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YAP Proposal #44: “Bio-Fertilizers & Bio-Pesticides” (Christa Marie A.Yenah, Cameroon)

Recent red kidney beans experimental plots with the use of super-limax
Recent red kidney beans experimental plots with the use of Super-Limax

Bio-Fertilizers & Bio-Pesticides: The Way Forward for a Sustainable Agricultural Future

My name is Fanka Christa Marie A Yenah, a Cameroonian by nationality. I am an Agronomist/Agricultural Economist. I was born on the 14th of August 1986 at Shisong, Kumbo in the North West Region of Cameroon.

I graduated with a Double M.Sc. in Sustainable Agriculture and Agricultural Economics from Chiang Mai University,Thailand & University of Hohenheim, Germany. I am the CEO of RADI Organics Limited, an agro-company that is set to produce organic fertilizer (Super-Limax) and bio-pesticide (Winox) for an environmental friendly, safe, climate-smart and sustainable world. The bio-fertilizer (Super-Limax) is produced from local raw materials which are rich in soil organic carbon.


This fertilizer is also cheap for farmers to afford. The bio-pesticide (Winox) is made up of plant extracts with considerations of eco-friendliness and multiple mode of action against pests. The increasing demand of organic fertilizers and bio-pesticides stem from negative consequences of chemical fertilizers and pesticides resulting to environmental pollution and residual toxicity to humans. Super-Limax fertilizer and Winox would go a long way to solve soil fertility depletion and pest resistance to crops by increasing crop productivity in a cost-effective, safe and environmental friendly manner.

My motivation came from my parents who are farmers. My father used only livestock waste in his farm and obtained high and stable yields. For my mother, she used mostly chemical fertilizers (Urea) in her farm which was costly and yields were alternating year by year. I observed the two fields closely and discovered that my father used less and obtain more yields over the years.

This is so because he continuously used the same product which was environmental friendly and safe for soil organisms. From my observations, I discovered that organic fertilizers have a process approach which is good over the long-term and chemical fertilizers have a treatment approach which is good for a short-term but disastrous over the long term. Recently, there is increasing organic food production and consumer demand in both developed and developing countries due to the health benefits and eco-safety advantages associated with organic farm inputs.

I am at the implementation phase of setting an organic fertilizer (Super-Limax) and bio-pesticide (Winox) company at Ber-Jakiri Sub-Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. The project is set to commence in April 2016 and is highly recommended by local farmers, local organizations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as the Institute of Agricultural Research and Development (IRAD) based on results from our maize & rice demonstration plots in August 2015. I have built a small company and acquired local raw materials needed for the production of these organic products with the help of my husband. My main constraint is the acquisition of machinery needed for the production from Nigeria.

If granted $5000, I would be able to purchase the following five machinery items: Paddle mixer, rotary dryer, granulator, bag sealers and pelletizer to be used for production by late April 2016.Our target is to reach more than 10 million farmers in Cameroon,some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond by 2017 with our organic products. My sole purpose is to promote organic agricultural practices for a climate-smart and sustainable future.

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391 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #44: “Bio-Fertilizers & Bio-Pesticides” (Christa Marie A.Yenah, Cameroon)”

  1. Such an awesome initiative given the continuous degredation of the ozone n harzadous climatic issues……must be applauded as our local communities depend by morethan 80% of agricultural produce…..keep it going Mme Ayena et al.

  2. RADI for life the sky is your limit my sister we are behind you and you shall accomplish you dreams in all your endeavours

    1. For real, that’s a great initiative. Wish you succeed to take the project till completion

  3. This project needs to be profiled on CNN African Startup. However this can only be done with the help of your support. No matter how small. Make RADI a house hold name and make Cameroon Proud. Let’s all consume CAMEROON. #GoSister. #RADI

  4. I think this a one of a kind initiative to boost food security in rural Cameroon. I am delighted to have been part of witnessing the struggles and the challenges you overcome till this point. Cameroon needs this initiatives to ensure improved food security for the most disadvantaged groups.

  5. This presents a great opportunity for sustainable development and curbing historic adverse effects of chemical fertilisers. It therefore needs all the support to boost farmers’ productivity and ensure food security.

