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YAP Proposal #27: “Improved Goat Farming” (Sunil Shrestha, Nepal)


Livelihood improvement through improved goat farming

I am Sunil Shrestha. I am 24 years old an enthusiastic youth and agricultural & environmental activist, currently a final year undergraduate student of Agriculture at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Nepal. My interest is mainly on the agri-entrepreneurship for the higher food production and improving the condition of the resource poor farmers.

Introduction of project
A large number of people live under absolute poverty in a meager condition. They are deprived from the resources and their livelihood condition is very poor. For transformation of the country into Peace and Prosperous providing means of earning and livelihood is a basic requisite for which “goat gift” might be one of the option. Despite having large number of goat population in the country, the country is still not self-sufficient in fulfilling its demand. Large numbers of goats are annually imported from the neighboring countries. The current project thus envisaged to address both poverty alleviation issue and improve goat meat production through goat raising and gradually transforming subsistence goat farming to commercial production with available improved goat production technologies and improving the livelihood of resource poor people.

The resource poor farmers who are in dire need of the resources for their livelihood will get goats as capital assets. They will be also provided with other necessary inputs along with complete package of practices for goat husbandry. By end of the project, it has been envisaged that each participating farmers will have more breeding does plus followers and will be capable of selling average different goats (breeding does, bucks and culled old goats) annually enabling them to earn income that can help for gaining their livelihood. This will contribute towards sustainable source of income and improvement of livelihood of these resource poor farmers. Simultaneously, complete package of practices provided to the goat farmers will improve the goat productivity, which in turn help to gradual transformation towards commercial production and import substitution.

The main purpose of the current project is to provide an income-generating option for poor marginalized and socially deprived people for contributing toward prosperous country. Following are the specific project purposes:

  • Income generation of ultra-poor farmers through “gift of goats” with complete Packages of Practices.
  • Demonstrate possibility and potentiality of semi- commercial goat production system for import substitution.

Project Description
In the selected district one-day stakeholder meeting will be organized in participation of all concerned stakeholders (government and non-governmental sector involved in livestock development, local government bodies, CBOs etc.) focusing on working modalities of project particularly to identify and select the beneficiary farmers. At least 25 ultra-poor, disadvantaged and marginal farmers will be selected for the project depending on farmers’ interest and necessity in a participatory way.

A short-term (2-3 days) intensive training will be organized for participating farmers before actually providing goats to them. Farmers will be trained on different aspect of goat rearing like housing, feeding management, diseases and parasites etc. Particular emphasis will be given on formulation of feed from locally available ingredients, utilization of land for legume grass production and cultivation of fodder trees in the homestead. Farmers will be also trained (refresher training) incorporating new farmers on improved package of practice for commercialization of goat production.

Each farmer will be provided 4 female goats (breeding does) after they are trained and complete simple slated housing facility construction for goats. 25 farmers will be grouped in to 4 clusters and each cluster of farmers will get one breeding buck. The project will support in animal health (drenching against internal parasites, vaccination and minor treatments), mineral mixture and supplement of protein source (such as oil cakes), while the participating farmers will contribute rest of the inputs during the first year they receive goats. All input and output records have to be maintained. Arrangement will be made to exchange breeding bucks between groups to avoid inbreeding in the flock.

Fodder block will be established in the participating farmer’s field such that year round green forage production will be possible to meet the green fodder demand for the goat raised by the farmers. Seeds, fertilizers and other necessary inputs will be covered by the project whereas farmers will contribute all labor requirements. Fodder based feeding system will be evaluated in the goats. All inputs and outputs record will be maintained by farmers themselves supervised by the project team member. Primary health care service (vaccination, drenching) will also be provided from the project. Market linkages will be established between producers and whole seller such that the farmers will have optimum benefit of goat farming.

The following outputs are expected to be achieved at the end of the project:
1. Income generating option developed through establishment of goat resource centre, verification of semi commercial goat production technologies and improved off-take rate.
2. Standard of living of the farmers improved.
3. Suitable technologies scaled-up

The ultimate beneficiaries groups envisaged in the project are the resource poor farmers of western hills in particular and throughout Nepal in general. The project also aims at commercialization of goat production with adoption of stall-feeding management and other improved goat production technologies.

