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YAP Proposal #32: “Integrated Farming of Tomato Trees and Banana” (Hubert Hirwa, Rwanda)

On my farm
On the farm, composting my tea

’Organic farming is holistic system everything we do is connected and carefully planned so we remain sustainable economically and environmentally.’’

My name is Hubert HIRWA. I am 26 years old. I was born in a family that lives from agricultural income in Rwanda and my mother is an Irish potatoes farmer.

I was inspired by her as she is very courageous. I have graduated in University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Soil Sciences and Environment Management. I am District Environment Facilitator in Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA). I am student in Masters of Environment and Development Studies (MEDS) with specialization in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Management in University of Lay Adventists of Kigali (UNILAK).

After participating in many trainings like Rwanda Entrepreneurial Mindset by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in collaboration with Grow Movement; I started thinking out of box where I find many opportunities in my mind. With purpose of valorize what I have studied in Agriculture with innovational spirit; I discovered TWEZE liquid organic fertilizer where I use compost materials by diluting them and get black liquid which is used as fertilizer and it has the ability to suppress several foliar diseases as well as seed and root rot. It influences the increase of tomato trees (Solanum betaceum) seed quality and yield. I want to implement the project called ’’Integrated farming system of Tomato trees and banana with Tweze liquid organic fertilizer to maximize the profit.’ in our village of Kinoni/Ntaruka.

Tomato trees
Tomato trees

In Africa especially in Rwanda, the accessibility of compost to farmers and on agricultural markets is low compared to chemical fertilizers. The idea of our project refers to the fact that Tweze (liquid organic compost) is a form of compost which is easy to be accessible to the market and therefore can reduce the environmental destruction by agricultural inputs, as well as improving the soil fertility.

As my knowledge in organic agriculture increases the yield increases, the safer the product. The situation is good where I use to teach small kids nursery preparation and care activities in order to transform their mind with the spirit of initiating the Green Economy concepts using organic matter. I effort to be very conscious of my role as a good agricultural advisor by promoting the use of organic fertilizer.

Care, however, has been also given in creation of job for the people around the project where I use daily sixteen (16) women, one agronomist and other smallholder farmers. Many hardworking women and men come to me to buy tomato trees seedlings, to get advisor, to learn how to use organic fertilizer.

I am very motivated and excited in doing agriculture. My target is to promote sustainable agriculture by mitigating climate change effects. Previously, I taught and trained one of the young farmer who cultivates the tomato tree. The yield increases at 86% of the normal. One tree rises the yield of 14 to 20kg/tree.’’ Tweze is very productive and it improves my livelihood; now there is no malnutrition disease in my house’’ said Gahungu Theoneste.

I will use the direct sales to customers, inventory and transportation. The target customers for this product are smallholder farmers, cooperatives, agricultural enterprises, shop owners and Agrotechs. The product will be selled using negotiation methods, Mobile money, e-commerce using the under creation website.

Project budget line items

  • Buying compost and mulching materials: $1200
  • Improved varieties of banana (Fia 17 and 25): $800
  • Paying 16 man-powers in 6 months: $1000
  • Construction of tomato trees nurseries and buying materials (hoes, pumps and on) to use the farm: $500
  • Transportation costs from the farm: $1000

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588 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #32: “Integrated Farming of Tomato Trees and Banana” (Hubert Hirwa, Rwanda)”

  1. This project is of crucial importance in terms of environment protection, climate change effects mitigation, as well as productivity increase thus achieving on sustainable development

    1. uuuuuuu,I am so excited with this project! Your project will facilitate the management of the Environment in this world.Big up,that’s great!

  2. This project is perfect it will improve environment management by reducing amount of chemicals used as fertilizers and increasing use of organic ones.

    courage Bro.

    1. Hello Odette! This is the way i am using to reduce chemical fertilizers use. As environmentalists, this is one way that can help our world to achieve it. Thank you for your support.

    1. Halo Dagobert! This fertilizer has two main use: To be use as foliar fertilizer and by putting it on the plant. You can use a pulveriser to spray on the plant. This can be used when at germination time in order to fasten the growth. I like this question.

  3. The project is a great innovation in agriculture. It can be a good step towards reducing use of mineral fertilisers to go more organic. It is also a climate smart agriculture innivation that could be upscaled.

    1. Hello Prof. You taught me how to manage the environment in Silviculture, Forestry and Agroforestry module. Now, i take decision of working in natural resources and good product which is friendly to environment. I want to reduce the use of those chemical because they cause soil pollution at large scale. This is one of the methods that i want to adopt in order to mitigate climate change effects.

  4. bro aka kantu ni keza cyane.

    keep your career under your responsibilities, you will achieve more and more. so is this link be gotten for some one who want additional knowlegde or it works with some one with the project in implementation.

    1. Hello Fred! I have many improvement that i will put in this project such as construction of a small plant where this TWEZE will be packed and labelled, not only that but i will extend the areas that i am using and plant more tomato trees, then in this project i will buy other improved varieties such as Fia 17 and 25. Thank you!

  5. organic farming works with nature than against it. it uses techniques that improve natural environment rather than harm it or pepole working in it.

    keep on your career, it will works and achieve more and more.

    wish u success

  6. Dear Hubert this project is really important as far as sustainable development is concerned. Keep it up.

  7. That’s greater let’s make our environment sustainable by producing healthy products. big up

  8. It’s very reassuring to know that there are people like you who are still searching for solution to improve the agriculture and agricultural values of African. Keep it up

    1. Hello Mwizerwa! I will never stop searching the solution for our agriculture. I have other many projects related to agriculture research. next this i will implement others. Thank you very much!

    1. Hirwa! How long does this project take you. I want to be one of the volunteer in your project. The problem is to meet you because I see that everyday you are busy with your job and farming activities. the idea is good.

  9. Try to improve it by using agricultural extension systems. It may be more efficient. Moreover, this project will play an important role in fighting against malnutrition diseases in AFRICA especially in Rwanda.