  6. Africans most times do not come up with Initiatives to help Africa, when a young African takes a step in that direction especially in Agriculture … I tip my cap to you and your tenacity

  7. I am marveled at the momentum that Ayena has put in to make sure it works. Agriculture is what we are talking about. One Love my sister. You are on the right track. #RADI #AGRICULTUREINAFRICA #SOILFERTILITY #ORGANICFERTILIZER

      1. Ayena, I am a machinery dealer of both new and used equipment in the USA such as hammer mills, mixers, drum dryers, and bagging equipment. If we can assist you now or in the future, please contact me. You can send me a private message here on Linked-IN with your email and was soon as possible. I will get back with you as soon as possible.
        Best of luck to you.

  8. Great initiative. At a time when climate change is ravaging our environment, we can only go green by taking environmental initiatives. Christa, this is a break through. Keep up the good work.

  9. This is another brilliant idea from you and as a German trained Agricultural Economist myself I believe that this will go a long way to create jobs and provide a critically needed input in the agriculture value chain which has the potential of reducing poverty however It needs to be affordable to the smallholders
    Have you considered applying to the German returning expert program (CIM) for support ?

    1. Thanks. This would also go to reduce youth unemployment in rural areas.Our target is setting our company in rural areas to curb rural exodus and enhance rural development.

  10. This is another brilliant idea from you to create jobs and provide a critically needed input in the agric value chain however It needs to be afford able to the smallholders
    Have you considered applying to the German returning expert program (CIM) for support ?

  11. Christa, this initiative sounds like an answer to a deep concern of mine as a Franciscan and advocate of environmental sustainability. Am glad your studies inspires you to consider options for sustainable development of the agricultural sector in Cameroon as well as the consequences of chemical fertilizers on health and environment. In my village (Ndzeru), women struggle very hard to save in order to purchase chemical fertilizer, which has become not only very expensive over the years, but the soil has been made to depend on it for any corn/beans yields. How much would a 50kg of your Super Limax cost? For the sake of its environmental sustainability property, I support your project, and would have given you the required $5000 up front if I could afford. The course is a worthy one!

    1. Thanks so much Sis. Appo. The truth is that rural farmers have suffered for so long concerning fertilizer issues.Either they can’t afford or the products are inaccessible due to high transaction costs.From our baseline studies, we observed that farmers now use chemical fertilizers in maize fields twice before the harvesting period or else, they don’t have much yields.There is a big problem.After conducting our soil pH tests, we discovered that most of the farms were acidic and below the pH of 5.But crops like maize, beans and rice need soil pHs above 5 before they can do well.Our earthworm tests revealed that most of the fields using chemical fertilizers had less earthworms and those using organic farm inputs had more.This should go along way to testify the importance of organic fertilizers or manure.

  12. Using the little available to get the most out of it without distorting the environment is an initiative to promote. Go beyond the sky!!!!!! Christa

  13. Fanka Christa with so little you have come this far. Great initiative and commitment to it by you. Wishing you much success especially for Agripreneur 2016.

  14. Excellent initiative. Probably the most innovative agricultural development proposal I have read in a while. Cameroon needs your innovation. Go ahead and do it for us. As a water resources scientist I can envisage the benefits of this technology on irrigation water demand as well. I commend you for taking this monumental step towards rural development, hunger and poverty reduction in Cameroon.

    1. Thanks dear. I really need people like you so that combined with organic farm inputs, we can have continuous water for cultivation like the case of Israel.Water use efficiency is also key to food production especially in Cameroon and Africa where many farmers depend on rain-fed agriculture.

  15. So proud of you and what you represent to the youth of Cameroon. We certainly need more sustainable methods of farming in Cameroon given the food shortages n sky rocking prices of staple food items. You’ve got my full support. I will be sharing this blog so others can get to know n hopefully support you.

  16. Can you set up a “go fund me” page so we can make donations to this noble course? I am more than willing to support you n I am sure others will do the same. God bless.

  17. This is really sustainable agriculture indeed.My dear Christa am behind you with all my support and I pray this project comes into realisation as fast as possible.Nowadays everyone is moving towards bio food which proves to be more healthier.I wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks dear.You see the practicality in Germany right.Bio-food is double the price of food cultivated with chemical fertilizers. Organic food is the way forward for healthy lives.

