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YAP Proposal #20: “Village Chicken Integrated Farm” (Sabriino Clair, Mauritius)


I am Mr. Sabriino Clair, a YPARD member from Rodrigues Island which forms part of the Republic of Mauritius (Indian Ocean). I am 25 years old and graduated in BSc. (Hons) Food Science and Technology (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mauritius) and actually doing an MSc in Nutrition at Open University of Mauritius.

I am mainly involved in agricultural production and food processing. I have worked 3 years (maximum contract) for the local government in the agricultural sector and particular on agricultural incentives schemes. I am currently self-employed due to lack of employment opportunities in the island. While working for the government, I invested my salary in setting up a small agribusiness by building a layer house with carrying capacity of 500-600 heads. In February 2016, my contract was over and my agribusiness is actually a source of income for my family who is also involve in crop production (maize, onions, garlic, peanuts, spices, local red beans and mixed vegetables. My family will be an important partner for the project.

The project will consist of setting up a profitable integrated indigenous poultry farm “Village Chicken Integrated Farm” that will produce organic indigenous chicken for sale. A small hatchery will be set up for production of chicks for gene conservation.

Poultry consumption is very high in the island and which still not self-sufficient in poultry. Organic free-range chicken meat and eggs is high in demanding. The target market will be the local market (restaurants, hotels and other tourists lodging businesses) (USD 3/Kg) and export to Mauritius (USD20-28 per head). Its popularity is due to its taste which is well appreciated by tourists.

I am motivated to do this project to create jobs for unemployed youths. As I am involved in the poultry sector, there will be need for additional worker(s). With the success of this project I will expand business to build an abattoir for slaughtering and processing of chickens for export. I wish that the farm will become a role model for the youth as well as the population of Rodrigues Island. Fresh chickens will be available for residents. This will reduce import of poultry.

The components are outlined below:

Firstly I will build a poultry house of 30Ft x 15Ft (bricks, cements,..) and a small room for hatchery (with stones which is abundant). As the roof will be sloppy, rainwater harvesting tank and system constructed. Additional mini cages can be constructed with rocks for reproducers. The project will be started with 100 females and 2 cocks. A pasture area will be set by fencing the land around the building.

A compost pit will be constructed for the production of compost for manuring of land for production of maize, sweet potato and soja to feed the birds. An incubator of capacity of 500 fertilised eggs will be purchased for the production of 500 chicks after 21 days incubation.

Front and rear View of the farm (Plan designed by Agricultural Services)
Front and Rear View of the farm (Plan designed by Agricultural Services)

View of the farm (Plan designed Agricultural Services) – for more details email please

Agreements will be made with vulnerable farmers for production of local feed materials which will be purchased at guaranteed price thus alleviating poverty.

I have already done some works so as to smoothen the setting up of the project. I have already purchased a power tiller in December 2015 for the mechanisation of land for the plantation of feeds such as maize and sweet potato. I already have tools and other equipment required to build set up the project. Some chickens are also available to start up. Land to set up the project has been already cleared. Existing water tanks are available for provision of water. Last year, some 200 drinking nipples were imported from China for chickens. One person will act as mentor for the project. I have also contacted a block making company to buy rejected bricks for expansion of project. A website is already under construction and available at

The keys for success of this project are: its environmental-friendly approach and adoption of a farm to fork approach to maintain food safety. Organic free-range poultry will be produced thus making the business products unique in the island. Nowadays consumers are more health-conscious and there is increasing concerns about health hazards. The actual measurable success factors will be sales of products every month and profits per production cycle.

The forecasts/projections are given below: (1USD=MUR35)

Local chickens: Chickens are highly prolific and will reproduce rapidly. 1 female will produce between 50 to 100 chicks per year. The local reproducers will be purchased solely from Rodriguan suppliers approved by the Agricultural Services. To further improve production, eggs will be incubated. Chicks will be sold to local residents to help them earn a living. Fattened chickens will be sold to local businesses (hotel etc) and exported to Mauritius. The chickens will be ready for sale by 4-5 months with a weight of 2.5 Kg.