  10. This plant” tomato trees” is not cultivated at big extent in Rwanda, we need to rise up its yield by doing organic farming system.

  11. As Tweze is a liquid extract of compost that contains plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms. It helps to increase tomato trees yield and make its fruits more healthy.

  12. The use of Tweze organic liquid fertilizer is a solution to country’s agriculture so it helps to feed our soil and grow stronger, healthier plants.

  13. This project is well harmonized you can improve it and look for all necessities to make it more profitable. This is a good innovational and creative facts to achieve our sustainable development in present and the future. Good!

  14. The is good and it make more sustainable our natural resources and Nitrogen materials are fresh or green, such as grass clippings and kitchen scraps. you may use them by constructing your composters

  15. Your idea is great! It is environment friendly as it will increase the production of solanum betaceum.
    Well done. Hope we will achieve it sustainably.

    1. Hallo Adrolatha! firstly, i want to thank you for your greater contribution and support to this project.My aim and target is to achieve sustainable development through agriculture development by starting in my natal village.

  16. The way you are innavating is good. The situation is good where you use small kids nursery preparation care activities in order to transform their mind with the spirit of initiating the Green Economy concepts using organic matter.

  17. Let s support it. It is very crucial and important project for our smallholder farmers as the compost is accessible, the Tweze will be available to all. Then we achieve the sustainable environment

  18. I really appreciate this project firstly the way you using our natural resources, secondly, your innovation and creativity,.Thank your for your support.

    1. Bonjour Oboubé! Je repliquerais ce project sur une grande surface après avoir recu ce fond. Pourtant, ce project est entrain d’ etre execute sur une petite etendue. Je pense que la suite va etre bon.

  19. Wow! How this can come to our continent Africa, You are a Researcher now i believe that you will help our Young Agriculture professionals. Congz!

  20. Aweeee! Our world need people like you! Good agronomist and leader you will guide the world to achieve the sustainable development (SD in 2030).

  21. Hubert! I appreciate the way you re creating jobs and improving our agriculture. It is a promising project to our present and future generation. I want to be your member! Thank you!

  22. At your age! you re are one of Rwanda pivotal for the future of agriculture and the world’s food security.

  23. Keep it up! i know you choose a good farming system because the tomato trees are well cared when they are in banana plantation. Woooooow!

  24. I see you understand the agriculture. Try to help other young farmers to innovate and create more opportunities this will reduce the hunger then we achieve our goal!

  25. I like the way your Mother encourages you! I know you will achieve your goals. May God helps you! Bravo!

  26. Good leaders guide people in achieving their task. I believe that if you develop well your project the World our country and your Village will benefit more. Luck luck!

  27. Well! I know your hardworking when you are on field! Think you have been inspired by your Job. Proudly Rwandan in Agriculture! Good luck. Uuuuuhhhhh!

  28. You re one of Agricultural Researcher i ever meet. Our Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources need people like you.

  29. Well done! Make it sustainable for the development. The impact is very visible. Try to work with smallholder farmers then teach them how to construct good composters so that you can find the compost easily.

  30. Thank you very much colleague! your work is really scientific and furthermore it is contributing toward achieving sustainable and environmental-friendly agriculture through reduction in use of mineral inputs which most of the time end up in causing soil acidity and pollution of underground water. This project is in our country’s perspective to promote organically produced crops.

    Keep this spirit up and hopefully success is in your way!

  31. Great idea brother! keep it up,
    I hope u will be teaching those farmers around you how to make that organic fertiliser.

  32. A vote of thanks to your initiative & dream Hirwa! Pliz, make your dream come true by fetching more skills from different practitioners! Yes u can achieve!!! Keep it up!

  33. This Proposal is the most important, it stands for fighting malnutrition, provide a sustainable Agriculture,easy getting fertilizer and profit maximization! To support the project is crucial important

  34. Keep up… Please never give up on this.
    I like seeing Rwandan youth innovating. You are very wise man of the future. I wish you proceed until you become a Minister in your career as I can see you must me able to do more.

  35. Never give up my colleague! Congratulations! Your project will enhance sustainable developmen

  36. Good Practices! Our ECOBANK needs to support people like you. I hope we will be for a conversation on how you can implement it!

  37. This a potential project ,and have a great impact on biodiversity conservation ,End hunger,and poverty reduction through wisely agroecological friendly technique’s

  38. It’s nice to have so excellent ideas from a young man like you. Your contribution towards the agriculture sector will benefit many of us. Keep it up.

  39. Organic agriculture has always brought a solution to problem effects generated by the current use of chemicals. It still needs further discoveries to guarantee sustainable agricultural production and food security. This project deserves to be taken into account, supported and financed for implementation since it brings new possibility to mitigate the high rated impact of chemical fertilizers on soil and environment degradation.
    Much support!

  40. Congz! Great job! You really know Agriculture. The change we need concerns all domains and I have seen that your project has many impacts on our society our environment and economy. Merci!

  41. This is a very nice project. Undoubtedly, it could contribute much more to agriculture promotion through the use low costly and environment friendly as well as easily accessible organic fertilizer. It is also a good project toward sustainable agriculture as well as a contribution to sustainable development.

  42. Friendly environment project! Hahah you re real Environmentalist and Conservatist that why Rwanda Environmental Management (REMA) hired you!

  43. This is great……inspiring
    The project is really good the that it can change people’s life and protect the environment. …..wish you the best

  44. Great work Mr Hubert! As your home country is still developing where exploitation of land employs the high number of population.Environmentally speaking your project will not only have a positive impact on neighboring communities but also on Rwandan Society in general.
    Hope a best ahead!!

  45. This is one of the most vibrant project towards a significant sustainable agriculture in the history!!! Keep it up to think green, let’s the sky be the limit.

  46. How can I join this project? I like the way you re expressing your idea as you re showing the importance of your Mother in your Development.

  47. Come on My friend! I will show you how regularise some issue. Did you plan how to construct the plant for Tweze organic fertilizer?

