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YAP Proposal #10: “Farm Mechanization for Rural Farmers” (Himalaya Subedi, Nepal)


Empowering Rural Farmers in Farm Mechanization for Cropping System Intensification in Nepal

I am Mr Himalaya Subedi (33 yrs) from Nepal. I am working under CIMMYT Nepal/ CSISA project in capacity of “Research Associate” since 1st February, 2015 and have more than five years of experience in development program and one years of research experience in different parts of Nepal. In CSISA team, we test the agriculture technologies in new area and facilitate to scale best technology in that area for adoption. Similarly I have around 3 years of voluntary teaching experience to youth agriculture practicenors in Agriculture College.

Climate changes increase the drought in agriculture field and desiccation of natural water resources. Crop productions also dramatically reduce due to water scarcity causing the shifting of cereal system to vegetable production in Nepal (Nepal Agriculture Census, 2011). Vegetable are grown in small area and other land remain fallow after rice harvesting most of part in Nepal. Rice is top crop in term of area, production and followed by maize and wheat in Nepal. In few areas; farmers generally grow wheat after rice which usually faces the terminal (drought/heat) stress because of late sowing due to delay in land preparation.

Wheat farming is difficult due to over moisture and under residual soil moisture management after rice harvesting under lowland and upland condition respectively in terai zones of Nepal. The overall, unfavorable climatic condition limits the cereal productive area.

Cereal productivity is directly associated with quality and quantity of food as well as income of rural farmer in Nepal. Agriculture sector contribute around one third of national gross domestic product (GDP) and it is decreasing. Most of active people are migrated to India and third country for seasonal and temporarily labor to earn money for bread. In rural area only old aged, female and children are remained. These people have relatively low physical power to produce the bumper crop yield. Labor scarcity and feminizing in agriculture cause reluctant to cultivate even suitable land.

The unfavorable climatic situation and labor scarcity on agriculture production can be rejuvenated by introduction of appropriate farm machinery and best crop management practices in Nepal. Best crop management practices include training and/or demonstration of short duration crop genotype, different crop management’s practices in crops. Selections of farm machinery are reaper for harvesting of rice, wheat; Jab planter and push row seeder for maize sowing, and zero tillage seed drill for early wheat sowing.

This environment friendly farm machines are fruitful to escape from terminal stress and utilize residual moisture for early germination of wheat in upland condition. Similarly reaper, different seeding machine and zero tillage seed drill reduce the cost of production as well as dragger of work.

Thus, its impact will be notice by increasing the area under wheat, farming became easier and profitable business. Farmers adopt technologies will be mainstreaming in other public privet agencies. Technology sustainability will be assured by; Capacity building of local service providers on new farm machine (so called attachment) maintenance and linking the service provider to ultimate user are key stone of success. It is the first works and cover around 20 percent of total expenses.

Coordination with concern stakeholder, numbers of technology demonstration in commercial pocket area and mass communication through the radio jingle will help the technologies sustainability and adaption. It is second step of works covering around 45 percentage of total project expense. Similarly; the success of the project can be measured by farmer’s response collection while demonstrating the technologies and radio program. Incremental number of reapers and seeding machine sale by traders at local area by trader’s interview or secondary data will be another evidence of successful technology. Most importantly, it can be measured by area under farm machine and counting the technology users. This will be third job covering another 15 percent cost. Remaining budget will be used for reporting and monitoring. Linking the farmer to useful technology which they are still unknown by the project, would be able to create farming interest. This is the main reason why the technology once adopted is no longer needed to be fund regularly and remains sustainable. This project will August, 2016 (rice harvesting) to March-April, 2017 (wheat seeding and harvesting). But if time permit; reaper demonstration can be done this March-April, 2016.

It will be my sole project. Until date, potential area has been identified for demonstration, machinery, technical person and local service provider. I am agriculture development worker and which I acquire the knowledge from different source. I want to serve this technology to ultimate users. Commercialization and mechanization of agriculture sector is my major thrust to develop the concept.

Note: I highly acknowledge the CIMMYT Nepal/CSISA project and Different Agriculture College from where I acquired the knowledge to develop this concept for scaling the best mechanization practices under cereal crop production in virgin rural area in country.