With the 100 chickens in 1 year, 2600 heads will be sold at USD 7.87 each. The revenue will be USD 20,428.

Eggs: Eggs will be sold locally at USD 0.3/unit and fertilised eggs will be incubated for production of chicks twice monthly to ensure continuity of business and provision of chicks (USD 0.6/unit).

20000 eggs will be laid and from this 6000 fertilised eggs will be incubated. So 14,000 eggs will be sold locally for USD 4,200. When hatched (80%), 4800 chicks will be sold for USD 2,880. The revenue for eggs will be USD 7800.

Manure will be used to fertilise nearby agricultural land and surplus will be sold for additional revenues.

The projected revenues for project is USD 28,228 per year.

The annual operational costs will be the purchase of fuels (USD 342) and electricity payment (USD171).Labour will cost USD 2070 and transportation costs will be USD400 annually. The shipment costs will be USD 700 annually. The total operating costs will be USD 3,683.

The net profits yearly will be USD 25,545.

With the incentives of USD 5000, the building, hatchery building, rainwater harvesting system and compost pit will cost USD 3,000, the fencing of pasture area will cost USD800, the 500 eggs-hatchery will costs USD 610, feeding costs for start-up will cost USD 295. Purchase of chickens will cost USD 295

My contribution will be maize seeds and sweet potato cuts. I already have a power tiller (USD 2285) for land mechanisation. All labour costs will be borne by me and I will be the constructor to minimise the costs.

It is targeted that the farm be fully operational by the end of May if project is quickly approved. The chickens will be sold as from 4 months, i.e. as from September 2016.

Blogpost and illustrations submitted by Sabriino Clair (Mauritius) – clairbruno72(at)

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203 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #20: “Village Chicken Integrated Farm” (Sabriino Clair, Mauritius)”

  1. Great project all the best dear its will inverse on ur familly income n revenues ur a genius good luck

    1. Hi Sheilla,
      thank you for encouragements.
      The aim of the project is to professionalise the Rodriguan livestock production system while creating jobs and also being a role model.

      With thanks

    2. Dear Sheilla,
      Thank you for your encouragements. the aim of this project is to PROFESSIONALISE the Rodriguan livestock production system while creating jobs and being a role model for the youth and farmers’ community.

      Best Regards

  2. Great job dear! I hope this project will see the light of day! rest assured that I’ll be among your customers as soon as it takes off😊

      1. Hi, such project will be beneficial econimically for the island as it will create wealth and create jobs where young people can be employed. The idea of working with the community is a good one as it will alleviate poverty as you said

  3. I have gone through your project idea which I believe is very interesting.
    This is the kind of professionalism needed by Rodrigues, the Republic of Mauritius and the WORLD !!
    Madagascar is to become the attic of the region ( in the coming years, which means that Rodrigues will have to move from its subsistence type of farming (still being done by the majority), if we want to increase the island’s revenue from agriculture which has been our economic pillar for years since not enough is being produced to increase revenue from agriculture via exportation.
    Therefore, your project is totally in phase with the development in the Indian Ocean region.
    Moreover, having worked with you during 1 year at the Commission for Agriculture, I very well know how a dedicated and motivated person you are.
    Therefore, I have no doubt that, if you are given the fundings required for your project, it will be a SUCCESS and would be an example for the young graduates of our island who tend to abandon agriculture.

    1. YES WE CAN. May be we will not be able to produce massively but we can work on the quality and differentiation of the products.
      I strongly believed in the project.
      My great pleasure will be to see the success of the project and this will allow me to employ unemployed youth.
      the project will have a socio-economic importance.

    1. In the future We, the young generation will have to feed the world but how to do so if we cannot even be self sufficient in many aspects.

  4. good idea Bruno!!! we really need this inRodrigues and pepple like you with great vision ..

    1. Dear Prissila,
      For sure we need to professionalise our production system if we want to become the granary for Rdorigues first then Mauritius. Rodrigues is small and extensive production will be a bit tough so our only way out is QUALITY and PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION

      With thanks

    2. You can also share the blog with friends also. IF you have any suggestions for improvement, you can send them in the comment field. Will be glad to reply to your comments.