  48. Thank you very much for providing us with a such home grown solution.
    I really appreciate your contribution to organic agriculture which increases both the production and its quality while replenishing the soil quality.
    This provides hope for future generations.


  49. Will you use e-commerce? My proposition is to see you also in agriculture online! Much support to you Classmate.

  50. Excellent one! Did you test it in plant laboratory!? If you want to do it I can direct you to some important persons that can help you

  51. Good and excellent idea. I remember when we was together in a meeting. You proposed me how to promote the compost that is your good and favorable opportunity. Wish you good luck. You deserve it.

  52. Félicitation et courage ! Very fruitful project. The organic agriculture is one of SDGs pillar. The community will benefit more as you will produce healthy and good quality product! Many supports to this kind of project.

  53. Dear HIRWA,your projecy is very vibrant,your TWEZE fertilizer will help our destroyed soil,never again malnutrition in our region.stand up&goodluck!

  54. Good Job! The more you struggle the more you gain more now you re combatting against malnutrition and eradicating hunger and poverty. Keep it up!

  55. You think like you re Agriculture&Natural Resources Management Officer. The Environmentalist. Tu maîtrises ceux que tu as étudié. well!

  56. Health, Safety and Environment
    We promote safety and environmental protection in the use of our products. We are mindful of the health of our employees and customers in the handling storage, transportation and use of our products. Come and join us.

  57. This project is so interesting, keep it up,do many possible researches,keep it up and you will achieve more


  58. Good work! We can share your innovative agricultural research. If you are interested! Contact us!

  59. Good research idea. Try to do a publication on it. Springer will help you to finalize your publication. Hope you will do it! Much efforts !

  60. We need to promote sustainable agriculture through organic farming. You re in right way to achieve it! We need your address for more information

  61. Hello Hubert, i see this project is of paramount importance to us as Rwandans. Keep up the good work!!

  62. Try to find many funding agency related to agriculture. Hope you will gain more profit on your project and impact people around the

  63. Keep it up the sustainable Agro_Food Chain in Our World even in Rwanda our land may be very organically productive. THANK!

  64. As 2 billion people are suffering from hidden hunger, innovative ideas are required in order to be able to fight this global challenge. Try to promote your product Tweze I realize that it will play a greater importance in combating against malnutritional diseases.

  65. Compost is one of major for of agricultural inputs that is more preferable for rural farmers. Senzitize it! Good job!

  66. We could provide your some mentoring support. We promote fertilizer but the organic ones. Thank you for your initiative. You deserve the prize!

  67. Well done! We hope you will harmonize it as usually. I know you know how to take responsibilities and duties.

  68. very good project which will help in achieving sustainable agriculture. Courage classmate!

  69. wow, this is interesting Dear Hirwa! we must promote and support organic fertilizers use. It sounds to be a good contribution! keep it up!

  70. Congratulations! Your ultimate project is well structured. In fact, it has many positif impacts to the society. Keep on implementing it.

  71. Well do this project is promise the agriculture transformation in Rwanda I wish it could be put in action thus it can increase the income of most of small farmers in Africa

  72. Big up! Integrated farming of banana and tomato trees is good agricultural practice. It replenishes the soil. Well done

  73. Big up man! Keep that enterprising clue in innovating for economic development and poverty reduction. I really support you very much.

  74. We highly appreciate this Very good project that will contribute to achieve sustainable development through economical, environmental and social development.

  75. Big up and continue in promoting sustainable agriculture that leads to food and environment safety!

  76. we highly appreciate this project, we really need to promote organic farming through research based innovations and this project will make our agriculture more sustainable as it rely on economical, environmental and social key pillars. keep it up HIRWA. we expect much from this innovation !.

  77. Organic agriculture is one of the key pillar of sustainable development. Work hard to achieve it.

  78. Try to do more associated projects. I know your farming system will be more successful.
    Well prepared and planned!

  79. I appreciate this project I think as far as food security is concerned this project will help in its attainment!!keep it up

  80. this is an important proposal.which can change living condition of population if it can be for me i can help this project

  81. We want to see your Business Plan (BP) so we can see the viability and the sustainability of your project so that we can sponsor you. The idea is good and special. We like it!

  82. Big up man, I like the idea of organic agriculture despite that I have very little knowledge about it. Keep informing us, and keep it up

  83. Good Agricultural practices (GAP). U studied and mastered what you have studied in soil and environmental management. Gd luck.

  84. Soil conservationists the prevention of soil from erosion or reduced fertility caused by overuse and on. What is interesting to me is the way you re planning to mulch. Good

  85. This product is the solution to homegardens. The pollution will be reduced at a large scale. Congz!

  86. Compost increases moisture infiltration and permeability, reducing bulk density in heavy soils while also improving the moisture holding capacity of light soils. Good idea!

  87. Enhancing the biodiversity at business site. Biotic aspects of business site environments flora and fauna. Good concept!

  88. UNDERSTANDABLE CONCEPT. Better to know the ratio of all nutrients that are present in this bio-fertilizer.

  89. Never give up! Your project is so interesting. we need organic agriculture to increase the number of healthy and safe products.

  90. Great work Mr Hubert! We re together. We will always support so that your dreams can come true. Continue in this way. Good job.

  91. Gongz! Good innovation and initiative. Lets support you . Your project has more contribution to the environment management and conservation. Keep it in good way. Try to manage it well.

  92. Keep on sensitizing your idea. Communication is important in all business. You are in a ryt way to development.

  93. Good idea! Revise well your market. then you will see how all the things are done. Try to consult researchers, experts in soil fertility. Everything here is good with your fertilizer.

  94. You are right. Good idea goes with good results. This is a new product for our country and world. Thank you! Wish success!

  95. Very interesting project. Here in this world especially in our country many people live on the agricultural income. Your project is one of the main point and the focal one that the word need to make it sustainable.

