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YAP Proposal #26: “Pumpkin Leaf Farming” (Agbabiaka Abdul Quadri Olamilekan, Nigeria)

Growing pumpkin leaf vegetables on my small scale farm
Growing pumpkin leaf vegetables on my small scale farm

I am 20 years old and a small scale agripreneur with a broad plan on expanding the agriculture industry in my state.

I am presently into “olericulture”, which is the planting of vegetable crops. I am presently into pumpkin leaf planting, which is a major delicacy in my community but not readily available.
I envisaged that establishing this business would serve as a means of living to me and mostly to the people of my community as it will provide fresh food and income through retailing.

With my limited resources, I have been able to lobby around to procure a half plot of land, on lease agreement. That’s where I presently plant on a small capacity and the demand is greatly high with promising returns.

I believe when am fully empowered, I will be able to produce throughout the year. This will make fresh vegetable available in abundance in my community and will also sell out to neighbouring communities. Also I will be a source of employment to the youths.

It will also boost the social image of my community and also gives agriculture a good impression as it will be among one of the prominent economic activities in my community.

My plan for this grant is very huge, I will embark on irrigation farming which will assist me to produce throughout the year irrespective of the season. I will introduce the use of fertilizer which will increase the yield well to attract good market price. I will procure enough land and make preparations; such as clearing; ploughing; harrowing and fencing for security purpose, to make it ready for planting operation. I will also install the irrigation facility and plant after all these are completed.

I am optimistic that within a year, I will expand and increase my capital and also empower aspiring Agripreneur.

Background on Pumpkin Leaf

Newly grown pumpkin leaf plant
Newly grown pumpkin leaf plant
Pumpkin leaf, botanically known as Telfaria occidentalis is an African plant. It is one of the common vegetables in Nigeria, it is called Ugwu in Nigeria. It is an indigenous plant common in subsistence level but can be commercialized owing to its economic importance. It contains many nutrients which are beneficial to human health. It is a staple crop in Africa , it is culturally accepted in all tribes and region.

Objectives of the project:
1. It is aimed at providing fresh food for human consumption.
2. It is aimed at improving the standard of living of the employer as it will serve as a source of employment.
3. It is aimed at providing herbal medicine by the virtue of its health benefits.
4. It is aimed at being a source of foreign exchange.

Planting operation of pumpkin leaf farm
There are basically 7 steps in the establishing a successful pumpkin leaf farm, namely;
1. Site selection.
2. Land preparation.
3. Pre-planting operation.
4. Planting operation.
5. Seed germination.
6. Post planting operations.
7. Harvesting.

(More details on my blog)

Health benefits of Pumpkin Leaf
1. Pumpkin leaves have healthy amount of Vitamin A, C, Calcium and Iron.
2. It prevents convulsion.
3. It lowers cholesterol.
4. It boosts fertility.
5. It has liver protecting effects.
6. It plays a major role in curing aneamic.
7. It is good for diabetes.
8. It increases blood volume and boost immune system.

Economic implication of planting this crop
Owing to the fact that this crop is culturally accepted among all tribes and group in Nigeria, It gave it an edge over all other vegetables, it is widely consumed and can be sold at both Local and international market at reasonable and cost effective price.

Pumpkin leaf production can be a source of revenue for the Nation and the farmer, if done on a large scale coupled with irrigation facilities and modern farming equipment.

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38 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #26: “Pumpkin Leaf Farming” (Agbabiaka Abdul Quadri Olamilekan, Nigeria)”

  1. Absolutely creative!!! Brilliant idea,bro. May the Almighty see you through,Success all the way# Thumbs up!

  2. Bro Abdul Quadri like I always say you are a pride to your generation.Your ilk is uncommon. In sha Allah your dreams will come to reality.

  3. Hello,
    I read through and I really see your expertise in this line but you haven’t really justify what your budget will cover..a particular amount for purchasing of seed etc. and most importantly, you need your socio-economic aspect should be convincing enough and not on the sales aspect.


    1. Thanks so much but I had to follow the instructions of the contest, one of which is the limited character. This made me shortened my write up.

  4. Wow!!! But You were Unable to tell Us How Long Pumpkin Leaf Grows Without the Aid of fertilizer & How Prompt will it be With fertilizer. What’s The Minimum Capital Required To grow on a medium scale and whats that expected Rate of return,payback period of this investment.

    Wish You All The Best.

  5. This is awesome. Have you thought of using aeroponics system in planting pumpkin ( as this would increase the yield, reduce drastically cost and disease while increasing flavanoids in the vegetables. You also dont have to worry about pesticides and fungicides. You can check facebook group (sreach aeroponics)

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