  18. Your agricultural skills has impacted local farmers positively and you need the necessary support to continue the good job you are doing.

  19. Ayen,thanks for thinking about poor farmers back in our villages, your products is super and less costly, we appreciate your efforts.

  20. This is a vital project. It’s necessary to focus on environmental friendly approaches to create a safe environment not just for today but for generations to come.

  21. Being a proponent of Organic Agriculture, I am very proud of this initiative and wholeheartedly support the production of the bio-pesticide (Winox) and organic fertiliser (Super-Limax). If we really understand the long-term benefits of this initiative, then we would realise it deserves more than just $5000!!!

  22. wow that will a blessing not only for our rural society but for world at large. keep up de good work…..

  23. Amazing. Goodwork Miss Christa. A solution not only for Cameroonian farmers, but for Africa at large. Your work is already attaining the sustainable development goals. Allaviating poverty, eradicating hunger at the same time. Keep this up.

  24. Organic fertilizers are far more better than chemical fertilizers even though OF have shortcomings like a longer time for results and the unknown ratio of nutrients added to the soil in most cases. But i think it is better than polluting the environment which will lead to destruction of habitats, asthma ETC. This is a great move which will help improve our agriculture and save lives. Go before, we de your back.

  25. this is a good organisation which is coming to improve the poor soils of tropical Africa. l hope that with supper limax, all the farmers will improve their living standard as their yield will be high.

  26. It is with great admiration that I read and enjoyed what you guys are putting together to assist farmers in Cameroon and with plans to extend to other countries. Organic is the way to go. Thanks for being lovers of the environment.

  27. This initiative is good,superb and inspiring. It is all we need. CNN and Aljzeera will not think twice broadcasting this awesome and marvelous idea. It also goes further to expantiate entrepreneurship and the head of states advice to the “Android generation”..Bravo!!!

    1. Thanks very much dear.We the “android generation” must consider farming especially organic farming as future.VoxAfrica has already booked an appointment to air our activities in May.

  28. Using the world’s resources in ways that do not endanger the future generations own capacity to survive is what sustainable development is all about. In as much as sustainable agriculture encompasses three dimensions from the environmental to economic and social.

    These dimensions can be measured using different indicators such as water availability, biodiversity conservation, health impact from chemical pesticide use, gross farm income, input self sufficiency, savings and investment, land tenure security, gender equality, equality in income and food distribution (Atanga et al., 2013).

    We all know that the use of chemical fertilizers has dominated farming in Cameroon over the last decades, however affording these fertilizers, destroying soil microbes and enjoying stable yields year in year out have remained principal areas of concern as such necessitating the need for the development of organic fertilizers.

    It is to this effect that I see this initiative and RADI Organics products as a fantastic leap towards a green revolution that is environmentally friendly, affordable, lifts the status of rural women and poor small scale farmers towards stable yields and as such alleviating poverty. This project deserves more that $5000 in support and I would personally be making contributions towards its realization while encouraging others to follow suit if they think it is worth it.

    Great job Christa


    Atanga, N.L., Treydte, A.C. and Birner, R., 2013. Assessing the Sustainability of Different Small-Scale Livestock Production Systems in the Afar Region, Ethiopia. Land 2(4), MDPI AG Basel Switzerland.

    1. This is crucial for Cameroon especially in the grasslands where farmers are increasingly faced with pest problems and low productivity. This will go a long way to boost productivity to meet the needs of the population of Cameroon.

    2. Thanks so much darling.I think you have said it all about the importance of organic fertilizers to our environment. With this project, sustainable development can be achieved .

  29. What a great initiative. The truth is 80% of Cameroonians are engage in agriculture and this product will go a long way to improve and increase production. Considering the fact that the president of this nation Cameroon, contimousy in his speeches to the youths of this nation encourage agriculture, farmers will improve on their yields by using home products and Super Limax is just the best for the agricultural sector in Cameroon. I give my mark of confidence to this product. Long live super limax. Congratulations.

  30. In a country where agriculture is the backbone of the economy, this innovative product couldn’t come at a better time. The influx of chemical fertilizers from the west leaves our soil on which we depend, void of the essential “nutrients” to bring forth regular high yields. My thoughts: support on this project will propel us back to the era where our efforts and simple tools bring us high and regular yields. Kuddos our CEO.