Blogpost and picture submitted by Himalaya Subedi (Nepal) – H.SUBEDI(at)

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349 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #10: “Farm Mechanization for Rural Farmers” (Himalaya Subedi, Nepal)”

  1. It’s really essential for the bumper increment of the cereal production in the labour and time scarcity in the country like Nepal. So, help Himalaya Subedi .

  2. Commendable initiative for rural farmhouseholds in Nepal. Surely it will be very useful to build the climate resilient farming system in Nepal.

    All the best Himalaya !

    1. Really, use of ZT machine can help for climate resilient agriculture practice …. At same time it also increase cropping intensity due to early and timely planting of crop seed
      Thank you

  3. It will be a very good initiative for transforming our agriculture base through sustainable intensification. I appreciate your effort towards the betterment of agriculture sector through scale appropriate mechanization.

    1. I am assuming that with the introduction of farm machine traditional farming system lead by our parent/forefather will be shifted to youth with additional crop yield and easier to work.

  4. it’s a well thought of increasing the production… this can be the step for the modernization of agriculture in Nepal… it will support the national economy as well… my all best wishes for this project..

    1. Thank saurab !!
      Definitely, Increasing the cropping intensity, required lesser human manpower for same level of production can contribute the National GDP

    1. these are the prime crops responsible for feeding. I believe, since it is a new incentive, it is better to go with cereal crops than other crops.

  5. Good thinking and initiative ! Mechanization can attract the youths who are in abroad and the best alternative to reduce human drudgery. Simulataneous effort on machinery demonstration on field and awareness through mass media could assure the rapid mechanization in Terai.

  6. Making agriculture more intensive, attractive and increasing the efficiency via mechanization can surely attract the youths in agriculture changing their perception who actually thought it as difficult, unhealthy job with low income. Good initiative!

    1. Hi Flowinfo
      We know, Current youth have responsibility to feed past and new generation after 15-20 yrs latter. Thus we have to engage then from now and get familiarize with mechanization for better production under low cost of production and possibility to increase cropping intensity. It can only achieve via mechanization

  7. Obviously farm mechanization is ultimate right decision for the production increment in case of present agricultural scenario, Nepal and it will also lead for changing perception in agriculture, wish you all the best for selection of your proposal.

  8. Mechanization in Agriculture can attract the youth to wards commercial agriculture and will be a very good initiative for transforming our agriculture through sustainable intensification. I appreciate your effort towards the betterment of agriculture sector through scale appropriate mechanization. it will support the national economy as.

  9. Good thinking and initiative ! Mechanization can attract the youths who are in abroad and the best alternative to reduce the human drudgery. Simultaneous effort on machinery demonstration on field and awareness through mass media could assure the rapid mechanization in Terai.

    1. Exactly Shalin,
      Mostly Nepalese youth are planing to abroad for job because traditional practice of farming is not economic …..After mechanization they may change ….

  10. Over 80% population in Nepal is involved in agriculture, so called agricultural country. Why don’t we use this modern mechanization which is well suited to our agricultural system for reducing cost?

  11. With physical labor and draft power decreasing day by day, development in farm mechanization is becoming pivotal in agricultural sector. Wish you all the best!

  12. With physical labor and draft power decreasing day by day, farm mechanization is pivotal in developing agricultural sector now onwards. Best of luck!!

  13. i appreciate your thought…. In the context of Nepal it is very essential, where scarcity of energetic people. well done sir

  14. Farm mechanization is essential and in country like ours where we just have to reduce the cost of production as most of farmers are tending towards vegetables and other crops leaving behind cereal production. However, another fact about land holding of nepalese farmers is that, majority f the farmers do possess a very small land holding with fragmented land structure. Therefore, regarding farm mechanization we ought to sort for small machines with a high fuel use efficiency that could be used in small fragmented land.

    1. Hi Roshan !!
      Thank you for your constructive suggestion, Sure land fragmentation and shifting the cereal area by vegetable are our problem. Even in smaller-holder, they may used minitiller attachment for crop seeding and harvesting, similarly jab planter, push row seeder and other handy equipment can be used for farming this will reduce human drudgery in farming and motivated for farming. All small machine have relatively efficient technology

  15. Good initiation sir, really its minimize the cost of production and increase the life standered of nepelease people carry on if any support let ne know ..