  96. the biggest project. best to develop agriculture in Rwanda. combine the banana and plume are the first agri technologies needed night skills . go on our project is inspired for other fruits. I appreciate it. tx

  97. Congratulations Mr Hubert!!! Your proposal is tackling real issues as it would contribute to a sustained environmental preservation and improved agricultural productivity as well as in job creation. I hope you are going to secure the financial support to implement it.

  98. I have a dream that one day you will be a Minister of Agriculture because of your hardworking. I can imagine how you discover this idea. Plz! you re marketing yourself. That’s greater.

  99. Great idea! Work hard to achieve it! Avec Dieu et nos efforts le future t’ appartient. Agriculture is a good and amazing science. Thanks. We support you!

  100. Bio fertilizer is is a substance which contains living microorganisms which, when applied to seeds, plant surfaces, or soil, colonizes the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant.
    Keep on start and sustain this business!

  101. Felicitation mon cher frere. Soon Malawi will adopt that,its now high time that the youth should be on forefront in discovering. Keep it up aise. Satana achite manyazi

  102. The project is important for all people because anyone can live without eating. Great Hirwa!

  103. Well done! The topic itself is good. I like. The way it is harmonized. Keep on developing all issues.

  104. HUBERT ! I was thinking how to do the organic agriculture. Now I see that you come with more solutions for us. Great job!

  105. Great job! In the past days the organic agriculture was neglected. Now it is up time to demonstrate your theories. Go ahead!

  106. wouw this is interesting , this project will benefit every one actively or passively . I like the way you got inspiration from your mother bcz that is strong encouragement. as longer as i know u ,you will make it.keep your hard working spirit and thank you for the idea , wish u good.

  107. Hirwa! You have a good idea. The compost raw materials are accessible to all farmers what you can do is to sensitize, teach, mobilizing and on the farmers then you implement it! We are here to support you and give you some advises. Bright idea. Wowww

  108. Very good idea. Your biofertilizer is needed around the world. Keep it up and promote the use of biofertilizer. Bien!

  109. Hirwa! Tres interessant. Tu as une bon idee. Nous sommes ensemble et nous allons te supporter. Courage.

  110. What a transfer of knowledge!!This is the real inheritance
    From mother-to-son…..I have known this family for the last 10 years or more the mother has been influential in her community through potato production, am sure since the other is getting old and she is declining in terms of the body energy, but the farming legacy is going to be taken over by the son..what a farming family this is…this project is worthy it and deserves the support for the good of Rwandan farmers and the community at large. ….Thumbs up for this project.

  111. OMG! what a great project! i think at your age you are one among young professionals who will achieve great things. with this project if implemented successfully we will get an organic fertilizer that will help farmers get a good production while sustaining environment, go high brother.

  112. This is a very interesting idea my brother, I support it because the country like rwanda which 70% of the population are farmers, now it is a time to think how we can increase agriculture production using an organic fertilizers

  113. Bravo My Friend! you are so skilled I know you. Your project is very crucial. take your time to monitor and manage it well. keep it up!

  114. This is one of the great projet , The Gouvernement should enhance! We need to minimise soil loss, to increase productivity for food security and for job creativity. Never give up.

  115. I remember when your mother was in its farms. Sit with her , she is very courageous. She likes agriculture with livestock such as pigs, chickens, cows and goats. Good example!

  116. You are one of the Youth that inspire me. I encourage you to continue in this way. The way you are doing your business is appreciable to all the world. Keep on promoting and improving the organic agriculture in all sides of the world. Bright idea! Be good !

  117. Hirwa! This is a very good innovation in our agriculture, I like your ideas. You are so committed and passionate to agriculture. The project sounds well. Bien et bon courage Hirwa!

  118. I like the concept of fighting malnutritional diseases and job creation in youth. Our generation needs people like you. Much success. Well HIRWA!

  119. Yesss HIRWA! Rwanda want to promote Agripreneurs. I think you are in one of them. So keep it up you will see in five years. The impact is good for the society in Rwanda.

  120. Sinzaru HIHU! let us move to good agricultural technology and products. At the market there is a shortage of such kind of products(Biofertilizer with both purpose).

  121. We want to work with you how can I meet you? I have notions in biofertilizer we can share more things. Thank you Hirwa!

  122. Cool! My research is concerning the use of agricultural input. We can test your product then we will share the results to our Seniors. I think this can be so helpful for you.

  123. The project is well managed I know in your village, your a model to many people around the world. @Hirwa Hubert we will support your ideas.

  124. I like where the yield increases at 86% why no at 96%. We hope it l be that. Anyway, you re in good way!

  125. try to communicate the idea using all domain name related to agriculture this can be more helpful for you and community. Courage HIRWA.

  126. Environmentally soundings your project will not only have a positive impact on neighboring communities but also on Rwandan Society whom their 80% of income is agriculture. Good

  127. Great mind discuss ideas. This is one of the best projet we need nowadays. Bio fertilizer for not only minimising soil losses but also for maximum profits. Never give up . You are the one solve food security problem.

  128. Hirwa! You are the most wanted people in agriculture. Thank you for your contribution to our agriculture. Best practices.

  129. The solution is in us. Step by step we will ensure the sustainable development in agriculture.

  130. Big deal ! You are talented. You give us hope that the young agriculturists are mastering what they studied. Keep it up. And fight against the maulnutrion in the world.

  131. Hirwa! could you show us your business plan so that we can see how you can generate an income in a viable and sustainable way? Anyway the idea is good. Go ahead.

  132. Well Hubert! You merit it. You can use also other types of materials such as shrubs they rich in Nitrogen. Bright idea.

  133. Good luck. You deserves all the best. Your project is good. I like the way you are managing it!

  134. Achieving agriculture-led food security through knowledge sharing is good. Good job Hubert.

  135. Bien Hubert! The good thing rises up. You are motivated by your mother. I like the way you struggle for this.

  136. I take into consideration all of your advises you are giving to me. I like the way you appreciate the project. No farming no food! I invite everyone who want to contribute to this idea to contact me on my whatsup number (+250) 783207153 or on my email:
    Thank you. Love u so much!