  31. Great initiative. That falls un line with the presidents ideology for Cameroon to become and emergent nation in 2035 through the agricultural revolution

    1. Thanks so much.With sustainable agricultural practices in rural areas, we can become an emerging nation by 2015.Not only Cameroon, but other African countries that consider agriculture as the backbone of their economies.

  32. I congratulate you for this landmark propramme(project) and sincerely hope it will be an agricultural transformation for Africa.

  33. Great job, keep it up. We in Centre for Research in Efficient Agricultural Technology (CREAT) would like to collaborate with you to promote your technology. We are currently assessing agricultural sustainable Land management policy implementation in our region, in Ghana. We support and promote eco- system efficient research and technology that is not exploitative but sustainable.

  34. What a great initiative coming up at the right time. This is going to be of great help to the agricultural sector in Cameroon and the world at large since more than 75 percent of people here in Cameroon depends on farming and it will equally boast up their products. Keep up and I pray the almighty God will see this project through. B

  35. I so love this initiative. As an Environmental Engineer, i am passionnate about any “Bio” related project or idea. This is what we need in Cameroon, and in Sub Saharan Africa as a whole. Thinking bio, and maintaining environmentally friendly practice. Ayenah i believe this idea will take the agricultural sector really far ahead, and remember my idea of combining the usage of Bioressources such as Compost, etc.
    Best of luck

  36. Impressive initiative dear. That’s an approach the cameroonian government needs to take into consideration. Instead of importing chemical fertilizers which we all know impacts on the quality and safely of the agricultural product, why not abide to organic or bio-fertilizers which is much more better. Resilience starts from such actions and if promoted properly, the agro-economic level shall only get lifted… Good job..

  37. Very nice initiative and the region where you have started is also well selected considering the number of farmers in that region. I am sure that making use of local resources to increase productivity is a very efficient way to assist our farmers. I am glad you followed up on this vision of yours and all I will say is more “Power to you elbows”.

  38. A “typical” step to the local farmers’ long awaited sustainability means. This has great potentials, I long and wish this to be extended to Nigerian local farmers.

    1. Thanks very much dear. We are planning to extend this initiative to Nigeria, Ghana e.t.c considering if we have the necessary financial resources to expand by 2017.But we are hoping to do so.

  39. Hey! RADI is awesome, It will never fail cos agriculture never fails, It will go a long way to boost community development. Am Positive about it. Let CNN Africa come and see how awesome RADI is……..Its really a blessing

  40. Hey Sis, RADI is awesome and never give up on it because agriculture never fails. RADI is a blessing to all that’s why I am POSITIVE about it. Iam strongly behind you.

    1. I feel so inspired when i get your support .We shall continue to promote sustainable agricultural practices in Africa and beyond.Feed the future with healthy products is our target.

  41. This is a very good innovative idea for a positive climate smart agriculture production. More grease to your elbow.

  42. sis Gud transformation for the agricultural sector which is the backbone of our will benefit the world at large let God see you thro

  43. No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out. Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you. I want you to know that I am behind RADI and really appreciate your efforts. You are destined to make it big and to make the world feel your impact.keep on sis

  44. Wow. This is the future we r talking about. Food security and sustainable development in agriculture.As we speak, this project is long overdue in salvaging the rural population from deep poverty. With the limax fertilizer farmers will be enthusiastic in cultivating. obviously because their harvests will improve not only in quantity but quality. So my dear A yena. This project is a thousand thumbs up. Coming from a young brilliant agronormist like u. I m very proud of this. Kudos my dear.

  45. Wao I’m so impressed.Great ideas and work Ayena. These are the materials we need in the world to conserve our planet.with the increasing air pollution and climatic conditions I think a great thinker and enthusiastic person like you has offered us farmers the best. I’m so glad and keep me inform always.

  46. “Pesticides: The Way Forward for a Sustainable Agricultural Future”, In view of the current usage, the word “pesticides” connotes negative implication in agriculture. You may use “Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers and Bio-Control: The Way Forward for a Sustainable Agricultural Future”.

  47. this project is important and smallholder farmers in many parts of Zimbabwe many benefit for it. soil fertility is low and chemical fertilizers are expensive.