  16. Congratulation Himalaya brother for your great initiative, I think it is excellent for plane and low hill area for commercialization of agriculture sector, which ultimately contribute to boost the national income. Please go a head…………………

  17. Mechanization in agricultural sector will surely increase national GDP and reduce poverty level as well. Good initiation and best of luck!

    1. Hi Abhishek
      Really help the cropping intensity and produce more crop yield with minimum investment under same piece of land. It help for national gross GDP. But mechanization need our continuous effort before user accept/practice it. Other wise due to improper management of technology may bring great problem on technology/advancement

  18. Guru very nice job we have to wake up and do something for macanized world in agriculture sector. This is need for us.

  19. In terai area of Nepal, Mostly two crop has cultivated due to delay in land preparation, after proper used of farm machines cropping intensity can be increased. So, concept to utilize reaper and fertilizer cum seed drill machines can increase the farm production by planning the early rice harvesting (reaper) and early ZT wheat and mungbean. Really good concept and relatively new works in many part of Nepal

  20. under capacity building and farm machines demonstration activities; It could be better to invite for Agriculture College students for observation; including the target innovative farmers and concern traders. Is there any opportunity over there ??

    1. I believe that youth want to do something different and or different way. Current youth have to feed the past and current generation after 10 yrs, involvement of youth in latest technology and their perception on it, play great role. Thus, i want to assure u that i will give the exposure to youth on mechanization works and their perception and interest to work on will be recorded ….. As being the lecturer in agriculture collage, i will do if i get the opportunity and currently i am using the video clips as teaching material as well. Really, student more excited when they saw the mechanization video….

  21. Congratulation,The people used be very high production.So that, This technology is very important in nepal.

  22. It is new concept in Nepal, How can you link this activities with government stakeholders for sustainability point of view.

    1. Out come of demo, farmer perception will be shared to concern stakeholder. If appropriate and feasible invite to participate for demo activity. If technology is perceived by farmer and stakeholder convince on technology than the technology is sustainable ….., Secondly private sector capacity building program and mass awareness via FM radio also help for sustainability of technology

  23. Great ! Mechanization has been launched to reduce investment cost. It definitely increase the national income tremendously where our country has needed to uplift income level through commercialization. Also, we have responsibility to maintain sustainability to maintain stewardship environment. save the nature, save the planet!. Such rice drilling machine viable option for agriculture sustainability. Feed the people…..great success and experience..

  24. It is nice but how can you say that utilizing machinary can reduce terminal drought in wheat. Could you justify that ?
    The most important part is machinery can act as alternative for labour ( which is shortage ) and may promote farming practice among youngster. Good concept go head jikri. ..all the best

    1. Rishi !
      utilizing the machinery does not reduce terminal drought in wheat directly … But it can contribute to minimize by early rice harvesting at that time sufficient moisture and use of ZT machine for spring wheat seeding otherwise wait until next 15/20 day for land preparation and showing as an traditional practices. If follow tradition, wheat face 15/20 days later time’s heat which is not much important in case of our farming condition. It cause drying and force maturity …

  25. Its really a good concept for re-attracting Nepalese youth in farming. Generally it is found that in a single year project there is no time to work on collecting and analyzing impact of the work for further action however, the project is an exception. At least two seasons are there to work in a year because of which work done in first season can be equally evaluated. And hence effective methodology can be used in the next season.

  26. Idea sounds really advance and modern. I hope this will bring our traditional and backward agriculture system to the front.

  27. Really,good initiative for commercial farmer in terai area. I am sure it will reduce the cost of production.

  28. Nice work done. Its very essential in the context of Nepal with the small holders farmers who are cultivating in the small areas. These type of farm mechanization will help them for the sustainability and time savings too.

  29. I m very happy of this;…scarcity farmer (like us) will be know about farm mechanization whis is most important in the context of Nepal………bst of luck! sir;.. for ur thought……!

  30. I salute ur thaught sir ! fr Scarcity farmer(like us)…extsn of farm mechanization is important but not only in terai but in hill n upper hill it should be implement as possible….