  5. Dear Sabrino,
    we worked together at the Commission for Agriculture over the past eight months.
    I know your will power to get things done and i have no doubt your project will be a successful one.
    I personally wish to visit your farm and give you any advices i can.
    Good initiative mate,you are an inspiration for our young graduates who are only waiting to be a government officer.

    Best regards.
    Christopher Meunier

    1. Mr Meunier,
      Nice to hear from you.
      Thank you for your encouragements and beliefs in my capacity to do the project.
      Through this project, I want to professionalise livestock production system while creating jobs and being a success story for local population as well as the funding agencies.
      Secondly if the project is selected, It will be an opportunity for Rodrigues to be known by these agencies.


    1. Dear Marie,
      Thank you very much.
      As Rodrigues is a small island, it will be difficult to adopt intensive production system but farmers can adopt production system that will produce better quality and safe products.

      Best Regards

  6. Very good initiative. i have some 15 hens and a cock and i am waiting to have a plot of land where i can rear them.i encourage you to go further in this business. i always says to my wife that there is one thing that will make me happy is that one of my son study agriculture at university and come to Rodrigues to set up agricultural projects as a professional and that you are doing. Chapeau mo frere

    1. Hi Mr Manuel,
      Thank you for your encouragements. For sure I will.
      The aim for sending this proposal was primarily to make the Rodriguan youths to be aware of the importance of agriculture in Rodrigues. As I am using social media such as LinkedIn, twitter, Gmail, google+ and Facebook, a large audience of youth is viewing this project and this may change their mind about agriculture. Land is available for it.
      Rodrigues was considered as the granary for ITSELF and Mainland Mauritius. Nowadays this has changed, Rodrigues is importing loads of chicken and other agricultural products.
      I think also that our local policy makers should find good strategies/concrete action to involve the young people in agriculture as they are those who will feed the world. ICT should be integrated in agriculture also.

      With thanks
      Sabriino Clair

  7. Hi Sabrino.
    I’ve read your project through and it is very interesting. Rare are those youths who are graduates and who take great initiative to be self employed. your project, once set up, will be THE ONE. As it will help in creating employment and will act as an economic activity in Rodrigues as well as an example pour la debrouillardis e des jeunes Rodrigais.
    Wish you best of luck man.

    1. Dear Mr Wilson,
      Thank for the comments and like. It will count for the selection. It will be THE ONE as you said.
      This aim at professionalizing the local agricultural production system while creating jobs and also being a role model

      With Thanks

  8. Dear All,
    Role of youth in Agriculture and Global development
    The young generation is very important for agricultural and global development in many ways. Young people have a critical role in creating sustainable agricultural landscapes.


    The strategies to be adopted to capture youth interest in such development are:
    1. Incorporating applied agriculture and nutrition in school curriculum worldwide:
    Agriculture training must be included in curriculum to enhance the technical and practical skills of students as from their young ages where they are at the learning stage. This will allow a large number of young people so that they consider agriculture as a profession and targets to change perception of farming as a career after the educational stream.
    In Rodrigues Island, Agriculture subject is compulsory in colleges as from 12 to 14 years old, as from 15 to 16 years old, the college students have the choice to opt for Agriculture subject where the subject is assessed by the Cambridge School. In 2015, the Rodriguan Local Government through the Commissin for Agriculture launches 2 agricultural training courses namely the “Certificat d’Aptitude Professionelle Agricole (CAPA)” and “Brevet de Professionelle Agricole (BPA)” in collaboration with the Lycée Agricole de St Joseph, Reunion Island. These courses aim at empowering the young people as from 16 years to 35 years old in doing agriculture (Livestock and Crop production).

    2. Creating of Youth Agricultural Forums/Pltaforms:
    New generation is in conflict with older generations in terms of knowledge and practical experience in the agricultural Field. The young people need a voice to discuss their rights and a platform where they are free to express themselves on agriculture. Television programmes can be done where young farmers have opportunities to talk about their agricultural activities. Young people at the policy level can also participate to give their opinions and experience.

