courage to start the project as soon as possible. I have been consulting with some donors for funding too.

Branding of Banana and Orange wine in beverage market and market value of locally produced fruits are factors to measure the success of the project. Project will be successful if it became able to establish a Banana wine brand in beverage market and provide reasonable market price to fruits produced by local farmers. Project is aimed to improve the livelihood and provide economic benefit to both owner and local farmers.

I have planned to use the provided amount in following way for successful implementation of the project.

1. Factory and Brewing plant establishment- $2000 (first 3 months)
2. Raw materials purchase- $500 (4th month)
3. Human resource management and production process- $1000 (4th month onward)
4. Promotion and marketing- $1000 (3rd month onward)
5. Office management and miscellaneous- $500

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493 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #53: “Wine from Banana and Orange” (Suresh Simkhada, Nepal)”

  1. Really great idea, there is great demand of wine inside and outside the country. Since, our country farmers are compel to sell their produced orange at very low rate, the industry like you have proposed will certainly going to respect the farmer handwork and motivate them for orange and Banana Cultivation. Finally, I wish Best of luck for your Endeavor and future will help me to taste wine from your industry. My support and cooperation is always with you…

    1. Yes bisnu
      I have also presented this idea here thinking that it have good feasibility and market in Nepal.

  2. Many marginal farmers in Nepal are unable to sell their fruits in time due to lack of proper provision by the government.These fruits get damage and are either sold at very low payment or just thrown away.I am very happy to read about this project by Mr.Suresh Simkhada and hope that this project will help those needy farmers.

  3. Many marginal farmers in Nepal are unable to sell their fruits in time due to lack of proper provision by the government.In such situation, this project is very effective and essential step to provide better income for these needy farmers.I hope this project will work efficiently and I am also excited to involve in it if you provide me a chance.

  4. Wonderful idea, but to flourish this enterprise in Nepal, the most important thing is price of product. Will it´s price be able to compete with other wine products?

  5. i like the concept of post harvest utilization of fruit, it can employ the people and can raise the economic status of society. Good luck bro.

  6. Hello
    Suresh I found your idea really feasible in countries like nepal and it benefit both the marginal fruit grower and the owner of industry. Good luck

  7. Wow Its a great plan. Lots of fruits are wasted in peak season and the market price also lowers. This plan can provide good support to farmers. All the best 🙂

  8. This project unveils a great prospect for farmers, young researchers and better economy of the country. Good luck.

  9. Seems interesting and is reasonable as well but I could not read about quality assurance, hope you have implied that here and will consider during the production. All the best.

    1. Thank you brother.
      The quality of the wine produced will be high as enough to compete other liquor available in market.

  10. In context of farmers not getting the appropriate price of their products , i hope your idea will surely benefit the local fruit growers.

  11. This is the best idea in value addition of banana producing in Nepal. Wish you all the best.

  12. brilliant idea suresh simkhada
    but i could not find about place where you are going to start it??

  13. Great
    I hope to this industry will be able to fulfill the increasing demand of beverage in Nepal.

  14. Dear friends
    Please comment on strength and weak aspect of this project rather than saying great idea or nice concept.
    I hope to have discussion in it.

  15. The area under cultivation and total production of banana and orange is also gradually increasing in Nepal and it is good idea to utilize the surplus fruits. Good luck Suresh

  16. Suresh Simkhada
    I found your idea totally new and innovative to push up the agricultural industry in Nepal. Hope jury will evaluate your idea and select it.

  17. Nepal will be surely developed one day if youth go in thinking like this. this idea will benefit both entrepreneur and the farmers.

  18. This will be totally new industry in Nepal and it has good feasibility too.
    But your product should have quality to compete other liquor available in the market.

    1. Thank you anish…
      Surely product will be of quality to compete the product in market.

  19. Suresh
    I have also gone through some ideas including your in this blog competition and i found your idea really nice and feasible new idea. other idea are normal which are already in operation in our society but your idea is totally innovative and have good market in present context.