  31. Thank you Himal Bhai, you already developed good practical concept in your field. I like your sentence”Commercialization and mechanization of agriculture sector is my major thrust to develop the concept”. it is really challenging in the field of Wheat cultivation due to small fragmentation of farmers land, so Please think about this situation and workout; how we can minimize spotted agricultural practice in our farming society.

  32. Good job Himalaya ! Can these technologies pay off commercial seed producing farmers? especially the vegetable seeds growers?? If yes, that would certainly trigger income of rural HHs engaged in some sort of seed production particularly farmers of Mid & Far Western regions.

  33. It would reduce the production cost for long term and get net return in economical manner. for the developing country as our’s it would be the best possible alternative of reduction in labor cost too. Just try out it.

  34. Its seems good to enhance cereal crop production as there cultivation is gradually decreasing due to competition with high value crops and non-mechanization. Selection of farmer friendly technology is a way to make the sustainable and profitable output. Its really work in field condition.
    All the best

  35. Hi Himalaya, Good thought and practical especially in case of Nepal. It is because young generation do not prefer farming practice much rather prefer to go abroad. the concept of mechanization may inspire them to engage in agriculture. the second point is that it will help to mitigate labor shortage problem. But considering economic point of view, do the use of machinery will help to maximize net return or reduce cost of production. that is what you could have mentioned in your proposal. another thing is Do use reference when you write statement about climate change . ( you wrote that climate change induced drought…) . If you able to incorporate these stuff when finalizing your proposal it will certainly draw attentions…..Good luck sathi …as always wish you all the best

    1. Hi Rishi !!

      Thank you for ur supporting view, Here i have list the problem based on my five years of experience at field. Terminal heat stress is major problem ins some part of Nepal which may not be documented properly (If documented, i have not got it until). I really appreciate your idea for further improvement of project.
      Thank you

  36. I thoroughly enjoyed your article. The concept is great. Use of sound and sustainable technologies as proposed may help to improve the local food security and the socio-economic status of the farmers. Great job!

  37. Good concept and I wish all the best for your proposal. Btw I have some concerns regarding the duration of the project, project area, target project farmer groups and cost-benefit analysis. It is one year project and in one year it is difficult to achieve the project goal and subsequent impact assessment. The project area is not defined here I understand it is Terai but it is not clear which district or how many VDC/Municipalities are you focusing. It is not clear what kind of farmers are you working with, are they commercial large farms (can be defined by the size of farm) or group of small farmers (few shared machines for a cooperative of small farms)? And finally if can give some preliminary results or some real numbers from literature to demonstrate some direct economic benefits from such machines will add value to your proposal.

    Good luck Himalaya.

    1. Hi Sachesh Dai !!
      You concerns have meaning and thank for constructive feedback.
      It is piloting project of Youth. So, i select the any accessible terai area from Dang district, Location have not problem; we can go for large cereal crop growing pocket area; not matter of group. I will enter in community all farmers are in community no need of group works. Just call surrounding farmers and conduct demo, similarly move another community call surrounding farmer along with machine supplier (trader) if possible concern stakeholder, journalist and have to take feedback from them how machine reduce the labor requirement, how farmer get benefit …. Like on …Sure it is short term project it take more than one year to measure impact but it is sufficient time to aware the farmer that the machine can works in field . Impact can be measure next time but farmer perception can be taken from same year

  38. Good job. Scale appropriate mechanization is the prime necessity for betterment of Nepalese agriculture.

  39. The rural infrastructure, domestic supply chains and service providers, and local manufacturers and world markets in equipment and machinery are all of vital importance. Good Luck.

  40. “” Good concept for modernizing the Nepalese agriculture, I hope by machinery work reduce cost of production and labor requirement under temporal migration of active and energetic youth in third country for bread earn similarly it may reduce work load to female “

  41. great job bro…. climate smart technology for improvement of cereal production and productivity… hope this will be helpful for implementation of “Right to Food” Of our new constitution. 🙂

    1. Thank u, Subash, hope reducing the number of tillage operation & minimum disturbance of soil surface help minimum emission and carbon sequestration ……

  42. Weldon Himalaya Subedi, good initiative. It will be helpful for diversion of existing conversational agriculture system of rural areas of Nipal into modern farming. Insure its local production for sustainability. best of luck…..

