Agriculture’s potential for solving YOUTH unemployment

Will we make progress in youth engagement in agriculture before GCARD3?

Youth unemployment is one of the most serious problems affecting developing countries. A lack of basic education ranks high among the reasons for this problem. However, youth unemployment is compounded by the fact that a large portion of the population in developing countries tends to be youth.

The formal economy is unable to create enough employment opportunities to absorb this constant supply of labor-seeking youth. Whatever the solution[s] to this multilevel problem, a great deal of coordination and skillful thinking will be required to attract gadget-loving and efficient young people into AGRICULTURE

Being in Punta del Este to participate in the 2nd Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development as a social media reporter, I was wondering how many CGIAR centers DGs, Senior staff, CRP Directors are YOUTH?! And What are the success factors for empowering youth in ARD?

In my opinion, this is one of the outcomes that should result from the GCARD2 in Punta del Este:

Collective action and measures agreed on to attract, inspire and empower young people for transformative agriculture including AR4D systems and Agri-enterprise development.

1. What tools can be used for tracking progress? 2. What programs, projects and networks could be linked to help ensure the greatest degree of learning, and impact? 3. What two to three collective actions should we propose for 2012- 2014? What changes and results do we want to share when we return to GCARD in two years’ time?

By any possible means, we must have on-ground solutions to share when we return to GCARD in next two years’ time. This can be implemented through many available programs, projects and networks which could be linked to help ensure the greatest degree of learning, and impact with YOUTH.

Such networks for example can be (YPARD): Young Professionals’ Platform for Agricultural Research for Development which will be definitely empowering Young Professionals in Agriculture worldwide,delivering the support and skills they need to create profitable agricultural enterprises and fulfill their extraordinary potential!

Blogpost by Mai Touma, one of the GCARD2 social reporters.

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