    3. Innovation:
    Innovation and new technologies have always been important partners for young people. Emerging technologies can be used in agriculture to facilitate production and reduce inputs. The involvement of youth can bring new emerging technologies (ICT) in agriculture for the production of more food with fewer inputs. Such examples can be the use of automated GSM operated solar irrigation system, automatic feeders for animals, auto-lighting in animal buildings and also use of tablets/ smartphones for the detection of plant species, diseases and pests. Mobile agricultural soft wares can be developed and used in agriculture. Incentives for integrating ICTs and other emerging technologies in agriculture should be provided.

    Best Regards,
    Sabriino Clair

  10. Very good analysis. It is time to make agriculture cool for the young to get their engagement and their perception of agriculture. Keep it up.

  11. Congrats for your visionry project sabrino!!! You’ve always been a fighter and still again, i’m sure it’ll be a real success. Keep it up bro

    1. Hi manoel,
      what’s up?. Thank you for this comments. Rodrigues needs young people who have vision and are willing to take challenges to boost the Rodriguan Economy by employing people, empowering poor ones and improving the food security level.

  12. Agriculture is very important for the future of existing and future generations. The soils when it is healthy can be the “best bank” in the world as when someone sows seeds; the trees grow and bear fruits. Just a little comparison to exemplify the importance of agriculture to populations: “How much times a person needs a doctor every day? May be 1 time per day or per week or per month or per year?
    On the other side it is very interesting to know that us all, consumers, need farmers at least 2-3 times PER DAY. The bread, cheese, butter, cereals, fruits, beverages and milk you consume daily somewhat originate from agriculture as well as rice for lunch, inter alia”. some freshwater and sea fish, shrimps and derived products are produced from a aquaculture. So we should respect farmers for their efforts in feeding the world.”

  13. Mr Peter,
    This is a very good idea and think that this should be renewed in the future. This will allow many young people to get more business opportunities to invest.
    These projects reach a large audience on social media and this can be a tool to develop Youth, ICT and Agriculture Forum/Platform.

    Thank you

  14. Good project this will help to reduce the level of unemployed people in the island..
    Good luck and wish you all the best in your project …

    1. yeah Annabelle, that is my aim. The success of the project will surely be beneficial for the youth who are interested in agriculture. With expansion it will create employment thus reducing youth unemployment rate here and will alleviate poverty. It will be an opportunity for planters to sell their raw materials.

  15. “Agriculture is not crop production as popular belief holds – it’s the production of food and fiber from the world’s land and waters. Without agriculture it is not possible to have a city, stock market, banks, university, church or army. Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy.” Allan Savory said

  16. Really enjoying to read about your projet… It’s a smart initiative and will help in term of supply of local product in the island.

    1. Yes Kewin.
      Thank you for comments.
      This will help be a role model for the young people of Rodrigues as well as elders. there is urgent need to get involve in such initiative.

  17. Really nice project. Surely it will be fruitful with all efforts that you have put in. Best of luck Bruno 😊

    1. Thank you Nadia for supporting my project idea. Yeah, I’m involved in egg production and this will be a model for expansion of the business in a smarter way. SMART AGRICULTURE SMARTER HEALTH

    1. Thank you Eric for supporting the project, Need such initiative to take the local agricultural production systems to the next level.

      If you have recommendations and improvements, please post it. It’s with great pleasure that I will reply to them

  18. Dear All,
    Rodrigues was known as the granary of the mainland Mauritius in terms of agricultural and sea products. Main valued agricultural products which were exported in large quantities are :
    – Local small chilli, local native fowls, pigs (Black, black and white), cattle, goats, sheep, honey, limes, local red beans, garlic and onions (local) among others.
    These above products are well appreciated for their taste….. Agriculture was done in a more responsible way.
    During the last decades, the agricultural production has decreased drastically due to abandonment of agricultural lands. Therefore, exports have also followed the same trend.
    So now it’s time the reverse the situation from a chemical-dependent agriculture to a smart agriculture towards biofarming.