  43. Great idea,, the very ultimate solution to change the fate of nepalese farmers and conservative farming system practiced in Nepal !!! Best of luck !!!

  44. Good Job Himal Sir, Keep it up and have a interesting finding in new area; Farm MECHANIZATION

  45. Good piece of work, is any farm machine which are suitable for rice seedling transplanting or any other for direct rice sowing machine ? As we know rice is major crop in Nepal. It is first interim of production and land occupy,
    Good luck for farm mechanization start up in new area

    1. There are may alternative method for rice cultivation. For example Mechanical rice transplanter, Use of fertilizer cum seed drill for direct sowing in dry and puddle land similarly Drum seed planter in puddle land etc. But initially, i am focusing on reaper for timely harvesting of rice and use of seed drill for early planting of wheat

  46. I went through it. Excellent. Suggest to add the impact of use farm machinary to more link on climate change prospective (resilience). How can it reduces the carbon emission?

  47. It’s an excellent proposal for reducing drudgery of farm families and labours, reducing production cost and increasing income, reducing turnaround period between crops, and increasing cropping intensification. The proposal has included training and capacity building of farmers and service providers, evaluation and demonstrations of small-scale machinery, and linking farmers to service providers for access to machinery. However, it does not clearly mention where those machines are available. This is important because for large-scale demonstrations and scaling out of machines within a short time (<12 months), there should be access to such machines by the time the project starts. Are they manufactured within Nepal or are imported from neighbouring countries? Once reliable sources of various machines are mentioned in the proposal, I recommend that the proposal be funded.

    1. Dear Sir,
      Based on my experience, There is already developed supply chain of farm machines (Reaper more than enough and fertilizer cum seed drill as well) along from Center (KTM) to Mid west, Far west region and local level. The major suppler are Indian companies and few items from China. At regional level one machinery related network which provide basic statistic of stock and available farm machine at different part of country.

      1. Excellent! If that is the case, this proposal is excellent and I am pretty confident that it will have wide-scale impact in the project sites and beyond. Good luck.

    1. Thank Ananta !!
      Ur interest in mechanization practices in University student. It would be very nice if we able to do such job in university periphery, So Youth interest can be injected from beginning…
      I am expecting ur cooperation on same

  48. Congratulations Himalaya jee for this excellent proposal. I hope your efforts also have to consider as a tool for climate change adaptation, resilience moreover for reducing drudgery of farmers to reducing production cost. Ultimately, to ladder out poverty from the country like Nepal. Keep it alive and wish you all the very best!

    With best wishes,

  49. Good idea. It may be panacea for country’s increasing problem of labor shortage. Surely, It will start new arena in the field of FARM MECHANIZATION from paper to field.

  50. Good one, mechanization is needed but farmers knowledge (indigineous)should be prioritised and made better.

  51. I really like the proposal….and I remember how ideas used to generate in your mind during field trips… All the best and good luck..

  52. I like the concept because it is one of the approach to implement the agricultural mechanization in Nepal and it is in line with the Agriculture Mechanization Policy recently promulgated by the government of Nepal.

  53. Nice concept. Farm mechanization will support in commercialization which ultimately attracts the local youths in agricultural sectors of the country.

    1. Really Anuja, Mechanization attract the youth, Current youth are backbone of future and aged generation to feed. Mechanization help agriculture sector profitable as well as respective business.

  54. Its great to see your proposal on mechanisation in Nepal. Its high time to go for commercialisation and mechanisation is a key for agricultural transformation. I fully support your idea… All the best…

  55. Great idea, very relevant to the current food crisis and low productivity in Nepal… All the best

  56. Sounds very promising ideas as put forth by Himalaya jee, He has very grounded experience in various climate change projects, based on his experience and expertise, the idea written himself would be worthy to those climate vulnerable communities in Nepal. I wish him a good luck for him.

  57. It’s a very good start. I liked the concept you presented. I would have included specific work plan and expected outcomes within a specific time frame. Overall, very good concept.