  20. Suresh
    i hope your idea will be selected and we get chance to taste banana wine made by you.

  21. wow!!!!
    what a great concept.
    It will play vital role for uplifting the economic status as well as the status of farmers in developing countries like Nepal…..

  22. Rupandehi is waiting this project.. Go ahead brother … I will surely help u in all i can

  23. Its great idea .I am sure that such a project and concept will help to uplift one’s countries economy
    Go ahed.

  24. really great idea dai. but how is this actually converted it into a finished product in the form of wine from edible banana.

  25. hope by the end of the decade everyone will be having simkhada wine at their dinner table.

  26. Demand of liquor is increasing day by day with change in food habit and hope it will help to fulfill the liquor demand in nepalese market.

  27. A great idea a wine from banana and orange and it’s also directly helpful for farmers because they get a big market for his product. keep it up bro wish u all the best

  28. Highly beneficial for the Orange and Banana growers, because in season these fruits are even not getting a satisfactory price. But you should consider the quality of the product first, I think lab testing of the product before its marketing is necessary. Best of luck

  29. Orange and banana cultivation are flourishing in nepal. Processing of these fruits can not only reduce wastage but also add extra income to farmers and an extra taste to consumers. Wine making from these fruits is remarkable concept indeed.

  30. It is really appreciable that you have tried to start new business in Nepal but have you deeply known the political condition of Nepal or not??

  31. Yes, Nepal needs more of youth like ourselves who are willing to give something for the country realising its potential.

  32. Best wishes! Read your proposal and was impressed. If selected, I hope you share us the progress via social media. It will be interesting to see the outputs of this project.

  33. Nice one
    When every students start to think for developing their own area, surely Nepal will develop within few years. Keep it up !

  34. You are the source of inspiration for all all youths brother. ……. Wish you best of luck

  35. Well done brother and a lots of wishes for your grand success. And It would pacify me if you could deliver this sort of spirits and guts in transforming the existing traditional and subsistence agricultural practices in a way of modern, commercial, and sustainable basis.

  36. This is a very good concept, which is applicable to Nepal. All the best wishes for the project.

  37. Great project to be honest. Developing countries like Nepal are supposed to keep their human resources in rather than sending them away to foreign land in search of money.

  38. You’re absolutely inspirational. I have no doubts that given the opportunity, this project will thrive and become successful.

  39. These is highly feasible Concept to Nepal , thats intresting . keep continue and all the best.

  40. This is what I always wanted to do create the jobs in large scale ..good luck and don’t forget publish the whole activities through a great article.

  41. Well done bro. keep doing good job. myself I’m very proud of you. at the recent time nepalese youth are frustrating due to unstable government system and othe few things so if you doing these types of motivational work then nepalese youth can get inspiration from you.

  42. Youths must be encouraged in agriculture.This is the only way of meeting our goals of prosperity.

  43. I believe the idea you have envision is very feasible in context of Nepal. Good luck with it.

  44. Good to know the efforts of youths in agriculture.A step towards the sustainable development. Best of luck

  45. My vote is for u for ur wonderful work!keep it up u will be successful man one day !good luck !

  46. I can see this project bringing a change in the lives of people there. Good Luck, I fully support this!

  47. It’s always interesting to see young minds coming up with ideas to uplift the socio-economic status of communities. Though many initiatives fall short on implementation and funding issues, your idea looks sustainable and carefully planned. Regardless of the results, I look forward to seeing this initiated.

  48. Feeling proud that Nepalese youth also have a such a splendid idea .Hope to be get into the action. Wish you all the best.

  49. Youths must be encouraged in agriculture.This is the only way of meeting our goals of prosperity.

  50. The project sounds wonderful! I hope you get all the resources you need to make this a reality. All the best!

  51. if youth like u n us unite n think the way you are thinking. .. I can guarantee soon nepal will b progressing a lot. .. good job daa

  52. nice bro…we r here to support u..From myself , I will help u as much as I can & wish for your success ..All the best..!!!

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