    Rodrigues can become the granary for the Republic of Mauritius by involving young people in the sector. The challenge will be how to capture youth engagement in agriculture.
    In a comment above, i provide some ideas on how to encourage youth engagement in agriculture.
    In addition, tailor-made and specific incentives should be provided to young people who will feed the existing and future generations.

    Thank you for your attention

    1. Thanking you for your support to the project. As you are expert in the marketing field, if ever you have some strategies and recommendations/suggestions, you can post them. I will take notes and reply to them ASAP.

      Thank you very much

  19. Hi Tej,
    I hope you’re fine dear.
    Thank you for supporting this project idea.
    If ever you have any suggestions and recommendations, please post them.
    The young people need to have such vision about agriculture which feed the whole world.

  20. Nice idea my dear Sab…We have had v opportunity to work together n I know that u hv always aim higher…ur project is a complete one as u care 4 v social part as sure vat it will be a great I’m for all local products…I sincerely wish vat u’ll get all v required aid in view to proceed further.all v best!!!

    1. Hi sylvana,
      thank you for supporting the project proposal.
      It will be a socioeconomic project where communities will benefit from it.
      It will professionalise the local agricultural production systems while creating jobs.
      Nowadays we are talking about SMART AGRICULTURE, so this project will be a kick start for it.

      Best Regards

      1. one more thing, if ever you have any recommendations on the social aspects of the project, you are free to leave more comments where we can discuss the issue.
        Being expert in the Sociology field, I know you have some proposaitions.

        With thanks

    2. Hello Sylvana,
      some additional information about the number of persons who can get a living from the project.
      1. Actually I have a building for a carrying capacity of 600 layers. Up to now, I have 200 layers which I am looking after myself. If this mnumber is increased to 2 batches of 300 hens (i.e total of 600 hens) at least 2 persons will benefit from it. One will collect eggs and manage the building and one for delivery of eggs.
      2. This new project directly will employ 3 persons. One for land preparation with existing power tiller and cultivation of lands for production of maize/sweet potatoes and soja …. One person will look after the chickens, manage the farms and remove litter for making compost. Then one person for sale in Mauritius in the niche market.
      3. the villagers and other planters (25-50) for plantation of maize and other local feeds.

      You can give yours views

      Best Regards

  21. Dear Friend,
    Following the above example I took to explain how many times we need a farmer everyday, i have recently found on the BEEF Magazine (2012) this quote by Brenda Schoepp

    “My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but EVERY DAY, THREE TIMES A DAY, you need a farmer”.

    The quote is available on the link below:

  22. Your project is a very interesting and it is an integrated one. Rodrigues needs more projects that will help create employment and which are also environmentally friendly. You’re very good at what you do. I wish you all the best for the future.

    1. Dear Antoinette,
      Thank you for your comments.
      The project will employ young people and moreover will create more opportunities to planters who will produce maize and other feeds.
      if you have suggestions concerning the project, do not hesitate to comment.

      Thank you

  23. Hi Sabrino
    Really like ur project. Great initiative dude. Your project will be a motivation for rodriguans and a model. I wish u all the best and as a rodriguan i really encourage such project as it will contribute to the development of such sector.
    Be positive and im sure u’ll succeed.

  24. Yeah Jemmy,
    Thank you for supporting the project. It will be a model and in a near future i think that the project will be strongly established.

    Strong and sustainable production and marketing systems should be developed. These will promote SMART production.

    With thanks.

  25. very interesting project Mr. Clair. Doing thing differently, your for sure a winner.

    1. Dear Jonathan,
      Thank for the mail. I will need your help to achieve success brother. This project will be a sort of trial then will be expanded. Definitely one key to success is doing thing differently.

      Any suggestion on the project proposal is most welcome here.

      With thank

  26. All the best for the project Mr Sabriino. A very interesting business idea. If you’ll need Biofertilizer for production of maize & sweet potato, feel free and contact me for further information. As you know i’m working on a project of “Biofertilizer” and we are having very good results & feedbacks from people so be part of the project too.

    1. Dear Bastian,
      For sure, you know actually we are talking about smart agriculture and your project will play an important role in achieving this.
      In Rodrigues, your products can be marketed too, the goal of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly is to make Rodrigues become an ecological island.