  58. farm mechanization surely help the production, no doubt; but its more important to motivate the small holder farmers based on marginalized terrace farming on the mountainous parts of the country

  59. Farmers of Nepal really need change and which has been perfectly presented here by Himalaya Subedi. Great start.

  60. Go think it’s the beginning of modern agriculture in Nepal. It must be applied by farmer. Best of luck.

  61. Modernization of agriculture through machine really need in Nepal because of lack of agriculture Labour or worker. Best of luck.

  62. It woll be a very good creativity, innovation & initiative for agricultural farm . Fa mechanization would actually reduce production cost. It’s really interesting . Good job Himal jee

  63. It may be effective to improve traditional agriculture system in Nepal. Best of luck.

  64. In Terri large and flat area is used for agriculture but most of them not being used by mechanization so it is so suitable for them. Best of luck.

  65. The concept of commercialization and mechanization is awesome for agriculture field of Nepal. Best of luck

  66. its a encouragement to those who are associated with Nepalese agriculture. Mainly we students…

  67. Sir ….very nice project …..
    Carry on..! Its very benificial for our country.It will some how support the country for the agricultural development.our country can compete with world.

  68. I support the need of mechanization because the cost of input is greater than output in conventional agriculture. also the lack of farm manpower due to muscle drain of youth to abroad is also a problem which can be solved by mechanization.

  69. Well done sir , Keep it up and expand your project in eastern development region as well

  70. Mechanization can work sir, But some of our traditional farmer doesn’t accept it. Just do it and show the result. Looking from you sir ???

  71. Rural mechanization and wheat intensification really increase the crop yield from same piece of land sir good luck

  72. Female farmer and labor scarcity is major problem of nepalease agriculture that can be resolved by mechanization as bumper crop yield even low physical power

  73. Good to worked with you in past time, hoping with to work together again with new project,

  74. Use of reaper its self make agriculture work easier again seed drill as well. It make even better agriculture worker life

  75. Nice to see your mechanization proposal and experience obtain from CIMMYT. I am also confident it will work in field

  76. Well mechanization can increase the cropping system intensification in terai/plain area of Nepal, Hope to implement work effectively and mass communication (FM) before in field work

  77. I m very happy of this;…scarcity farmer (like us) will be know about farm mechanization whis is most important in the context of Nepal………bst of luck! Himalaya sir;..

  78. I wish u the best……Nepal is very poor country.Almost all nepalies r based on traditional agriculture.It is very gud and praiseworthy initiative of Mr.Himalaya Subedi,a leading personality.
    Indeed, scale mechanization in agricultural sector contributes national GDP, helps to transform traditional agriculture into lucrative and commercial one and reduces poverty as well. I think choosing this proposal will be one of the best selection of the board ,really inspiring to Nepalese youth…best of luck…..

  79. Nepal is a very poor country. Almost all nepalies are based on traditional agriculture. It is very gud and praiseworthy initiative of Mr. Himalaya Subedi ,a leading personality.
    Indeed scale mechanization in agricultural sector contributes national GDP, helps to transform conventional agriculture into lucrative and commercial one and reduces poverty as well.
    I think choosing this proposal is one of the best selection of the board that inspires Nepalese youth.

  80. Its a very nice concept especially for marginalized farmers of Nepal. Such equipment also has implications in hilly terrain. These are cost effective and easily adoptable.
    Best of luck Himalaya

  81. Good concept, I am not a agriculturist but i highly appreciate the concept of mechanization initiative in Country, Good Luck

  82. Nice concept develop from field based staffs, i am hopeful agriculture mechanization will definitely work in field

  83. Good initiatives…………… There is urgent need of farm mechanization which ultimately solves many problem and reduces the cost of production

  84. Good Luck, u learn from Kailai and learning will be shared in next place. Good to know that u have capacity to lead the agriculture project.

  85. Reaper>Seed drill>Wheat intensification>Labor shortage> Need of agriculture mechanization, Go and start now ….

  86. Good approach Himalaya: Intensification of the agriculture is urgent needed to overcome the food security and improving livelihood of the rural people. So, your approaches for increasing productivity by integrating mechanization, resource conservation and environment friendly best management practices for enhancing better ecosystem services are highly appreciated. Best wishes for project successes.

