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YAP Proposal #33: “Agricultural Information and Product Outlet/Shop” (Peter S. Ngoma, South Africa)

Top Right: Shop demonstration; Bottom Right: Peter Ngoma conducting training; Left Pic: Group of young farmers trained
Top Right: Shop demonstration; Bottom Right: Peter Ngoma conducting training; Left Pic: Group of young farmers trained

Who am I?
peter 2I am Peter S. Ngoma, a passionate 28 years old agricultural Research Assistant in South Africa. I have been a research assistant for over 3 and half years and previously I worked as a junior soil fertility specialist in the commercial sector of the South African Agricultural Industry.

Having grown up in rural areas of the Mpumalanga Province in South Africa, I developed passion for agriculture at a young age. But then I realized that the farming businesses of a majority of Small Holder Farmers (including my late father) were failing and closing down. As a result, these farmers abandoned acres and acres of land and either moved out, or just find jobs in the cities and use farms as a mere residential place.

I, therefore, wanted to start a business that could address this challenge. Hence, I persued tertiary education in Agriculture and obtained my National Diploma of Crop Production in the year 2008.

Brief Market Overview
The Agricultural Industry of South Africa can be divided into 3, namely Commercial Farming, Emerging/Small-holder Commercial Farming, as well as Subsistance growers.

Commercial farmers are responsible for the production of about 90% of locally produced agricultural produce, while Small Holder Farmers account to a major part of the 10% production. Subsistane farmers are mainly home garden growers and they grow crops for home consumption.

Government programs such as the Land Restitution, Masibuyele Emasini (Let’s go back to farming), and others have resulted in an increased number of small holder farmers and this number continues to grow very fast. For that reason, I believe any company that rolls out strategies to capture this growing market has a great future.

The Emerging/Small-Holder farmers and subsistent farmers find themselves being unprofitable in their businesses. This is because of the lack of knowledge and skills, a gap between these farmers and institutions of innovation/research, as well as lack of agricultural services and products that are specifically developed to suit this market. The dynamics of the market of Small-Holder farmers are different from those of commercial farmers. Meaning, services and products must be carefully designed to suit this market for optimum profits. This is probably the reason why big institutions are reluctant to tap into this market.

My Business
I am therefore planning to start an Agricultural Information and Product Outlet/Shop that will cater for the needs of Small Holder farmers and Subsistent Home garden growers.
My business will sell agricultural production inputs, household pesticides, basic agricultural tools, and also offer services like on-farm consultations, workshops, seminars, and other information days.

With the guidance of Moment Business Consultants, I have done an extensive market research and compiled a very convincing business plan that proves that my business will be financially viable from the beginning.

The first step of starting my business was to conduct market research and compile a business plan which costed me over US$1500 to complete. Now I need to raise capital, acquire resources like shop furniture, get stock, prepare for the launch, finalize the date, invite farmers’ unions and individual farmers. Finally, launch and open the shop.

The success of my business will be measured by sales made, reaching of sales targets, conversion of supplier-client relationship into sales, growth in sales, as well as the impact of our products and services to the customers’ farming businesses.

How the grant will be spent
The US$5000 would be a massive boost for the successful establishment of my business. US$800 for shop furniture; US$230 for cashier machine; US$2100 for stock; US$350 marketing & promotions; US$360 for rent; US$550 for building upgrading.

There may be slight increases of cost prices for some of the items, but we are not expecting the increases to be above 10%, hence the remaining US$610 will be reserved for any unexpected price increases.

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63 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #33: “Agricultural Information and Product Outlet/Shop” (Peter S. Ngoma, South Africa)”

  1. Its a good thing that a person like be involved in agriculture and help people who don’t know how to maintain their farms. Especialy where I live we give easy when we don’t see plants. I believe you’ll come and assist us.

