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Social Reporting Geeks signing off

It all started off as a challenge for a young group of social media enthusiasts that wanted to give a voice to young professionals in agricultural research for development (ARD) at the Second Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD 2012).

From all walks of life, young spirited people have gathered between October 25th and November 2nd 2012 in Punta del Este under the warm fun guidance of Peter “Grandpa” Casier (, teaching the Social Media Team (SMT) a “thing or two” about hash tags and virtual networking with people from across the world.

The objectives of the Social Reporting Geeks (as we like to be called) or the SMT (as the #GCARD2 followers recognized us) were simple enough:

  • Awareness: We wanted to raise awareness before, during and after the #GCARD2 about what is being discussed and give visibility through “social power” around the world to the collective actions planned addressing the themes of #GCARD2: Partnerships, Capacity building and Foresight;
  • Inclusion: We wanted to give all stakeholders represented at the #GCARD2, even just virtually. From opinions expressed virtually through online chat to live webcasting and sharing knowledge, our role of including everyone in the discussions and giving immediate and real time feedback to the opinion expressed;
  • Social Media Capacity Building: We are expanding the #GCARD2 social media footprint and build the social media capacities of stakeholder groups and networks;

And we had a voice during the #GCARD2:

Giving a voice to young professionals was the first step…

Here are some of the best tweets we had over the past week from some of our social reporters:

Federico Sancho (@FdSancho)

AR4D and innovation is the benchmark to solve poverty problems#GCARD2

 Machteld Schoolenberg (@MachteldAnna)

Today I’m #dreamingof Job Offers stating: “we encourage people <35yrs old to apply” #youth in #agriculture @YPARD #GCARD2

 Nawsheen Hosenally (@nawsheenh)

We shud b moving away from business as usual. Rather than commodity approach, have farmer system approach. Should be farmer centric! #GCARD2

 Yash Saharawat (@YSSaharawat)

Should not CRPs have positive discrimation for YOUTH as with GENDER???? Need to be emphasized by YPARD #GCARD2#YPARD

 Msekiwa Matsimbe (@msekiwa22)

all of us must come together to make an impact in agriculture. its not just about CGIAR to drive.Time4 action is today! #GCARD2

 Mai Touma (@MaiiTouma)

Face 2 Face Interaction is a MUST 4 exchanging and sharing knowledge going into actual production 4 farmers #GCARD2 #C21 #KM

 Noelia de los Santos (@noie71)

El gasto público en la agricultura es muy importante ya que es un canal para hacer caer la pobreza.#GCARD2

 Codrin Paveliuc Olariu (@CodrinPO)

Linking farmers to markets-> a community based approach at regional level <- impact on global food security through partnerships#GCARD2

 Marina Cherbonnier (@MarinaDev)

Loved his curiosity:Ministry of #ag of France officer came at @YPARD booth asking that I show him how #Twitter works&benefits #GCARD2 #ict4d

 Olawale Isaiah Ojo (@whalayojo)

Youth want to be successful but need demonstration of existing and cutting edge practice,interaction with industry practitioners#gcard

We have crossed all borders (both figurately speaking and literally) and we would say now that the 2nd Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development has for sure spotted the light on crucial issues debated among Donors, stakeholders, and researchers in Agriculture, but it must have hit a bright flash on THE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS used by YOUNG PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL MEDIA REPORTERS (TRAINERS), trained by a super expert media geek; a fact that is proved by the statistics results in information technology, educational awareness, and knowledge sharing, spreaded all over the world for a better future and generation.

But it is now time to say our goodbyes and…sign off for the last time.

So the Social Reporting geeks say farewell to you all as they tweet while they beginning boarding their flights for home. won`t get rid of us this easy…

Blogpost by the Social Reporting Geeks of GCARD2

8 thoughts on “Social Reporting Geeks signing off”

  1. Hats off to the Social Reporting Geeks of GCARD2 for the great coverage;) It has been wonderful to follow all of you, read your posts and tweets, along with occasional peeks at the pics of your team:) Good job!

  2. It has been a pleasure meeting and working with you all. Let’s keep in touch and lead the change! 🙂

  3. I am emotionally extremely “weak” Tonight. This work together, launched way before the beginning of the GCARD2 has been so intense, not only in term of work but also humanly. It was a strong&deep human experience; SOCIAL, it was!

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