      Interesting project on which you are working.

      with thanks

  27. Good initiative. I think u could ameliorate ur business by using the organic waste produce by chicken. You can either set it or use it as bio fertiliser for growing of maize plant which u could sell or even use to feed ur chicken an provide the island with a better quality of chiken which we can say is almost bio.

    1. Ya Nigel,
      You are right bro. Think that this kind of suggestions will be important to the project.

      As I mentioned, the project will consist of a compost pit that will be used to make compost from the poultry litter and plants’ remains. This will be used to manure nearby agricultural lands.
      the excess compost will be sold to planters in bags. the manure will be also a source of income.

      the maize will be ground and used primarily to feed the chicken, the maize flour can be sold on the local market to local agro-processors or even exported.
      We are now promoting local agro-products and this will be an opportunity. In addition, sweet potatoes will be cultivated for fattening of birds.

    1. Dear Mr Clarisse,
      Thank you for supporting the project.
      Your expertise will be needed in such project. I think that you can be an important actor in working out the economic aspect of the project.

      Suggestions are most welcome

      With Thanks

  28. I, Riaz, Social Media Marketing Director of Bayview Travel & Tours, Grand bay, Mauritius is supporting this project in all aspects and I request the concern Authority to Give Sabriino Clair all aids financiallly, physically as it is the shining star in Rodrigues! He is targeting to land on the moon even if he cannot but at least he will grasp a Star! He is aspiring, motivating, and his Project replete lot of economic prosperity & sustainable development for The Rodriguan Society- With this Project, not only his Family will earn but he will make others earn as well!

    1. hi Riaz,
      thank you for your support to the project and for your valuable words.
      Hope that these words reach the concerned ones.
      It is a socio-economic project where not only promoters are winners but also the vulnerable ones.

      You also have my support.
      With Thanks

      BEst Regards,
      Sabriino Clair

  29. Hi Sabriino,
    Nice project. It will be beneficial for the island as it will contribute to economy and create jobs. Another interesting point is its social contribution where it will involve the community (planters) who will have a guaranteed market for their agricultural produce (feeds).

    Good luck

  30. Do you have an idea of how many jobs can be created from this project. It has many components and a great potential for job creation.

    1. Dear Antoinette,
      1. Actually I have a building for a carrying capacity of 600 layers. Up to now, I have 200 layers which I am looking after myself. If this mnumber is increased to 2 batches of 300 hens (i.e total of 600 hens) at least 2 persons will benefit from it. One will collect eggs and manage the building and one for delivery of eggs.
      2. This new project directly will employ 3 persons. One for land preparation with existing power tiller and cultivation of lands for production of maize/sweet potatoes and soja …. One person will look after the chickens, manage the farms and remove litter for making compost. Then one person for sale in Mauritius in the niche market.
      3. the villagers and other planters (25-50) for plantation of maize and other local feeds.

      Best Regards

  31. Dear All,
    Below are plan for the farm to be set from the seed fund that will be allocated if the project is selected. Upon successful business activity after one year, this project will be expanded to widen the business opportunities.

    This project will bring more practical experience in local poultry production system. This acquired experience will help when business is expanded.
    Have a look at the plans (not to scale) designed by Sabriino Clair and give yours views.

    Best Regards

  32. Hi Sabrino. Hope you are doing well. It’s a very interesting project from you and all the best for the upcoming development. Keep us update.
    I can see that you aim to produce organic chicken and for this you will need organic feeds. As you know i’m working in a project of Biofertilizer and we are obtaining good results and feedback from people who used our products. If needed, feel free for any enquiries.

    1. Yes Bastian,
      VERY interesting project bro. This cooperative is doing a great job and in the future
      No worries man, all those who commented on the project will be kept updated at all project stages.
      Reports will be done for you know where the project stands.

      best regards

  33. Dear Admin,
    Some people report that they leave the comments and that after several hours, the comments are not yet uploaded on the blog site.
    Please look into the matter as this will impact on the number of comments on the project.

