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YAP Proposal #5: “Pig Feed Production” (Muhumuza Albert, Uganda)


MUHUMUZA ALBERT is my name, Ugandan, aged 27, currently a research student. I hold a bachelor of Agribusiness management and community development and a professional training certificate powering agriculture, sustainable energy for food from Köln University of Applied of Science in Germany.

My story so far is: am an agriculture worker, naturally like the profession. I grew up in an agriculture based home. With this I also picked the profession therefore from my child hood I started practicing agriculture we owned a farm where we had a pig enterprise, poultry, livestock and field crops such as coffee, banana and many other non-perennial crops.

With this exposure I got to learn the basics of agriculture right away from my childhood, I continued learning till I reached my secondary level here I got a chance of taking up the theory part of agriculture and it was more than interesting indeed, I passed agriculture as the best subject at ordinary level, to me it was a start of my career took agriculture at my advanced level and continued to be the best, I joined university offering a bachelor of agribusiness and community development.

The project

Farm Concern Enterprises is a developing farm business, organized to develop into several enterprises in its developmental stages that is growing maize, pig farming & poultry farming.

Currently am concentrating on pig enterprise as the farm is in its early stages with 20 pigs however the project is targeting 100pigs for the start. Performance is not bad so far. Within the frame work of the farms growth we hope of developing other enterprises as time goes on, however the success of one enterprise will lead to the development of another. I found that the feed requirement of pigs is high and the cost of already made feeds is high and this will put the farm at a higher risk in investing too much in feeds.

Therefore I have come up with another project but within the frame work of the farm, that is “Feed Production”, this will help to minimize on the costs spent on buying feeds and here it operates, Farm Concern Enterprises has limited land therefore it has no capacity of growing maize on large scale because solely this this feed will contain a high percentage of maize bran at a percentage of 70%, therefore I have planned only 1 acre of land for growing maize. However this is not enough I will buy from other farmers to supplement the yields of my one acre per season.


What motivates me most for this feed production project is that it’s within the framework of Farm Concern Enterprises operational stages as it involves maize growing for production of maize bran which is a major component of the feed

Secondly the feasibility of this project will lead to business opportunity where by the surplus feeds will be sold out to other farmers dealing in pig or poultry enterprise. This project will help me to minimize on the cost spent on feeds and at the same time bring in additional income from the sale of the surplus, as a community it will benefit from learning new technology of feed production, farmers buying nearer and at a reduced price and of course the project will employ some community members.

Lastly I will need addition demand of maize grains from other farmers therefore they will be market for their produce.


My main goal is to minimize feed costs through feed production; therefore I would take the following steps to reach my goal, thorough understanding the financial requirement of feed production, amount of land to be put into production of the grain and lastly the reliability of additional sources of maize grain.


So far one acre of land is available for the project and I have made research on other requirements for completing the feed such as cassava flour and soya, I have made consultations with feed producers for advice and met maize farmers to know about the prevailing prices and availability of maize.

Measure of success

Reduced cost of feeds will be basis to measure the success of this project; however there are other factors such as the percentage of additional income from the sale of the surplus feeds and adoptability of the feed to the pigs.


The US$5000 would help me to procure seeds, make field preparation, buy other feed requirements such as soya, cassava flour, buy additional grains ,cater for machine and labor costs and the balance would help me to buy more piglets to reach my target number and expand the pigsty in a period of one year.

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104 thoughts on “YAP Proposal #5: “Pig Feed Production” (Muhumuza Albert, Uganda)”

    1. Albert great work,am seeing great things in this i could not believe it ,my remarks are so positive may God get through.

  1. I remember you in your go green campaign you really motivated us indeed you are a great entrepreneur please keep it burning , otherwise we see ourselves joining you all the best bro

  2. As browse through your blog i see you already have one acre of land for the project ,but my question is do you think this land will be enough to produce enough grain for the feed production as your project seems to be targeting 100pigs?, if the answer is no ,then how have you planned to overcome this?

  3. Albert this looks to be nice start up,where are the enterprise located ? i would like you to give me advice on pig rearing i want to venture into this business also, all the best in YAP.

  4. This is a great initiative, i hope many youth will have a chance to develop such innovations in their areas

  5. its only through such innovations through which youth unemployment can be tackled ,as per now many youth are soaring all over the streets looking for white collar jobs,they leave idle land in their villages hence it could be productive. At muhumuza keep the heart.

  6. Great! These are the kinds of ideas from passionate young people that we need to support! Continue forwarding our cause for agriculture, bro!

  7. I hope you get all the needed funding, so that this pilot project can quickly be replicated throughout our country. We need an agricultural resurgence to offset the rapid urbanization we are experiencing, not only in the environmental context, but more importantly in the socio-cultural context.

  8. This is an eye opener which i believe needs a lot of support. A means of improving livelihood and create job opportunities for the youth and alleviate poverty in our society. Thumbs up

  9. This is an eye opener which i believe needs a lot of support. A means of improving livelihood and create job opportunities for the youth and alleviate poverty in our society. Thumbs up

  10. The work which you’re doing is commendable. We need more people like you who work their try potential where it’s needed the most.keep up the good work.

  11. Great project with good prospects. Not only is it nature friendly but also presents employment opportunities to the youth which is much needed in Uganda-Africa. This project should be supported because it is targeted at making positive impact in the communities in which the project will be undertaken as well as transform the lives of the people there.

  12. This is a very good project indeed and it will help in many aspects as we focus on vision 2040 .Am happy for you my friend, and keep it up! .

  13. I really appreciate this bright idea because i believe through it we are going to move our economy to greater levels.

  14. This is a good venture pig farming has embarked on. We need such in every community in ugand, to help those of us who wish to start this project but are too limited with information and skills. keep up the good work!!

  15. BRILLIANT IDEA. this is going to expand opportunities for Uganda youth and entrepreneurs to grow. above all create employment to many jobless Ugandans. i support the initiative wholeheartedly

  16. The best entrepreneur .youths needs to emulated this guy.he has done great.self employment is a sure way of earning money.

  17. A great idea worth supporting so to be a model of what the young people can explore in this century.

  18. keep your career under your responsibilities, you will achieve more and more. so is this link be gotten for some one who want additional knowledge or it works with some one with the project in implementation.

  19. I am so excited with this project! Your project will facilitate the management of the Environment in this world.Big up,that’s great!

  20. well done my boy, . I have always admired your work. This is a great step at this level. I wish you all the success in your endeavors. It will not only sharp your skills but also improve the knowledge of the local community. keep it up

  21. Wow…What a great initiative. Yes it is very true implementing theory to practice not only gives much more satisfaction but also proves to be tremendously helpful for Society and Country. Having good Agriculture Academics background and at the same time pursuing farming is great combination.

  22. I am very glad to know about your recent research work in agriculture field. Keep it on and wishing very good luck for you.

  23. This is a good well thought through proposal that will help young people in Uganda regain trust in farming as a business.

  24. Great job dear! I hope this project will see the light of day! rest assured that I’ll be among your customers as soon as it takes off😊

  25. Role of youth in Agriculture and Global development
    The young generation is very important for agricultural and global development in many ways. Young people have a critical role in creating sustainable agricultural landscapes.

  26. We surely hope. And we hope that our project will be one of the model for the improvement of local strain of chicken in the Philippines

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