    1. I think we have to adopt the soil fertility testing methods and organic fertilizer for smallholder in Zimbabwe to see how the changes in yields over the years are increasing.

  48. Chris, this is a wonderful initiative. You use your knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to ensure not only a sustainable agricultural future but actively contribute to support the future health of our Planet and Mother Earth. I am proud of you.

  49. I am very impressed at your work Christa. Farming is what makes our country great and we should aim to make the work of those who bring us natural food to the table, a lot easier. Your project is innovative and well adjusted to the modern 21st century. You have all my support. More grease to your efforts.

  50. Good luck with your new venture. This is the future and the only sustainable way for longer term. agriculture development that is affordable for smallholder farmers. Keep up the good work.

  51. WOW!!!!, CHRISTA, this is very thoughtful of you. I salute you not just for your incredible initiative but also for your braveness in choosing a profession that most youths run away and for your efforts in promoting a healthy environment via agriculture. This is a well developed project and it deserves the sponsorship. Hope you get the price. 100% behind you, May God grant your wish.

  52. Great initiative. This ingenious home grown innovation when properly targeted and scaled up, has the capacity to catalyze the slow, elusive green revolution in Africa. More farmers are likely to adopt as it is affordable and most importantly, effective. Bio-fertilizers & bio-pesticides along with appropriately adapted technology are the future of African farming. This innovation deserves recognition and support. All for the love of nature!

  53. It is of great pleasure to see young talented youth like you. Rural and urban developments does not depend on government alone. But talented individuals like you are called up for such innovation to courage youths. Thanks soo much for this initiative and also thanks specially for contributing in the development of our country.

  54. This is a wonderful idea!!! Not only will the farmers be getting good value for their money, they will also be preserving soil fertility.
    More grease to your elbows. 👍

  55. Its a great project and thanks for telling us that we can apply what we have learnt out to land than staying out here. With changing times I believe most farmers would profit from your endeavors

  56. Sutainability is the key to development and there is no way to kick start a smart sustainable agric environment without such an innitiative. RADI is just the right place at the right time given our depence on agriculture. KODOS!!.

  57. Hats off to you. Local solutions for local and global problems. This will help change lives and thence, change the story of the voiceless down the line. Thank you.

  58. Back in the days when we use to move around and collect cow dunk, goat dunk and folw droppings sent by our parents becuase they want to avoid the use of inorganic fertilizers becuase of unstable yields and now i think with this idea that RADI has come up with via Madame Ayena Christa through the production and use of organic fertilizer is going to go a long to help reduce the cry of the local population via increase yields via the use of this product thereby increase living standards. Thank Ayena for the wonderful ideas.

  59. Wao, this is impressive, the presentation is wonderful. The hard work that has been done is very encouraging. Very good research, hard work, dedication and nice presentation. I wish you all the best in your struggle for this project will be very beneficial to our people. God bless you in your hard work Ayena Christa

  60. As Esther Boserup said” necesecity is the mother of invention ” I so love the idea its wonderful!!!

  61. Wow I love the initiative, taking into consideration the idea of everything being BIO. Due to the degradation of our soils, the last thing we need is chemical fertilizers. I would love to promote this and aid in anyway for this project to move to greater heights.

  62. Sustainable agriculture is the only assurance to food security. Quality, quantity, affordable price! Thumbs up Ayena!

  63. I came across this proposal from the Facebook social network site. A friend of mine shared the post and I decided to read it. the moment I started reading it, it caught my attention immediately. As a mechanical engineer with a special focus on Energy, Process and Environmental engineering, who has studied in Germany and is originally from Bamenda, Cameroon, I immediately fell in love with the idea.
    One of the major crisis plaguing local farmers in Cameroon, besides rural-urban migration is the issue of chemical fertilizers, which as the proposal rightly points out “results to environmental pollution and residual toxicity to humans”. Organic alternatives that are bio-degradable have been part of the focus of my studies and I have always thought along the lines of this proposal. I, as the author of this proposal, also had the opportunity to watch my parents farm their lands from season to season. Organic manure was the standard used by my parents and that gave them the opportunity to not only yield toxic-free harvests but also to carry out sustainable agriculture on their lands over a long period of time. The eco-friendliness of the organic fertilizers they used, did not only give them chemicals-free produce but also protected the soil bio-organisms that ensured lasting sustainable agriculture.
    It is therefore such a great joy in me to see someone who is well-learned in the field and who knows the needs of the local region, pick up on this brilliant idea to foster environmentally-friendly and affordable alternatives to hazardous options that are widespread in the market, to local farmers who use them without a full understanding of the scope of the damage that is being caused.