    Thanking in advance for your collaboration

    Best Regards,
    Sabriino Clair

    1. Hi Sabriino,

      we are screening all comments manually to avoid spamming and duplicate comments, and releasing them at least one time per day (usually it is 3-4 times per day).


      1. Dear Mr Peter,
        That’s fine. This will be more transparent and prevent duplication.

        Thank you for your quick response.

        Good continuation

        Kind Regards,

    1. Dear Wennel,
      Thank you for your comment. Yeah it’s that kind of development that our island needs. The is a socio-economic project as there are social and economic aspects involved in it.

      With thanks

  34. Indeed this is a very good project. In Rodrigues in fact we need those project well plan an long lasting im sure your endeavour will gain its fruits and I wish all that you have plan will be going smoothly. All the best Mr Clair and hope other younster will follow your iniatiative.

  35. i am really amazed in front of such a project that i am sure is going to be helpful for our island.innovative ideas have been discussed and i forward encourage and applause this project.we see that our youths are very creative and surely Rodrigues need people like you Sabriino…congratulation

  36. Hi, my dear Friends, Sabriino,
    Its a good projet. Sucess belong to those who dare.It’ a good initiative.Hope thats you have the fund require to achieve your dream and its just the beginning and there is something great ahead that you won’t see but you need to believe in you.If its to be,its up to you. Never give up.Garou said:’Il faut saisir l’opportuniter par la barbe parceke derriere il est chauve.’All the best and hope that i have the honour to see you arise.

  37. Environment-friendly and sustainable.. I think it is a great project for Rodrigues!
    Well done and Best of Luck !

  38. Innovative idea!! I’ve gone through it and i hope it gets approved. It is always a pleasure for me to see youth getting involved in entrepreneurship. I appreciate that you took into account environmental issues by being eco friendly. Getting family involved and targetting local market is a highlight as it would be an economoc boaster, the money will remain in the country(Rodrigues)..
    It has clearly been thought through for a long time.
    You go man! All the best and hope it gets approval soon.

  39. Hello dr, its really an interesting thought and its really encouraging seeing you, such at young age having such great with you, go for it 🙂
    Bon courage a toi

  40. i find your project very interesting and wish u the best of luck……thumbs up!!

  41. i find ur project very interesting and hope that it’ll soon become reality…thumbs up &best of luck..

  42. Solid project. With very good forecasting about finance and production + have already started in poultry section. I think you have the skill and experienced to go further in that field amd it a fact the island do not.produce enough eggs or chicken and must be dependent upon these from outside. tourists,hotel restaurant and the public also will also benefict to your production. You have a very good market to sell your product as long as you are delivering quality chicken and eggs, there’s really no.need to be afraid of futuee or of not being successful.FULL SUPPORT for that green project.

    1. Thank you very much Danilo for supporting this initiative. This project will be a success in the island though it’s a bit challenging.
      Just need commitment and support to achieve the goals

  43. When cleaning the chicken house, do you know what you are going to do with the Chicken Droppings?
    One suggestion could be to recycle this waste into protein rich food for your chickens. If you need information on this technique ask questions here:
    Good luck on your project

  44. Sabriino,
    Your project is very interesting. The cost of feeding the chicken seem too low. Labour cost is kept to minimum as I understand you will personally handle many operational aspects. You also have to cater for contingencies. The win will be in the long run. Move slowly but surely to become a large scale producer.
    We will visit your farm at our next visit to Rodrigues.

  45. Hi

    Thank you for helping develop Rodrigues Island. Its a really great opportunity for both of you and the Community. But please do make an environmental impact assessment as well, as Rodrigues is a really beautiful country. It will be really nice to see new business take into consideration the environmental and ecosystem sustainability.

  46. Hi.
    It seems a very good job, with a large impact, but I don’t see anything about risque study. So do you have any idea what is the risque in all of that? What are the factors that indicate that business? You say it will be a organic farm, but the transition period to have an organic farm is at list 5 years and at list I don’t see any payment for Technic assistance. I don’t think the profit is so big. try to calculate it again and review your project.

  47. Dear Sabriino,

    Wish you well in your endeavor. Am open to any help within my ties and best of luck for early showers of supports!

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