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YAP Proposal #47: “Youth Participation in Beekeeping” (Ayoade Akande, Nigeria)


Promoting youth participation in beekeeping

I am Ayoade Akande. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a postgraduate degree in Crop, Soil and Pest Management. I hail from a village in Akiriboto-Oke in Gbongan, Osun State, Nigeria. I am 36 years old.

At age eight, I began farming with my father and developed interest in agriculture. I started rearing rabbits at this age and I grew 3 rabbits to 48.

The need to reduce poverty amidst youths spurred my interest in agriculture. Due to its low risk and high yielding potential, I decided to develop myself in beekeeping. In year 2002, during my undergraduate years, I constructed some hives and started to practice beekeeping. I was able to make amazing income to support myself while in school.

In my desire to give back to my society, I initiated training youths in my community in beekeeping for free. This initiative was later supported by Bees for Development and has recorded amazing success. I am passionate about helping young people to proactively contribute to innovative, environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural development through apiculture.

In 2015, I was able to secure seed grants from Bees Abroad to train youths for free in beekeeping. A total of five (5) youths comprising of three (3) men and two (2) women were trained. Each participant was given a complete bee suit and a hive. I provided technical training for all the participants and constantly offer technical advice after the training.


The development of marketing skills in youths has been one of my main focuses. Most youths believe that selling honey is not an attractive venture. However, this was proved wrong as I was able to show that I have never been able to meet demand. On an annual basis, I produce well over 150 litres of honey and yet unable to meet demand. I intend to expand the current project supported by Bees Abroad to 20 more participants comprising of 12 women and 8 men.

My budget:
Bee suits for 20 participants: $680
80 Hives (4 hives per participant): $2560
Hive tools for 20 participants: $400
Processing tanks and tools for 20 participants: $640
Solar wax extractor for 20 participants: $400
Transportation of hives and participants to field: $320

I will bear the cost of the technical training as my own matching cost to the support. I will be using success recorded from previous trainings as the benchmark for program.

The project will be carried out in one complete season (June – April). Technical support will be offered to participants for two (2) years after completion of the project.

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185 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #47: “Youth Participation in Beekeeping” (Ayoade Akande, Nigeria)”

    1. What a laudable project! This is what I called living meaningfully – contributing to reducing poverty and hunger in the Sub-sahara Africa. Kudos to you boy.

  1. To train the youth and guve them a cision lf their future can’t be overemphasised. Good luck Ayoade. God bless you. igeria nee more like you.

  2. Very interesting venture. I witnessed the training of some participants few years ago. Kudos. Wish you success as you contribute to our country.

  3. Great initiative Mr Ayoade. We need someone like you in this change period of our country. Good luck sir.

  4. Nice work Ayoade Akande and what a fantastic project by YAP! Though I thought “agropreneur” would sound cool and fanciful than “agripreneur”: my two cents advice.

  5. Your special interest in bee farming has always been incomparable. You have always been passionate about it. We laugh and joke about it but you never wandered. That is why most of your discussions in the peers gathering are around bees and their economic and medicinal values. I am happy you are moving forward with this intrinsic idea. Shout it out to the world and make indelible contributions in this regard. I am proud of you. I wish you success.

    1. Thank you Mr lukman. I will never repent from practising beekeeping untill the this world becomes save both for this generation and the generation to come. If you read the quote from Albert Einstein he said “If the bees disappears from the surface of the globe man would have no more than four years to live” let’s keep telling the world and we will have a save and secured environment.

  6. Awesome,this is nothing but eye opener to us all,this is to tell us that we can do well without relying on the white colar job thar I regarded as advance modern slavery.kudo to you.

  7. This is so amazing that someone can champion this course at this time where all graduate youths are looking for white collar job. Akande keep it up.

  8. Good idea, this is what we needs in westerns world to cure obesity because of too much intake sugar,
    Well done boy.

  9. This is nice Sir. I know you have a passion for this, its your dream. I believe you can achieve greater things with this. Go Able.