    Thanks for the simple but smart and much-needed proposal.

    Duisburg, Germany

  64. Whao that’s great my dear.its a great initiative so that the less privilege who could not lay their hands on urra can afford this n even at a cheaper rate.more grace my dear good job

  65. Great idea. Sustainable development is enhanced through such initiatives, not only is it environmentally friendly but economical and cultural as well. Thumbs up!

  66. When we go this far we make the nation as a whole proud at least there is still something left of us. I stand with you and I say a big congrats on that Ana
    and a big hug for this to 😁

  67. In Sub-Saharan Africa where most farmers cannot afford conventional forms of fertilizer, bio-fertilzers serve as a huge alternative. The advantage of bio-fertilzer in the face of peaking global phosphorus levels makes it very important in rural Africa. I am of the hope that this initiative will be commercialized to enable more farmers have access to boost their yield. All that best.

  68. Youth “Agripreneurship” and leadership are a void that people like Christa are filling towards and emerging nation. Africa needs to stop preaching and start exploiting its rich resource base,agriculture being main sector. We support our very own and wish for progress and growth.
    Courage and may you empower more youths through your initiative.

    1. Thanks for your contribution.Alot of preaching has been done as you rightly said.It is practical time. Conservation agriculture with the use of organic fertilizer is the way forward for a sustainable agricultural future.

  69. wow I believe this is a great initiative that will help farmers boast their outputs as well as high yield crops.

  70. Agriculture being the breadbasket for our great nation Cameroon and the Central African region in general, with such initiatives more will be achieved thus increasing the employment rate and contributing largely to the GDP

    1. Thanks for your contribution.Agriculture is the backbone of our economy.And with such ideas of organic farming leading to healthy and high yields, then we are on the right path.

  71. looking at how much of our environment and ecosystems is destroyed every year due to the application of chemical fertilizers and the use of herbicides i think this is the only way foward for us all

  72. as i believe in the “school of thought” WE LIVE TO EAT… Agriculture is hence the pillar of all economic activities in the world. this initiative is therefore not only beneficial but necessary to our growth. THANK YOU

  73. Few have acquired this knowledge and come back home to invest or make an impact back home.May God continue to guide you and see you through this initiative you are materializing back home.The sky is your starting point dear

  74. Agriculture is undeniably the most important economic sector and with this innovations I believe we can only emerge a better greater and healthier nation.

    1. Thanks for your contribution.With organic farm products like super-Limax fertilizer, we can achieve healthy soils, healthy food and become healthy people.

  75. What a great initiative, we are truly in need of such developments given the environmental degradation we witness these days. Our planet is in real need sustainable projects, thumbs up

    1. Thanks for your contribution.With the level of environmental pollution from the use of chemical farm inputs, we can only encourage the use of natural products which our fore fathers used in their early days.

  76. This is a wonderful initiative and we stand behind you guys 100% in whatever way and support we can give. Our environment and our farmers needs it, all in cheap prices, great job indeed. Chemical fertiliser don’t only pollutes our environment but it pollutes our bodies too when we consume them. See how bio products are expensive here. This project deserves more that amount you mentioned. Thumps up really.

    1. You are right.At least, you can testify how expensive bio-food is in Europe.This is because of the health benefits associated with organic farm inputs.Zero-harm to the environment and our bodies.

  77. Thanks for the effort. We need people like you in Cameroon and Africa. We are sleeping in Africa and blaming our leaders. Let me ask this question to our fellow Africans? What have we done to our nation? Just keep on and God will do the rest.

    1. Thanks for your great comment.Really, we need to ask ourselves what we have done for our countries before blaming our leaders.Any effective change starts from the grassroots level before reaching the national and international level.That is why we started the project in rural areas to sensitize our farmers in their communities before going nation and international wide.The future we want is in our own hands.