This in one hand will increase the income and improve the livelihood of resource poor farmers through sale of animals while on the other it will contribute towards import substitution by increasing annual off take rate with improvement in the goat productivity. The goat gift will not only be the source of income for this ultra-poor people, but also the whole village will be developed as goat resource center which will help to provide regular supply of goats contributing towards import substitution.

Farmers training = $250
Distribution of does and bucks = $3000
Inputs (vaccine, minerals, protein supplements) = $1000
Fodder block establishment (seeds, fertilizers) = $ 500
Fodder based feeding = $250

This project is targeted for the resource poor farmers providing them with the goats for the initiation of the goat farming and will be promoted for the commercialization. This will help in livelihood improvement of the concerned community and increase in the annual income and standard of living.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Sunil Shrestha (Nepal) – shresthasunil672(at)

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599 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #27: “Improved Goat Farming” (Sunil Shrestha, Nepal)”

  1. It seems to be a positive chance for farmers in changing their perspectives towards farming which has obviously been negative since long time. Let’s wait for best outcome of this project.

  2. The project mainly targets the resourse poor people so this might be the great support for upliftment of their economic status and hope to be better implement

  3. Though animal rearing is done in every village in Nepal, 80 per cent of the flesh is imported from India. Lambs and goats worth Rs.20 million imported to the capital city Kathmandu daily for Dashain festival. The problem with domestic product is that the farming is not done commercially. In this case, this proposal seems to be highly demanded in Nepal. The project idea submitted by Mr. Sunil is so convincing, scientific and to the ground relevance. I wish this particular project to be selected in YAP. Good luck to the organiser and good luck to Mr. Sunil!

    1. Hello Sibjan bro, thanks for highlighting the current scenario of the goat production, its market and demand. The commercialization in the goat farming is indeed necessary and i will try to address the problem in my project and encourage for commercial farming.

  4. My suggestion that firstly to increase the number of goat which is really a beneficial for target family, not only that production of a number of products like yoghurt (dahi), cheese etc. could also be entrepreneured by mobilizing the respective technical personnel.

  5. Thanks Mr. Ujwal for your suggestion. And of course the other dairy products can also be promoted throught other animals production like cow and buffalo but its not quite practise through goat milk. In Nepal goats are primarily used for meat mostly.

  6. it’s a nice proposal and definitely it will improve the status of the poor farmers and helps in the sustainable development

    1. Thanks saugat, obvioiusly the project aims at guiding them for the market oriented production along with the improved farming practices which make them go carry the activities after the onset of project as well,

  7. great proposal !!!
    this proposal may inspire the farmers to upgrade the subsistence level of farming to commercial level.
    best of luck !!!!!!

  8. Training and meeting with local farmers can take long time than you’ve mentioned, plus, the cost that you’ve mentioned doesn’t look so practical. Also, target spot differs the execution of the plan. Anyway, it should not be the work like corrupt NGOs and INGOs. Good luck.

  9. Way to go Sunil…that is a very good project you have in mind…implementation of it in reality will surely help your fellow Nepalese. Good luck and bear in mind…implement it even you don’t win. But I feel you will win. GOOD LUCK AGAIN !!!

    1. Hi Florida, i am pleased to get your suggestion. the project was formulated by keeping in mind the real scenario of the resource depriving people and for helping them to upgrade their status. Thanks for you wishes.

  10. The project looks good for the resource poor farmers. How can you avoid to receive such incentives (goats) by pseudo farmers or rich farmers due to political influence? How the poor farmers can sustain the business after withdrawal of support? How about the support on marketing? I saw a post from Arghakhanchi on facebook that Market is the serious problem. Project districts or VDCs? All the best.

    1. Thank you Krishna jee for your interest about the project, the respective stakeholders meeting will be arranged for identifying the real resource poor people. Since the goat is given as the incentives and breeding program is also managed, it will help them for the increase in the production numbers and also monitoring of the scenario after the onset of project will be arranged. As concern about the market i think the demand of the goat meat is very high, so the marketing channel for the selling of the product will be managed by contacting in major cities area,

  11. Yogen bro, first the stakeholders and local leaders meetings will be arranged to get the scenario of the respective area so i donot think it will take long time to reach the farmers and give trainings…. And thanks for your support

  12. I hope it will bring positive changes in the livestock farming areas and help to prosper lives relating to it. All the best!