  137. excellent idea HIHU! There are many good ideas but difficult to implement. Yours is good and I have seen that you re going in good way so keep it up. many supports. This is one of the best and convincing ideas. good luck My friend!

  138. This project is perfect and fair, it will improve and ensure environmental management by reducing amount of chemicals used and promote the increase of organic matter. Bravo et bon courage HIRWA.

  139. Yes HIRWA! I really support this project. It is one of the best in this world of agricultural development. Your product Tweze can be use in irrigation or in large scale irrigation. Keep on ameliorating it.

  140. Hirwa! keep your career under your responsibilities and duties, you will achieve more and more by making a socioeconomic impacts to all Rwandans and yourself. Big up!

  141. This is very good project,it support small farmers and environment management by using organic fertilizers.Courage bro!

  142. This proposal is tackling real issues as it would surely be contributive to a sustained dvlpt and improved agricultural productivity. Big up! I hope u will get financial support to scale up your project!!!!

  143. Good project Hirwa,
    Each country need a defined cultivation systems to enhance its food productions in order to strenghen their food security. For your project, the Integrated farming system is among what farmers need currently to maximize the profit of thier called small land.

    Courage Hirwa

  144. Demonstration is one the major key to master what you have studied in university studies. I noted that you are continuing your studies in environmental economics and natural resources management. Ok, good this can be a good and consistent research to our world. Thank you Hirwa.

  145. That’s very exciting. Your product is worthy and has good quality in term of its use. Let us promote the organic agriculture and valorize what we have studied. Courage HIRWA!

  146. Merci Frere! Fantastic and super idea. There is a need of upgrading the project only. This requires you to do a deep research on it then you comprehend how it can be sustained.

  147. Hubert! Work hard again and again. This is the good idea. I like where you have been motivated by your Mother. Go ahead and good luck!!!!!!

  148. Hubert! My advice is this: ‘’ As far as the sustainable development is concerned, agriculture must be promote at great extent in manageable, controllable and emphasize on planning.’’ Your project is one solution in Pomology and in fighting against malnutrition diseases and environmental issues caused by the climate changes.

  149. Good work HIRWA! You make step forward to organic agriculture and I see that your new agricultural brand is coming soon. Well My Friend. You deserve all the best.

  150. Much supports to you. Your Mother is very courageous, follow her you will achieve more. She likes Banana plantation and you come with good ideas of TWEZE and plum cultivation. Work together you will see how the future will be.

  151. I know you don’t sleep because you struggled for agriculture. Our country will be the one to benefit to your product. Thank you Hubert. Start small and grow big (HANGA UMURIMO).

  152. Very interesting! Is this possible to replicate the project in many areas in order to assess its viability? Continue HIRWA.

  153. Brilliant idea. This is very interesting one. The concept is upright. Go ahead much Respect. The impact is visible to our rural farmers. Sixteen persons are generating the income from your project. That’s not easy thing that everyone can do. Courage. Everything will go well. I Hope you will continue your hardworking mood.

  154. Congratulations! You will be one of the important contributor in agricultural development. The world needs people like you. Our Rwandan soils is suffering from the effect of acidity. Furthermore, the product you re promoting will correct this problem.

  155. You merit what you have studied. You can be a policymaker. Our Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) or MINIRENA must look for you. You’re a good technician and innovator. Great Job.

  156. Your project is environmental friendly agriculture. I appreciate all the idea behind. Just try to find the greater and large land to fit into crop intensification programme.

  157. Great work. We support you. All the best to you Classmate. This project has a good vision and mission that fit in Sustainable Agriculture especially the organic one.

  158. Never give up. Keep on working in your field. I like the note of compost, biofertilizers, pomology. Bene Hirwa!

  159. I behind you guys,sure your project is exciting and i will be happy if you win the competition.
    #God win

  160. Hubert courage!Great idea and we would like to support in any way possible..I really appreciate the idea

  161. Exciting and interesting project! All we need is food security, sustainable environmentally-friendly agriculture towards sustainable development. This is a great achievement I encourage you. Congratulations!

  162. Hirwa! This is a remarkable idea which if conscientiously followed will define a new perspective to agricultural innovation in Rwanda and bring to bear the anticipated development for our economy even Our world.

  163. Great idea my friend Agronomist. May God bless you with all the required help to make this a great idea to succeed. Well done! Excellent innovational idea.

  164. Very interesting project!This is part of the main keys that lead to sustainable development.Keep it up!!!

  165. Excellent idea! Hubert! This is a welcome agriculture development, a trot in the right way, but can this solutions be replicated in the whole district? if yes what are the steps and procedures?

  166. Sounds good bro, you are in good track and we need to learn how to do it!

  167. Hirwa! Your good thinker. May God Bless you and your ideas are very instructive and constructive to agriculture. Best regards!

  168. Excellent idea Hirwa! Let us promote organic agriculture and increase the production of tomato trees. Go ahead!

  169. This coming project is good for us and our country. try to replicate this project in all the country!

  170. Very exciting idea. I like this project. It will help us to combatting the malnutritional disease. Best regards!

  171. I like the way the compost is used in your project. I hope this willl be sustainable after winning the prize. good luck!

  172. Courage Classmate! You are putting into practice what you have learnt in your studies. I have seen that you are continuing the Environmental Economics and NRM so this will help you to achieve more in your career and project mgt. Well Mzee!

  173. toutes mes félicitations Mon Frere! Ton project a beaucoup d’ impact socio-economique dans notre pays. Bonne Siute. Merci hubert!

  174. Hubert courage!Great and excellent idea and we would like to support in any way possible..I really appreciate the way your project is managed and structured. Keep on moving step forward.

  175. Hello Hirwa! It is a great proposal! I am happy you are so inspired by your Mumy and wish you success. You are a good example for smallholder farmers. Thank you very much and good luck Frero!

  176. Thank you for being a good promoter of organic agriculture and motivator for many other young people in the domain of agriculture. What would be you advice for inexpert learners in agricultural the business?