    2. Exactly my point.We need our own local knowledge to solve our day to day problems. My parents were farmers and i tried to look for ways i could help not only them but smallholder farmers as well.

  78. Unbelievable!! This initiative is good and will lead to a sustantial increase in food in the world at large. We are proud of you!!

  79. After such a poised initiative i think the world has no reason to dread about food crises and plant deseases as the prob is already solved

    1. Great idea.The world has seen the benefits of these organic farm inputs.The problem now is the polices that need to encourage the utilization of these products.

  80. Climate smart future with RADI is the next big thing. The entire LCMTours team is behind you with this idea and will always be in your support always.
    We keep talking about it. Agriculture is what holds the economy.

    1. Exactly my point.That’s why the president addressed youths to go into farming. The only way that can reduce youth unemployment is sustainable agriculture.

  81. While the political future depends on people like me, agricultural future depends on great men and women like you guys. Good job and keep keeping on for Ambazonia and the world.

  82. This initiative is great and the idea itself is novel for the indicated locality. the product being BIO is environmental friendly and the product will be affordable to the local farmers thus will boost crop yield and improve the living standards for the farmers.

  83. Sustainable agriculture with zero negative effects on the soil is a perfect idea ..The agricultural sector in Cameroon and Africa as whole needs this…wonderful initiative sister.

  84. Sustainable agriculture with zero negative effects on soil is what the agricultural sector in Cameroon and Africa badly needs. Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative.

  85. RADI it is a good initiative. I am happy to see you engaging in healthy and profitable organization. keep the soil safe for future generation.

    Good luck

  86. Great Project sister wishing you the best. Agriculture is the way forward and I appreciate the fact that you are taking on this sector.

  87. Wonderful laudable initiative. This will be a break through in rural agriculture.
    Well done my child. But where do I have to vote?

  88. Am so proud of you big sis. This will be of great help to a lot of people especially in rural areas.

  89. Great!!!! I love ur project dr n am so proud of u…….Keep up de good work. We a strongly behind u

  90. you are a pride to your generation, Cameroon and the world at large. With Organic farming the world is a tree place . Keep up the good work. We are all behind you.

  91. Excellent proposal Ayena. Keep up the initiative. Keep me posted on how I can assist in Realizing this project.

  92. Wow Ayena…observing her parents use fertilizer from childhood……lovely.We need them…organic fertilizers for sustainble growth.Thumbs up lil sis.Ud get it

  93. This is a great initiative with the potential of catering to a vital need in our rural communities. Have u done studies to see how this compares to competitive products when it comes to improving percentage yield?

    1. Thanks.Yes , i have did baseline studies last year.With a plot of chemical and Super-Limax.We shall continue to do the monitoring over the years to see the impact of these fertilizers on the environment.Great contribution.

  94. I applaud your initiative Ayena. it is needless to emphasize the long term economic and environmental benefits such a project will have not only in Cameroon but Sub-Sahara Africa as a whole where food security is becoming an increasing challenge.

    1. Thanks for your contribution.Yes, we need sustainable strategies that would go a long way to increase food security in Africa, at the same time catering for the land where the food is grown.

  95. A very smart initiative to a more efficient organic agriculture. I am very impressed as to how much you have progressed and anxious on the success you have achieved so far and will still achieve. Keep the hardwork. You got our support. Great job Christa!!

  96. This sound good. I like sustainable project to safe the environment and I am very and interested in your studies. Well done

  97. Sounds great. This is very interesting and inspiration. Putting our environment first…… Well done

  98. Hi!great initiative and glad to see young people coming back home to develop the country.congrats no matter wat!!!

  99. Hi!great job and glad to see young people coming back home to develop the country.congrats no matter wat!!!

  100. I like this…actually I’ve always believed investing in agriculture is the best thing one could ever do….plus coming from a lady makes it more exciting….thumbs up…. Just keep doing your thing…certainly you’ll make it….wish you the best

  101. Absolutely stunning. Keep working hard, make Cameroonians worldwide proud. We can do something about climate change. Proud of you.

  102. Brilliant move.wish u the best.Sure this will go a long way to boom the agricultural sector in our economy..

  103. Great initiative Christa. Sounds like a project will go a long way to improve agricultural yield in an environmently friendly manner.