  13. This project seems innovative to uplift livlihood and create self employment of resource poor Nepalies farmers. All the best.

  14. It looks like a great work for the benefit of the Nepalese farmers and country’s economy too.

  15. Seems to be good project for poor farmers. Since you have mentioned that you will provide inputs for fodder and cultivation of fodder by farmers will be main source of the feed. And my question here is, do the ultra farmers have that much land where they can cultivate enough fodder for the goats?
    In many cases, I have seen that poor farmers continue the project till there is some funding and when funding stops the project also ends for them. What have you planned for that? It may be have been worthwhile if you have given some some strategies to keep project going on for long time.

    Other things are all good and meaningful. Wish you the LUCK

    1. Thanks friend for your concern. The fodder cultivation will be done on whatever the land available to the farmers and for the establishment of the fodder block the unused land of the government will be utilized for this the stakeholders and government personnel will be concerned. Also for the long term management of the fodder i have plan to make collaboration with the community forest and users group so that the conservation of the forest along with the availability of the fodder for goats farming will be fulfilled.

  16. This project targets mainly the poor people for their economic upliftment. So, I believe it can work as role model for others to start commercialization in goat rearing. Hence, i believe this project is worthy.

  17. This project can take advantage of climatic suitability of goat farming in Nepal. It may be proved as tool to raise the living standard of Nepalese farmers.

  18. Project seems reliable and supporting poor farmers .So may coincide with Nepalese farmers condition.

  19. Amazing Sunil!! We have to reorient our development paradigm towards sustainability and environmentalism.This project has a bright future and gives a hope that an alternate paradigm is possible!!

  20. I think project seems a good one so,continue it for the economic welfare of Nepalese farmers

  21. Great work, this problem is not only a problem in Nepal but Ghana too. I think this is a great opportunity for farmers and we the youths. It will economically improve our lives and also a source of supply.

    1. I think the real scenario of almost all developing and least developed countries is like similar… so for mitigating such problems in certain level this is one of the attempt from youths side i have planned the project…Hope to be beneficial and could be a model one..thanks Degraft for comment

  22. Good porposal, though have some demerits. It could be a innovative one and fruitful for the poor farmers.

  23. Fantastic idea. An encouraging initiative for the ultra-poor communities. Creation of employment opportunities is the dire need for developing countries like Nepal so as to move forward to minimize poverty.
    This blog shows your passion and your insights. Its an interesting plan that will definitely impact positively in the target beneficiaries directly and indirectly to thousands. It would really be good to also look on how you would monitor and evaluate the progress after completion of the project.
    Good luck

    1. Thank you sis for admiring and having your view towards my project. As said this project will reduce the unemployment to some extent and guides to move forward by uplifting the poverty level condition. Will be in touch and share about the project implementation activities and monitoring if the project is accepted.

  24. Great project. Shows your hard work and sincerity in uplifting the poor and most respected farmers who are the original source of our living. I am so proud of you and wish you all the best. Really hope and pray that you win .

  25. Amazing work and appreciable efforts. All the best. My wishes and prayers for your success. projects like these have lot of potential to improve the state of farmers.

  26. i think it is very good idea and such type of projects are still in need for country like nepal

  27. its just awesome, helps to improve the socio economic status of the land less farmers……!!

  28. good idea bro.providing improved breed and training on proper housing and feeding to the farmers can increase the production and hence can improve the living standard of the people.wish you all the best for the success.

  29. great bro ……the improved quality of meat product of the goat can be obtained .scientific rearing of goat farming not only provide good production but also provide farmer method of goat rearing ,,,,,,for this i think training for the farmer on goat rearing should be launched…best of luck bro ..go a head toward success….

  30. It is the terrific idea…… it will help to uplift the economic condition of the poor, landless and marginal farmers. good luck !!!!!!!!

  31. Its seems to be very helpful & great programme . All the best for its better future & success .
    Congratulations in advance Daju ….. 🙂

  32. Great job dai…
    Your vision is trustworthy.May your project could add one brick to reduce the poverty of the concerned area.
    Good luck dai.