  177. I am very appreciative of you. You take care about our village KINONI environment very much. Everybody in our Company said to me, that they want to support you , but as you know only few people have internet and they dont use social media yet. Much support to you.

  178. Hello Hubert! Your research is very coincise. You need some improvements so keep on working hard. The future is good for you and your evironoment.

  179. I like it! Keep on improving your farming system. I have seen that you want to buy new banana varieties Fia 17 and 25, those are good varieties and more productive

  180. Bonjour HUBERT ! This project is perfect and good innovation for our society. it will improve and ensure environment management in sustainable way by reducing amount of chemicals used as fertilizers and increasing use of organic ones.

  181. Your project has a great value to our society. If you keep it as you re proposing it. It will influence the GDP of our country. Thank for your contribution to agriculture. Good luck!

  182. Great ideas and big innovation. we are expecting much from the project. The resources are used controlled way. This will make to be on of the successful project. I think this will not stop by here. Keep on improving it. Well done!

  183. The YOUTH AGRIPRENEURS are the most needed in this world. Population is increasing whereas the land is stable. This has many impact on the environment. You have a good solution of adaptation to food insecurity.

  184. Hi Hubert ! This is splendid! I m agronimist I like your ideas and your wise thoughts. Great to realize this concept. You are a hard worker as your mother is! Courage.

  185. Yes Hubert! I remember when you was telling me how you started sowing plum seeds in your tree nurseries you motivated me. Your project started when you bought four plum fruit. But I always see people coming to you to ask you how you started. This initiative is not for everyone. I like the way you are committed in your agricultural field.

  186. Hirwa Hubert ! I don’t recognize you well. I remember when we were young in primary schools no-one can believe that you can do such kind of big project. I wish you good luck.

  187. It is very good and exciting to make agricultural business but many people said that it is very risky. You are a risk take I hope you will go far with your project. The future belongs to people like you. Respects!

  188. Your contribution is enormous. THANK YOUTH VERY MUCH HIRWA! And I wish you good luck for this competition.

  189. Sure your proposal is exciting and inspiring! Vouloir c’ est pouvoir ! Courage Frère !

  190. The idea is good. Normally a good leader takes other people where they want to go. Your accomplishments will be of great importance to our world. Keep it up!

  191. Your innovation is understandable for the whole community. Your hardworking and initiative will bring our country so far in terms of economic, Environment and social positive impacts.

  192. Hi Hirwa! Until now you are still looking for funds for your project. I know when you started that project of ONE FRUIT FOR EVERYONE. Always you are innovating and creating. This is very helpful for the agriculture.

  193. Your willingness to help the environment is for great value. When you will need an assistant try to contact our company. We like your ideas!

  194. Your understanding is for high level. The environment is closely related natural resources. Furthermore, your project is combining both in right way. Keep it up!

  195. I like your ideas! I don’t know you Hirwa. Your product is good. As agronimist we re preparing to visit your farm field. Hope you will train as on how to use this fertilizer. I have planted tomato trees but they did not give or produce well. How to reach you we need your contact. Thank you!

  196. Very interesting! I like it! Never give up. Noone can ignore your proposal unless he don’t know the importance of Agriculture and Environment. Well my Friends. Good lucky!

  197. keep it up hirwa! your project is too precious,and your attitude show great commitment.
    your project is shown to be ideal to the self alimentary sufficiency. i support your project .

  198. Nice and interesting project. Keep it up. I believe that nothing is impossible. We wish you more and more original ideas! And a lot of luck, of course.

  199. your proect shows great importance to the environment care! you are in the right way .congs

  200. the idea is good. I know your hardworking. the project will affect positively our socioeconomic behiviour. GOOD LUCK.

  201. Rwanerful experience! most important bcz it’s comparative advantages!! eg.simple to reach,to access,to use,friendly environment.Real IPM!!! big up bro!!

  202. Very good!With crop-crop integrated farming and the use of Tweze as soil fertilizer the agricultural yield can be improved as i saw you did a good mapping,you chose the real n strategic field/Ntaruka a place which you are definitely familiar with means that the extension works will be easier,n your hypothesis will be significantly closer to your results.So i support this agrofarming project for a reliable n sustainable rural development.keep it up.Courage!!!

  203. Every time i read this project, i what it to come to reality, can not wait to hear you won.

  204. HIRWA! Vigilant, innovative and intellectual scientist and researcher. He possess the enormous aptitude to into practice what he has studied. TWEZE is a good fertilizer that can increase the productivity of any crop. Your idea is promising the sustainable agriculture.

  205. Hirwa Hubert was an excellent student from his childhood, he is also honest. He like to think big (Out of box). I remember when he founded Company for Environment Management, Forestry and Agroforestry Services (CEMAFOS Ltd). He had the vision of managing the natural resources in sustainable way. Good luck!

  206. Hirwa! We need more concise information. What kind of product are you manufacturing? How do you relate this to your production of tomato trees and banana plantation?

  207. Hirwa! Do you have a plant for making that fertilizer? it is very important to minimize the cost of chemical fertilizer moreover those chemical fertilizers have more impacts on the environment where they can destruct it by causing the soil pollution.

  208. This is a good well idea through proposal that will help young people in Rwanda regain trust in farming as a business. Thank you Hirwa. Continue to update us about your project progress.

  209. HIRWA! This is awesome and unbelievable. I have been with him in many trainings on entrepreneurial mindset. His adaptability and flexibility to new environment changes and dynamism, individuality, good skills of team work and inter personal relations and motivator. I think this developed project has a crucial role in our community.

  210. It’s a pleasure to see you in this competition. We hope you will win this in order to extend your project. I know you have big agricultural land. Now, it is your time.

  211. I really admire this innovative idea. based on the situation we are living in nowdays of climate change and use of chemicals which are harmfill to the community and the ecosystem at large. i hope this one, is a very good project as it is organic and the products are also organic. so keep it up Mr. Hirwa, wish you success

  212. Good project proposal. Bonne chance Hirwa ! Je pense que tout ira bien après avoir reçu le Prix.

  213. This project has many long-term influence to our agriculture. Keep it up. Try to improve it. You will achieve more. Big up Brother. Not only to congratulate you but I will look for you then we converse on how we can help each other to achieve it and to see how to sustain this.
    Best regards!!