  104. This is a wonderful initiative that will boast the local economy and beyond.The future of agriculture in Cameroon depends on innovations like this.This project more than deserves to be sponsored.

  105. With such great initiatives Cameroonians and the agricultural sector have a right to be proud and to boost. You have our support.

  106. The sky is your limit. Keep it up. I’m proud of you and your relentless efforts. We need more like you!

  107. Great proposal indeed rural farmer need is a great step forward and Cameron needs this for it’s sustainable agriculture.

  108. Wonderful initiative Christa, put God first, you will make it in Jesus name. Please, may i know if there is an Office in Bamenda, Kumbo or Jakiri?

  109. wow nice project,Cameroon and Central Africa as whole need such project. Cameroon relies heavily on agriculture for her subsistence, there is no project better than,its wonderful

  110. Incredible initiative with a lot of potential. Would’ve been great to have real data or estimates of the output, compared to non-fertilised or even chemically fertilised crops. Great work nevertheless.

    1. Thanks very much for your support.We have collected the data and the yields from super-limax were greater than those of Urea.We have alot of demonstrations going on now.

  111. The initiative is refreshing and the effort is laudable. You have set out to build on a strong, proven and perennial concept. It must have been challenging to put all that into motion, but the excitement from it must have made up largely for that! Is the product suited for all forms and scales of farming or are we to expect more tailored variants coming soon?

  112. Very good initiative indeed, i like so much the idea. Keep going on, it has a very good futur and we need to develop while taking into consideration environmental constrains. God bless u

  113. This is the right initiative to combat the use of fertilisers which only lead to land degradation. The encroaching effects of climate change is not helping things either. I wish more farmers would embrace organic fertilisation and also big companies like Mosanto. Good luck Christa.

  114. This a beautiful and profitable initiative Yenah. I love the concept. I pray God to grant you more wisdom and establish you in this domain. The future belongs to you. God bless you.

  115. A very beautiful and profitable initiative. i love the concept and efforts you are making to improve on the yields of farmers and at the same time also improve on the soil fertility. I pray God to take you further and give you more knowledge. God bless you.

  116. Hi Yenah, Christa, this is a great initiative, hope your product will breakthrough despite the heavier taxes that always constrain young businesses, I am ready to market the product here in Uganda.

  117. Thanks for the initiative of sensitising us in Royal areas. Do you know farming is done manually only in Africa? If God can bless us with people like you in Cameroon, we will surely have mass production of agriculture in the near future.

  118. It is a good initiative. My only question is: how do you get the raw materials to produce organic fertilizers in such a large quantity?

  119. It is with great joy and happiness going through your project Christa.This is what the world needs in general and Cameroon in particular.Our environment is suppose to be well catered for.Sustainable agricultural practices is what is suppose to be implemented in this era.Iam glad u have taken a mighty and courageous step to come up with such a sound environmentally friendly project,which will go a long way to boast farmers yields and protect consumers health.
    May the sky be your limit Christa, and may the the stake holders concerned, see a great reason to facilitate this great project to move to higher heights.

  120. This is a great idea that should come to fruition and from someone so young as we need to move away from the chemical fertilisers which is destroying the environment. I think it is called crowd funding or something like that where persons donate funds to assist you in getting your project up and running and I am sure there are many persons who would donate to ensure your project gets off the ground. I am knowig for you Christa that this project will materialise and be a great success and motivate other young persons to come up with creative solutions.

  121. YAP….It’s need to all world ….great job keep it up …very good initiative….if start your business in India we will well come…

  122. Yes , it is to batter for over environment . Good effort ..I am from Pakistan . i will try my best to inform the farmer about this product . best wishes carry on

  123. YAP……………Great project .we welcome you to start this project or business in Pakistan .

  124. The world need those Agricultural practices or product which are beneficial for the health of the people ,and environmentally safe method to control the pest and increase the yield and productivity of the crop .so that way bio – organic product better than pesticide. thats way this is over responsibility to inform the former about this product and those culture method which are safe to the environment …

  125. Our country” i mean Pakistan is the Agriculture country” … 70% people of our country are farmar .. we also need those agriculture product cast effective ,less laborious, highly effective against the pest,like insects diseases, weed atc .and highly productive ,safe for the environment .

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