  10. I have always known Ayoade Akande to be a very brilliant person with undeniable interest in farming. I made my first income when I was barely 10 year old through his mentorship. He gave me free white rabbits(male/female) as startup

  11. I have known Akande Ayoade for over twenty years and his passion for agriculture, including rearing of animals, is amazing. I can still remember his rabbits rearing in our secondary school days. There is no doubt he can deliver the project successfully. Good luck brother, we are proud of you.

  12. Most of the so called “honey” being sold/peddled around in Nigerian streets today is basically processed industrial Sugar. It is heartwarming to see someone actually putting in some effort to go into the production of real natural honey, which could be a panacea for many of the health related problems we are beginning to experience in this country, and which did not exist about a decade ago, such as the increase in type 2 Diabetes.
    It could also become a mode of employment for many of the jobless youth thronging our streets today whoo have no job to do. Kudos to you, bro.

    1. Thank you sir. That is absolute truth about what is going on in the country. I believe the that positive thinker like you will help us disseminate information about the risk involved in neglecting organic products for synthetic ones.

  13. This is an excellent initiative…..It will go a long way in empowering the teeming youth and subsequently alleviate poverty in our society.

  14. I am glad I came across this post. It’s a privilege to our country to still have people who are thinking right. My prayers are with you and every other person who has not given up on this country. I wish you success.

  15. It sounds good. Lesson for the guys out there jobless looking for the white collar job and find nothing to do.

  16. You re on the move in solving the high level of unemployment in our country. Keep it up, I know you ‘ve been doing that but more is required. Ride on

  17. AYO is creative and also teaches others to follow suit, good job boy, keep it going, you shall get there by Gods grace.

  18. It’s a good initiative bro! I hope in some years to come it would have grown beyond what you can imagine… Keep it going… You “ve got are back…

  19. This is a good one!! Keep it up. Your passion will definitely help you surmount all obstacles. Thumbs up bro

  20. Beekeeping is quite promising in Nigeria especially the Western part of the country, I equally encourage beekeeping and to own some soon. i have also been challenged greatly by Mr Atoloye.

  21. Great one there.looking inward is the key now.Our nation Nigeria needs great people like you.may help come to you at the right time

  22. goodwork. approach it with a business eye. equip your trainee how to make a descen living from apiculture. ride on we’re supporting you

  23. excellent proposal.
    keep moving onwards
    you are a trend setter.
    i trust Mr Akande Ayoade, to execute his plans with this proposal meticulously.


  24. bro,this is a brilliant performance by you just keep it up.looking towards good development from all over the world to get into this your initiatives and promote you. well
    done bro

  25. Nice initiative needed at this point in time! The youths have to wake up to the potentials embedded in agriculture generally. ..
    If only the government would rise up and support such step in the right direction. ….

  26. Your capability to handle this project to successful completion is not in doubt. I wish you the very best. Regards.

  27. Good and the most expensive initiative so far…!!!…..we need more of you for The Better Nigeria we all are hoping for….God is taking you somewhere greater and higher,…more grease to your elbow….egbon mi to gbayi……

  28. Ayo Akande is a man of honor, he is capable of bringing out the best from this project. Little seed you planted during our undergraduate days is growing bigger day by day, I am proud of you brother and friend. GO FOR GOLD!!! ALL THE BEST!!!

  29. Awesome initiative….. I am so sure you can and will deliver. You have always had this mind of impacting lives and also being a blessing….. Move on, the sky is your starting point.

  30. You are born to make a difference, you are born to lead, feed the nation, put smile on the jobless youths, I believe in you, I believe in this project.

  31. I’m confident you are more than capable.
    You have shown a great interest and your commitment is commendable.
    I’m proud of you.

  32. What a laudable project! This is what I called “living meaningfully” – contributing to reducing poverty and hunger in the Sub-Shara Africa. Kudos to you boy.

