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Building pathways to nutrition


Helen Keller International reflects on GCARD 2 Household Nutrition Security session.

I’d like to commend GFAR for including the panels on pathways to nutrition in the conference agenda. It is an important development for GCARD–not least, for the fact that a nutrition-sensitive agriculture also helps maintain attention focused on the critical gender issues that are also being addressed through the Gender in Agriculture Partnership. The panel, which brought together donors, practitioners, and researchers from agriculture and nutrition communities in the same room, revealed that much has improved in the past couple of years in the dialogue on leveraging agriculture for nutrition and health. As it was pointed out, there was rather more agreement than disagreement achieved among the group: there was use of a common language and shared agreement on many nutrition goals, (for instance the focus on the <2 age group), and full recognition of the importance of agriculture as a lever for improving household nutrition.

For Helen Keller International, GCARD2 was an opportunity to share some of our practical lessons learned and approaches to integrating nutrition, agriculture, and health and to draw attention to the importance of behavior change, communication and addressing gender in nutrition strategies—whatever the vehicle or intervention may be. As the same time, it was an opportunity for us to better understand the priorities and interests of those in the agriculture and ag-research community, and to strengthen partnerships, particularly for building the evidence base for successful agriculture-based nutrition interventions. We expect that GCARD3 will showcase more of that evidence. Again, thanks to GFAR for organizing this important panel and supporting concerted multi-sectorial actions.

Emily Hillenbrand
Regional Gender and Program Design Coordinator
Asia-Pacific Regional Office
Helen Keller International,Cambodia

More information on the Household Nutrition Security session

Photo credit:Neil Palmer (CIAT)

1 thought on “Building pathways to nutrition”

  1. Nutrition is crucial, but the problem is that there is very little evidence so far of the impact of agricultural interventions on it! This has to change, and agricultural researchers like me need to work much more closely with nutritionists in thefuture.

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