    1. Thank you so much Krishna for your admiring words. This project will definetely help in the poverty reduction of concerned ones and help to achieve upto certain extent of the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) of no poverty

  33. Truely based for Nepalese agriculture.It is a great concept and enhance to reduce poverty.Good job dai

  34. Its great project indeed which has focused on the root resources and current satus of farming in nepal. And i can say with no doubt your project is going to be milestone for raising the standard from basic level and step up to the topmost level.Fully support your project as it simply highlighted the present condition for making best out comes in future.
    All the best sunil

  35. Its great project indeed which focus on present status of farming in nepal n i hope ur project is going to be best on to raise the living standard from root to top level.
    Fully support your project.
    All the best sunil.

  36. Its a great project that targets mainly the marginalized people and help them to come in the mainstream of the economic development. Good luck and best wishes for your project Sunil

  37. This is an awesome idea to strengthen the livelihood of the rural community. Great job Bro. Good.

  38. Ramro bichar … Yedi yo concept sachchikai laagu garema kehi change hunxa goat farming ko current awasthama…

  39. goat farming is going popular nowadays and hope this project will help the goat farmers of our country Nepal.

    1. Ya it is gaining more popularity among the rural areas of Nepal for improving their conditions. thanks for commenting

  40. it is good .i think it would be little bit better if it include some easy method to do fodder production.

    1. Fodder production will be easy after the farmers get the training about the cropping practises

  41. It seems to be a great idea. we can improve economic condition of marginalized people. Best wishes sunil bhai.. keep it up

  42. this type of project are almost necessary in the context of our rural agrarian condition, wish for the success of it

  43. Great idea, if u make it happen, it will improve the economic status of poor people indeed! keep up the good work sunil.

  44. concept is nice mr. sunil. Hope his project will get success and helpful for the goat reaing farmer.

  45. goat farming for poverty alleviation. Interesting one, best suited for marginalized people with minimum capital investment at the starting. Sunil bhai all the best .(Y)

  46. Goat farming near capital city would be a great project. Absolutely we can improve economy of poor peoples. good luck sunil bhai

    1. ya i will be better for the marketing if project is carried out nearby city, thanks for your suggestion bro

    1. Surely it will add some positive steps for the commercial farming. thanks bro for your comment

  47. interesting project bro. if we can establish goat farming among poor people, their economic status can be uplifted indeed.

  48. investing time and money on this project will definitely be a good choice. A productive one. good luck bhai

  49. this project is beneficial at our place in mid western region also. Absolutely people can use this project for their benefit. nice project bhai

    1. Dear Hom bro thanks for your comment, this project is equally beneficial for the farmers of all the regions of the Nepal

  50. increasing the production of goat will raise income and economy of the country not only goat but other farm animal

  51. good work dai, we can improve economic condition of poor people who are living under poverty line through this project. good luck

    1. thanks suspa for your comment surely we will improve economic condition of people through this project and help to continue it

  52. nice project dai. goat farming indeed would be a better option for poor farmers to uplift their economic condition.

  53. this can be helpful for a number of poor people of our locality. good work dai, best wishes

  54. i can relate with this project in a number of aspects, good work sunil.nice concept, keep up the great work

  55. absolutely this project will help poor farmers to improve their socio-economic status, best of luck sunil.

  56. goat farming for socio-economic transformation of poor people’s livelihood, nice work bro

  57. great idea bro,, goat farming can change economic condition of poor farmers in rural areas.

  58. goat farming can reduce poverty to a great extent. nice project bro, keep it up. best of luck

  59. it can help to reduce poverty among rural people to some extent. keep it up sunil.. all the best

  60. i find this project astonishing,, this project will help to reduce poverty in rural areas indeed. good luck bro

  61. most of the people who are brainwashed to go abroad can learn from this project. impressive project bro.. thank you so much for sharing your creative ideas. keep up the good work, best wishes for your future.

  62. great idea,, implementation of this project with help a huge fraction of poor people. nice work done sunil bhai

  63. nice and innovative idea. it will definitely be helpful in poverty alleviation. good work sunil bhai,,

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