  87. It also minimize the carbon emission and help for carbon sequestration. We suggest u for integration this climate smart technology with Local Adaptation Plant for Action (so called LAPA)

  88. Your field experience is acknowledge, Also think about insect pest attack as well….. Good luck

    1. We know pest affect the average 20% yield loss in Nepal, But my concept here is noly for mechanization and system intensification. I respect ur view as an entomologist com agronomist

  89. Nice proposal, it could be event nice if you have fixed site for implementation, Nice concept

  90. good proposal in Nepalese context. Farming is not possible now a days because of labor unavailability, time consuming conventional practices, difficulty in farming activities. SUBSIDIES must be given as farmers are poor. Govt. must invest in farming directly by distributing useful equipment. All over the world Govt. invested in basic infrastructure.

    1. Dear Sir
      Thank you for your constructive suggestion. I believe farmer need technology at first than only subsidy. 100% subsidy, never works but for new technology farmer reluctant to use it at first time so some incentive package must be use as lure.

  91. Great Initiation! well done congratulation !!Farm Mechanization is very important in the context of our country.Still more than two-thirds of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood and women and disadvantaged are not able to access overseas income opportunities.Due to out migration there is a feminization of agriculture in Nepal with women doing the majority of agriculture work which remains subsistence and low productivity in most of rural is crucial for women to have access to labor saving technologies that farm mechanization for cropping system give the highest returns to labor and offer increased productivity for both high value crops and cereal food crop.
    Farm Mechanization help to attract the young generation to do agriculture as well .Main things is rural farm households characterized by high rates of male migration, which has left women as household heads in charge of agriculture responsibilities. This added obligation dis empowers women in the poorest households, saddling them with additional physical burdens without increasing their visible authority in the community.In this context, there is a wide scope of farm mechanization in Nepal.

    1. Hi Kalpana
      Thank you for your critical review and reflecting the real picture of ground context of rural nepal. Really, female members have work more than 80% job but have not visibility. But in our case there are few machines which are women friendly and there visibility will be appear. Just we have to dig out them for them. Thank you for your constructive inputs.

  92. I m very happy of this;…scarcity farmer (like us) will be know about farm mechanization

    1. Sure Deepak
      Our settlement is very fragmented, even it is possible for mechanization. But we have to provide some mechanical option to them then they will work.

    1. Hi Jeeven
      It is now practices around the Nepalese community, Initially it is difficult to accept by farmer after some time they will convince themselves. But we should not be back

    1. Hi Pradip
      Machine help efficient works and faster than human, Machine can works even normal human can’t do it at that time. So help works faster and increase nunber of crop from same piece of land

  93. Such activity need to be extended in the eastern hills of Nepal. Farm labor is become a major problems in the agricultural field due to the foreign migration of village people. Farmers leave agricultural land fallow due to the lack of farm labor. So, such type of activity/mechanization will reduce the labor load in agricultural and also increase the B/C ratio and livelihood of the farmers.

  94. yes of course it’s a necessary step to us specially in farmer’s back ground. we can apply mechanization concept in terai region there is bit difficulties in hilly region.

  95. Your way and presentation is superbly presenting. please in same direction, you will feel your goal

  96. Thanks for the initiative work in the areas of climate smart technology. Such technology reduces the turn round period which will reduces the terminal heat stress, shortens labor scarcity, reduces cost of production which ultimately increases the crop yield so it is really a good initiative.

  97. It’s mixture of engineering and agriculture so must concern with mechanical engineer. Keep it up

  98. Agricultur sector needs mechanization. Ur thought is good but it used by technically. And we should need practically experienced guidance. wishes to achive ur goals.

  99. It would be a good approach to boost the agricultural production. Your idea and thought is really nice and appreciate. Wish you all the best …..

  100. Thank you my dear friend and seniors, sir
    for your encouraging comment, It is not sure that i am awarded or not but i learn many thing from this proposal. My conclusion is i win the bit and thank for your support again. I am still hope ful your valuable comment and suggestion will be acknowledge, Good Night

  101. Hey Himalaya,
    This proposal, though only proposed in the Terai region seems to address some of the concerning issues like drudgery, productivity and ease in production in the area. The practice might be scaled up in other areas too. Good luck!!

  102. Best of luck and wishes for the successful implementation…. Concept is good for country like nepal having scaricity of man power in agri. Sector

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