    1. Thank you very much Mailula. This business is meant to change the whole Agricultural Industry of South Africa & touch lives of everyone in the rural communities, especially those involved in agriculture…. Please do share my article/proposal on your social media accounts:-)

  2. Good initiative Peter your business will alleviate poverty and will also improve social and economic welfare of individual…big up

    1. Absolutely Poppy… Government Programs alone can never succeed in addressing Socio-Economic issues of any country. Hence the private sector should come on board with products and services that will support government objectives

  3. Yes indeed bro (Nehemia), I mentioned Moment Business Consultants in this proposal, but didn’t mention that you also had a great input when I was making Organizational and Operational Structures of the business plan. Thanks for your support

  4. sounds like a good initiative that can help existing and aspiring farmers in our area. with support structures like these we could have more entrepreneurs in the field of farming in the coming years

    1. Precisely my sister. Rural areas of South Africa have land as their biggest resource. Should they manage to utilize this great resource, Poverty will be history

  5. Hope those people are preg with information n they can’t wait to put in practice,cause u love wat u doing am wishing u all the best

    1. Yes Richard… it is one thing to know, and another to implement. This is the reason why with this new business, we’ll offer on-farm consultations, farmer mentorship, production plans & budgets, etc. All these services are meant to assist the farmer implement what he’s learnt… We are taking it further than a mere in-class training or just selling products

    1. Thanks a lot Callinah. If business-minded people will settle for a comfort zone of a job and not start businesses, we might as well forget about the creation of job opportunities

      1. Oh yes Ucho, prayers are highly appreciated too because “where He opens, no man can shut… Where He shuts, no man can open”

    1. That’s true Keron and with products supplied and backed up by such after-sales-services, the success of clients is almost guaranteed. Thank you

  6. Wow…One can tell how passionate you are with agriculture which is one if the most crucial recquirements for a business to really make it. Am proud of you and wishing you all the best on your entry. South Africa need more people like you, not just employees but employees working to empower unemployed n illiterate people out there with resources. All the best.

  7. I have seen farmers fail in rural arrears and with this kind of assistance I am certain that the will be a huge difference. Small farmers might even go big

    1. job opportunities, job opportunities, job opportunities… that’s what is needed most in South Africa. thanks Mpendulo

  8. Vukusenzele young lion taking initiative torwards socio economic development. Your in line with NDP vision 2030.

  9. This might be a good project to get involved in. The bit of the market research mentioned above is like I experience it in practice

    1. I’m glad you find this to be interesting Riaan, The involvement of people like you can only make the business stronger. You can contact me via email if you want me to pitch the whole idea and plan to you. Thank you

    1. Oh Yes Dr Bac… I believe 100% food security is 50% health security. The biggest resource that rural communities have is agricultural land. Should this resource be used correctly, poverty and hunger will be history

  10. Yes Riaan, partnering with like-minded people, organizations & companies can only make the business stronger. Hence, you are welcome to get involved. I would like to know in what way do you want to get involved. you can contact me on my email

    1. I’m quite sure it is inspiring to farmers indeed. The Ultimate goal is to turn farms into food production firms

  11. Way to go big guy,we need more young people like you to inspire and make farming fashionable amongst the youth of Africa

  12. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER……………….wish you Mr Peter all the best

  13. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER…………………………………….Mr Peter

  14. I bless your business man, I blv God will make it prosperous. The little period i worked with you, i realised that the country needs people like you for this field. Knowledge is power we need it, we grew up only fertilising our gardens with cow manure but now its not working for me. We need consultants and specialist to rescue us.

    1. Absolutely Mr Mabhena, this business will change the whole agricultural Industry of South Africa

  15. Siyathokoza, for taking your precious time and trying to rescue our communities against poverty and lack of knowledge about agriculture wish you can get need funds for this project so that it can become a reality and sustainable through the country.

    1. Pleasure Sipho, rural communities have agricultural land as their greatest assert/resource. If this resource can be utilized properly, poverty, hunger and unemployment will be history.

  16. It’s a great initiative, this great work should be considered, our land is our greatest assert, this is how poverty could be eradicated, teaching people to feed themselves is way better than feeding the people, really like the idea.

  17. All the best man, God has indeed established young people to help over come unemployment and poverty!!! #Proud of you

  18. All the best with your project. You are an inspiration to many including myself . Your initiative is indeed for worthy cause..I would like to meet you someday and perhaps work with you . #Be the blessing you are destined to be.!

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