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YAP Proposal #40: “Meat Processing” (Anthony Ayertey, Ghana)

In my father's piggery...
In my father’s piggery…

Meat Processing – Changing Ghana’s Future

Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana’s economy, despite the challenges farmers face ensuring that the nation has enough food to feed its citizens. An article published in September 2015 stated that Ghana only produces 10% of the meat it consumes, meaning that 90% is imported.

My goal, to redress this 90% importation number whilst at the same time contributing to the national food basket, is to open and operate a meat processing facility using organically home grown livestock/poultry. It is my firm belief that in every organization, adding value to products and services to meet the market demand is the soul driver of every business, my business will be no different. Being a Ghanaian national, this need alone is motivation enough for me to realize my dream of becoming one of the biggest meat processors in Ghana.

With my experience as a farm manager for over ten years, I have decided to setup my own mixed livestock and meat processing farm which will also double as a training center to train and encourage young entrepreneurs with similar dreams.

The project will be in two phases initially starting with a piggery and processing facility followed by farming other animals such as poultry and then finally cattle.

This project is aimed at preparing and training young people who have interests in becoming “agripreneurs” but have little or no idea about raising livestock and to realize their dreams so that together with the traditional farmers, we can feed mother Ghana and export where necessary.

Livestock farming is capital intensive; therefore the need to delve into other inuring but less capital intensive sectors to support the farm are crucial. For this reason, part of the land will be used to develop a small organic vegetable farm using manure from the piggery to fertilize the crops. A portion of the manure will also be used to prepare organic compost for sale to other farmers in the area. This practice will support “greening of the environment” and also reduce the odors from the farm (environmentally friendly).

PHASE I: This will comprise the clearing of the land, building the basic structures that will house the farm hands plus the pig sty (land will be left for future expansion). I will then proceed to have talks with local restaurants, eateries and vegetable markets to make available their kitchen waste and/or unsold vegetables which will serve as feed for the pigs.

Once established, the pigs will be brought to the farm. The pigs will come from two different farms, one of which is my fathers. Through discussions, I have secured a number of Sows and a Boar.

Within one year of the pigs arriving, an assessment will be made to ascertain whether PHASE II can commence; if not, then a grace period of about six months will be allowed.

PHASE II (THE PROCESSING SECT): Even though this is the main aim of the project, the processing plant will start once we have decided that there are enough pigs to feed the processing plant.

The processing will start with a sausage and bacon maker (manufactured by Ghanaian engineering firms like GRATIS – an engineering firm located in the industrial area of Tema). Another structure will be put up and equipped with all the necessary utilities and equipment which supports the processing plant to start production. Through research, poultry and cattle will be later added to produce other types of processed meat products like canned beef, chicken etc.

I intend to use traditional marketing strategies and internet marketing platforms to market my products.

Through these traditional marketing strategies, I will have face to face discussions with local shops within the Central and Greater Accra regions of Ghana to promote and sell my products at discounted but break-even prices.

As a journalist, I will use my relationship with other people who work with the various platforms such as radio and TV stations, internet marketing firms as well as administrators of social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp and a few popular networks to advertise my products since all processed meat products I have come across are imported which supports the referenced article.

With human resource, I have friends and family who are in various industries that are directly linked to the business I aim to set-up. The farm hands will also come from the local community; that is, young people who have similar dreams and will want to learn and acquire skills and knowledge in the business.

I have been able to secure a piece of land at Twifo Praso in the Central Region of Ghana sited for the project. I have acquired a few documents on pig farming and how to make sausages and bacon.

Additionally, I will have talks with the chiefs and elders of the area to setup a fund that will be used to expand the business that will create jobs for the youth in the area (this means the community will own part of the company at a certain level). This will also create a business environment for investors to partner the company.

Estimated amount for the cost of PHASE I:
Structure 1: wooden farm house – GHC 5,000.00
Structure 2: The pig sty – GHC 6,000.00
Clearing and preparing the land: – GHC 500.00
Phase I-Total: GHC 11,500.00

Estimated amount for the cost of PHASE II:
Processing Building (incl. services): GHC 8,500.00*
Farm hand allowance for first 3 months: GHC 3,000.00**
Processing Unit: GHC TBC
PHASE II Total: GHC 11,500.00

*An allowance until funds from the vegetable farm and sale of compost or manure from the piggery become available to pay wages.
**Cost of the processing Unit is not known at this time as the companies approached had not responded before launching this proposal.

In conclusion, an approximate amount of GHC 23,000.00 (US$5,800.00) will be needed to complete PHASE I and part of PHASE II.

WP_20160225_001My name is Anthony Ayertey, 30 years old and a Ghanaian national. I hold a diploma in Journalism and a certificate in Data Journalism and Visualization.

I have worked for and managed SINA FARMS; a mixed livestock farm owned by my father who has been in the business for more than thirty-five years.

I also have a keen interest in research and development.

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36 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #40: “Meat Processing” (Anthony Ayertey, Ghana)”

  1. Well done my brother am really happy to see you in this kind of project keep up doing a good job. Is it possible to brief me more if we can do it together

    1. Yes K.Fosu… The project is all improving agriculture and I have always had a dream to become one of the biggest meat processors in Ghana and Africa.
      So this project iis just a start up opportunity that YAP through #GCARD3 has given to young entrepreneurs! So your partnership is welcome.

  2. Great! I think u should push this proposal harder, Our National executives in Agriculture must read this, Don’t be bothered by those who will turn your lights down, some may like it others may not, its a great piece which should be welcomed. Well-done…

    1. I will my brother… I’m outing other things together to forward it to the Ghanaian government agencies for further assistance…. Thank you!

  3. This is completely an incredible idea. My brother, the future that I see for for this project unimaginable. All development conscious persons must support it to make it a reality.

  4. This is a fantastic project for Ghana and the central region ,this idea will encourage the youth to engage in farming as part time business and to get involve in econpmic development of the community. weldone Anthony you are an agent of change.

      1. Very impressive dear. This is completely an incredible idea Tony. I tink u should push dis proposal harder,coz its a grt piece which should be welcumed. well done honey.

  5. Very interesting n mind catching write up. Am excited by the depth of infomation it gives. Do keep it up n keep the info’s coming will look forward to them n possibly partner with u in the nearest future on something relating to ur write up. Thanks.

  6. Is good to know we still have some of the youth in our country who wants to enter into agriculture

  7. Very impressive dear. This is completely an incredible idea Tony. I tink u should push dis proposal harder, cos its a grt piece which should be welcumed. Well – done honey

    1. Thanks Larmi…. I’m making moves to get the government involved in this, and maybe partner or sponsor and promote the YAP next season!

  8. This is a great initiative… i am totally for it….. I will schedule a meeting with you to discuss more about this.
    Getting other small farmers around will also help with de production.
    By this we are certain to affect de livea of others.
    Thumbs up bro.

  9. These are the people WHO/UNICEF should assist to embark on projects across Africa, Am really amazed at your work. KEEP IT UP AND DON’T LET THE DREAMS DIE………………….GOD BLESS U MA BROTHER

    1. Bless you too Eric… And thanks for your support and prayers! I will definitely make sure that this project becomes a success!

  10. well yayo it me ur mate kwesi Eku ,south Africa .I never thought u have such lounderable idea , in fact u have open my mind on livestock and will implement dat when I come to Ghana ,moreover,consult u for more filas as my master mind. Jah bless bro

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