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YAP Proposal #22: “Mini-Poultry Abattoir” (Sabriino Clair, Mauritius)

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I am Mr. Clair Sabriino, a YPARD member from Rodrigues Island which forms part of the Republic of Mauritius (Indian Ocean). I am 25 years old and graduated in BSc. (Hons) Food Science and Technology (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius) and actually doing an MSc in Nutrition at Open University of Mauritius.

I am mainly involved in agricultural production and food processing. I have worked 3 years (maximum contract) for the local government in the agricultural sector and particular on agricultural incentives schemes. I am currently self-employed due to lack of employment opportunities in the island. While working for the government, I invested my salary in setting up a small agribusiness by building a layer house with carrying capacity of 500-600 heads. In February 2016, my contract was over and my agribusiness is actually a source of income for my family who is also involve in crop production (maize, onions, garlic, peanuts, spices, local red beans and mixed vegetables. My family will be an important partner for the project.

The project will consist of setting up a hygienic abattoir for the slaughtering and packaging of chickens in a hygienic way.

Poultry consumption is increasing in the island and is still not self-sufficient in poultry. Organic free-range chicken meat and eggs is very demanding. The target market will be the local market (restaurants, hotels and other tourists lodging businesses). All poultry animals will be processed in this building.

I am motivated to do this project to create jobs for unemployed youths. As I am involved in the poultry sector, there will be need for additional worker (s). With the success of this project I will expand business to more farms for production of more birds. Birds will be also purchased from local farmers in the sector for processing. Fresh chickens will be available for residents and his will reduce import of poultry.

The components are outlined below:

Firstly I will build a poultry abattoir surrounded, fence the area and purchase equipment. The building will be built in such a way to maintain food safety.

Agreements will be made with vulnerable farmers for the supply of chickens which will be purchased at guaranteed price thus alleviating poverty.

I have already done some works so as to smoothen the setting up of the project. I have already a layer house and eggs are produced every day and are distributed to local businesses with meat. End of lay hens can be slaughtered and processed for ore profits. I already have tools and other equipment required to build set up the project. One person will act as mentor for the project.

The key for success of this project is the adoption of a farm to fork approach to maintain food safety. Organic free-range poultry will be processed and sold thus making the business products unique in the island. Nowadays consumers are more health-conscious and there is increasing concerns about health hazards. The actual measurable success factors will be sales of products every month and net profits.

The forecasts/projections are given below: (1USD=MUR35)

Chicken meat: Chicken will be purchased from own farms but and local farmers.

The abattoir will slaughter 300 broilers, 300 indigenous chicken and 100 ducks per week which makes monthly total of 1200 broilers, 1200 local chickens and 400 ducks. The average slaughter weights for the above fowls are 1.5Kg (USD 2.85/Kg), 1.25Kg (USD 2.57Kg) and 2.5Kg (USD 3.14/Kg) respectively.

After processing carcass weight are 1.25Kg (broilers at USD 3.42/Kg), 1 Kg (indigenous chickens at USD4.60/Kg) and 2.25Kg (ducks at USD 5.70/Kg). The revenue will be USD 15780/month.

The projected revenue for project will be USD 15,780 per month and USD 189,360 per year.

The annual operational costs will be electricity payment (USD685).Labour will cost USD 4000 and transportation costs will be USD700 annually. Fowls will cost USD 145,500 annually. Packs will cost USD 1920. The total operating costs will be USD 152,805.

The net profits yearly will be USD 36,555.

These projections were made to demonstrate that the project will be profitable.

With the incentives of USD 5000, the building (abattoir) and other infrastructural works will USD 3,000, the equipment will cost USD 2,000.

For contribution, all labour costs will be borne by me and I will be the constructor to minimise the costs.

It is targeted that the abattoir be fully operational by the end of May if project is quickly approved.

Blogpost and illustration submitted by Sabriino Clair (Mauritius) – clairbruno72(at)

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2 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #22: “Mini-Poultry Abattoir” (Sabriino Clair, Mauritius)”

  1. Apart from ensure the building contributes to food safety, the actual process for processing poultry should reflect it to. Keep that in mind and good luck.

  2. Clean Water, Proper Drainage and plumbing works, Waste disposal, clean benches and equipment for packing are also important as well. Do consider them too. Cheers, All good and over to you.

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