    1. Egbonmi I appreciate your comment. This is one of the directions we should focus on in this country. Bee cut across every good aspect of human race. Call it economy, health, quality food, good environment, continuity of human existence. Thanks sir.

  33. great idea from a great source.We need People like this in this country.
    Ride On my brother….

  34. Agriculture is an important segment of any nation’s economy and beekeeping is very lucrative. This is because of the numerous ways people use honey, especially medicinally. Good job Ayoade Akande

  35. I remember during our undergraduate days how you strongly advice to sting us with a bee, and see how our health will improve. You were so passionate. Remember we even followed you to same of your hives at campus gate and farm road. I knew you will grow this big.

  36. I remember during our undergraduate days how you strongly advice to sting us with a bee, and see how our health will improve. You were so passionate. Remember we even followed you to some of your hives at campus gate and farm road. I knew you will grow this big.

  37. God, I specially appreciate you for this great initiative deposited in the life of Akande Ayoade. he’s the best man on this great field honestly; Ablebody God’s in control move on joor.

  38. Akande Ayoade is a born farmer, he has been on this bee business since I know him in 2009, when we were together after our service year in Ile I fe.
    I sincerely salute your courage and commitment. My thumbs up

  39. Wonderful! We’re proud of you sir, because good thing comes out from Nasareth. Kudos

  40. Able as popularly called, is a man driven by passion. He is hardworking, industrious diligent and a creative thinker. I believe with this project he ll be a positive change agent to the nation. Will you mind if I be one of your participant because I am really interested in this…
    ALL THE BEST Mr Ayoade Akande.

  41. I have known Ayoade Akande when he was 10years of age. I was privileged to mentor him in Agriculture when I was at Obafemi Awolowo University studying Agriculture in the 1990s. He was in the secondary school then. During those period as he rightly mentioned in his profile he love rearing rabbits, guinea pig and other micro-livestock then. His interest in Agriculture is borne out of passion and not from mere profession. It is very rare seeing young African man taking Agriculture as his lifetime profession. Despite the fact that he has a postgraduate degree in Agriculture his interest and love for beekeeping is unmatched. Permit me to say that Ayoade is the type of Candidate that need this seed grant to upsurge our nations Agriculture from her present perils and woes. Thanks.

  42. This is really commendable! How I wish government and private sectors can support you in this project. Any way, thank you for embarking on this project, most especially for our youths. May the Lord crown your efforts so far. Kindly keep up the good work!

  43. This is really commendable! How I wish government or private sector can support this project. Any way, thank you for embarking on this project most especially for the youths of our generation. Kindly Keep up the good work!

  44. If our government can buy to this, the issue of unemployment will be drastically reduce.

  45. If our government can buy into this, the issue of unemployment will be drastically reduce.

  46. This laudable i must confess. Job opportunity for the unemployed is one out of the numerous advantage of this. Keep it bros.

  47. This is making something good out of what we have in Nigeria – FROM crude oil to CRUDE HONEY. Keep it up Able

  48. This is making something good out of what we have in Nigeria – FROM crude oil to CRUDE HONEY. Keep it up, More Grace

  49. Nigeria is blessed to have someone like you who can come up with great ideas, very good one, more grace- Keep it up

    1. Yes. We are only trying to reduce the level of dependency on government so that our people can responsibilities in agriculture and also reduce food insecurity in the country.

    1. All glory be to God. If we start the campaign now more people will join us along the line which will make food available to all us and also make our environment to be save.

  50. This is an uncommon project and less popular but your delivery was encouraging and luring too….what more can I say? Ayoade Akande, small things become big when encouraged by friends, family, loved ones and other well wishers around. I say kudos to you and may your dreams never die

  51. This is really commendable. Thank you so much for taking up this project in order to assist our youths. Hope both government and private sectors would finance this project. It is really a nice one. More grease to your elbow. Welldone!

  52. Very passionate young man. You’re indeed a solution provider. More grace and glory in Jesus name.

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