  214. I like this project because many people use this project that is action to change this world.

  215. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! This story of farming with Tweze organic liquid fertilizer is a solution not only for increasing organic products but also a remedy to the soil fertility and pest management. Brother go ahead!

  216. I didn’t ever hear such a kind of entrepreneurial and innovative activity in agriculture. Even this is one of young professional who is passionate to undertake his thoughts to further extent through research for agricultural development.

    Much support to this guy!

  217. Agriculture is the main activity that most societies in the world depend on. Finding a substitute to chemical fertilizers is the first way to maximize the production of healthy products and also plays an important role in soil conservation by adding organic matter in the soil.

    So, tweze liquid is likely to change the world of agriculture.
    Our brother is bringing change.

  218. This tweze liquid is organic. Hirwa you are on the top of your choice to create your own job.
    This is about to make your future a bit more creative. The project is exciting!!!!

    Anyway, how is it working now?
    Did you try to make a follow up over time to make sure the liquid is chasing or killing pests from plantation?
    Contact me for further ideas on this project to move it a step forward.

  219. With this project, in my prospect , our agricultural ideas will gain more by learning from the TWEZE liquid as the research of HIRWA is the evidence of the performance of the liquid to do much more in agricultural production and more environmental friendly practice.

  220. undoubtedly, tweze is a new idea for me. The way I found the liquid is attractive to the growing concern of organically produced products, soil properties and environmental management.
    Furthermore, It may be a new business even as compost can be a business as well !

    Hirwa don’t let your spirit dies.

    Didn’t you try to mix tweze liquid with chemical fertilizer to assess the effect of both once combined?

  221. Keep on!
    Sustainably, the project is looking successful on both agriculture and efficiency in resource utilization.

    I would like you link this project to business venture to find new ways for making money.

  222. Compost is one of the organic materials that enhance the biodiversity in soil. It can also replenish the soil fertility by increasing the organic matter. Ayez bravour et du courage!

  223. This is a very impressive, life changing project; I can’t wait to see how many lives it would change when it becomes a reality. Keep up the good work!

  224. Alo Hirwa! This is a very helpful and interesting project. It’ s impact is not visible right now but you will see in the future. It will change many things in our rural community. Keep on and go ahead.

  225. This is a great idea of our time as young agriculture professionals. Me I am agronomist, i would be willing once in a while to work as a freelancer in this project for two months. I like it!

  226. Good HIRWA! This project will be an interesting programme to work with youth for sustainable agriculture which tends to reduce the malnutrition in our society.

  227. Hirwa! Good initiative to the accurate objective to our agriculture and farmers especially in East African Community (Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, and South Soudan).

  228. Yes classmate! this is the only way to help youth in agriculture in our KINONI village. This is a answer to call youth back all unemployed youth to invest in agriculture. Upturn all your efforts to make it.

  229. Hey Hubert. i am gladly presented to support this initiative. Can you train other farmers not only those women you are using but also create a small cooperative? If it seems difficult to you you can consult Rwanda Cooperative Agency to assist you!

  230. Hirwa! You started put into practice what you have studied. lets keep up putting words to action. moreover, you are applying this concept ”Planting your own (groceries) food is like printing your own (Cash) money. Never give up. Turagushyigikiye.

  231. The powers of the youth groups is great but try to orient youth in your business. In fact, the problem will be how sure are you that young people will be willing and want to go in this business even if they have power?

  232. my friend HIRWA, What a timely and appropriate idea, this is a wonderfully thought innovation, the Tweze organic liquid is friend to environment. All the best.

  233. This is an excellent initiative and great work. This deserves gratitude and acknowledgement. It expresses your hardworking. Good luck!

  234. I would suggest that you continue, and in the future consider increasing the space and investing in developing the trees and shrubs into a health product. Create a small plant for all those processes. Thanks.

  235. Hubert, A very righteous idea that will go a long way in recovering farmers’ interests and involve the youth in agribusiness activities. All the best an good luck.

  236. This is a great project that will create jobs to the youth. No doubt the income is visible.

  237. Great work Hubert, you are doing by empowering the Youth and many people will be impacted by this action.

  238. Well Hirwa and Congratulation! I like how this project will create job for the community. Furthermore, this will ensure the food security in this world.

  239. bravo! You are a good innovator. Take your time to do all the best to achieve your target through this project. We will help and assist you. As you are familiar with agriculture nothing will hinder you unless you do not do a follow as many rich people do in our country. All the best to you!

  240. This is good project as it will support rural and urban farmers in this world. Good luck!

  241. Great Job Sinzaru Bert! Hope now you are doing well. This project have many socioeconomic influences and positive environmental impacts. Go ahead!

  242. Hello Hirwa! I am Jean Claude, I made a mistake when coomenting. Sorry, I replied someone thinking I was commenting. So, in my comment I was asking ” How can I found you because daily you are busy with your job and your farm” Yet, I want to meet you! thank you for your collaboration. I want to learn more from your project.

  243. Bite HiHu! I know nothing will inhibit your project. Force you to improve it and look for many sponsors and mentors in agriculture. Excellent idea!

  244. Hirwa! Bright idea! Everyday you are innovating. Keep it up your ideas are constructive. Go ahead!

  245. Bro! You have my full support agronomist. Well done! Our country is expecting more for you.

  246. Hirwa my Friend! I like banana and plum (tomato trees). Well, cultivate them, there are many buyers that need that. Your project is the one in our region. Congratulations!

  247. Hubert! Many people said that you are a good model to follow. Me too, you are my model. I like your environmental ideas.

  248. Good initiative. We need you so much in our village so. Come to us because we cultivate this plant but many pests destructed it.

  249. ”Ci va piano va sano” tu vas aller très loin Mon frère. Merci beaucoup pour votre belle contribution sur l’ Environment.

  250. Keep it up the project is good my friend. Never give up even if you will not win this great competition. Work hard.

  251. Very interesting project. We are waiting for you. Come quickly in our farm hood. Hubert we like you.

  252. Ayeee Hubert! I did not know that you are in competition. When will this competition will finish? I told to many people in our company they want to vote for you. They like your ideas.

  253. It is amazing. I like your commitment when you are in the field. you are very courageous as your mother. We will support you until we make it sustainable.

  254. It is important. Lets work closely with all smallholder farmers in your village. They will help to do the technology transfer in all the district. Keep it up!

  255. Our country want to transform agriculture as a market oriented domains. You have many things to involve in this VISION 2020 pillar where you have a biofertilizer, sweet banana and plum. Only, improve the way you are using the you download cash.

  256. Thank you Hubert! You are eradicating the poverty by enhancing food security through agriculture. Don’t worry you will win this completion. Much support!

  257. Completing this project will play an important role to the World’s citzen. many developing countries are souffering from hunger. You come as a good answer for them.

  258. Ton idée est excellente. Il est là réponse pour le développement durable que nous avons besoin en agriculture. Courage Hirwa.

  259. Dear Friend Environmentalist&Agriculturist Hirwa! You are so enthusiastic, creative and motivates man. You are the one person that Africa needs for its agricultural development.

  260. Your project is very noble, we accept to sensitive and mobilize it if necessary and needed.

  261. Super idea Hirwa! there is a promising solution to developed agriculture with good, simple and productive technology. Keep it up!

  262. Amazing idea! this is very impressive. Your background defines you well that you fit in this position. You merit to innovate. Good luck!

  263. Fantastic one. Many small holder farmers will benefit from this project. You let me know if you win this prize. God bless you!

  264. A good technology is a key to the development. I like to do agriculture. I m glad to see how you are targeting to develop new modern technology for farmers.

  265. Rwandan should hold it; this is the one way that they shall use to develop sustainable agriculture.

  266. Hubert! This is a good project proposal. Try your best to implement it. if you don’t have the start up capital, continue in this way. I like competition this helps you to know if your project is possible or feasible. go on!

  267. yes Hubert! you are a part of the change we need in agriculture. African Agriculture Transformational Leader in Agri-environment. keep it up!

  268. Hirwa! i like this idea because you re the one in Rwanda to think that compost materials can be improve (TWEZE Liquid organic biofertilizer). Moreover, i like your commitment when you take this initiative of creating job for non employed Rwandan youths. I noted that you like the farm activities. You can do agriculture without caring your field daily. Go ahead!

  269. Awwwe HIRWA! This is not only a good opportunity to show the public what you are doing but also good occasion to young agripreneur to start their business or providing services to the targeted group in agriculture. All the best to you.

  270. You have done great job. We all farmers of Mudende sector need you to train us on this system because the chemical fertilizer are damaging our fields.

  271. Hirwa Hubert! I like you! All the youth must learn from you especially those who are working in environment and agriculture.

  272. you are kinda very intelligent. I like your ideas. Your project has a good vision now and in the future. Now, you are entering in sustainable development.

  273. Good practice Hirwa! i want to join you in this project. You are my model to follow in Agriculture.

  274. Tu es un Agronome exemplaire! Tu as bien fait. Tout le monde doit suivre tes bonnes idées. Courage et bonne chance HIRWA.

  275. This project is well harmonized. If you take care for it and manage it well. This will impact you and change your life.

  276. Well designed. There is a need of some improvements to make it sustainable and more viable. Try it!

  277. Agriculture is one of the main sector that may be cared in sustainable development goals. You are in one of the most important innovator that I supported. Keep it up and improve it again and again.

  278. This competition is good opportunity to you as good entrepreneur. Food security is one of the most priority in sustainable development goals and Millennium development goals(MDGs). Go ahead!

  279. It is of great promise to the sustainable development of the Country to have a young Agronomist engaged in Sustainable Agriculture.
    He deserves to be encouraged.

    Go ahead.

  280. I reviewed your project I found that you are super, extra that is a good initiative to the improvement of our agriculture which is under development. HUBERT keep it up your project.

  281. Well done! Take your time to revise it again and again then you can also improve the quality of the product that Tweze organic fertilizer this could lead and help us. The tomato trees you are cultivating are very rich in proteins. Our cooperative wish to cultivate it. I hope you will help us to design well this project. Keep it up!

  282. Hirwa! This is your time to express and put into practices what you have learned. I remember when you was doing an internship in our institution. You improved the leadership the communication behind our stakeholders. Your tough, I have been very motivated by your concepts. I realized that you like Environment and natural resources management. Very interesting My Dear Hirwa.

  283. HUBERT ! After reviewing and read your proposal we find this as a great solutions to agriculture. Here farmers can use Tweze organic liquid fertilizer in irrigation for instance in Sprinkle irrigation this can be more efficient.
    Go ahead!

  284. Hi Hirwa! I am happily here to support this good idea and innovation. Furthermore, your proposal is environment friendly. Our country and the entire world will benefit more in this.
    Wish you all the best to you Hirwa.

  285. One of our mission is to conserve and preserve the biodiversity in Albertine Rift Valley. You come to complete one of our project that we will start in the beginning of 2017. We will look for you for more explanation.
    Good luck Hubert!

  286. This is a nice story and project from Mother to Son technology transfer. Your Mum uses to care Banana plantation and I have seen that you use to care tomato trees! Complementality and team work is very important! Go ahead.

  287. Bravo Hirwa ! We need people like you in crop intensification programme, you have confidence, convincing ideas. It is a great manner to fill the productivity gap in sustainable way.
    I like it!

  288. Courage Bro ! Well done. Your ideas are promising the bright future to our national economy. I believe this will not end by here. Keep it up!

  289. Good practice my Student! Keep on improving and do many instructive research to our country. All the best to you HUBERT!

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