Uruguay, a star in smart agriculture!

Agriculture and Livestock has been Uruguay’s leading export due to Uruguay’s fertile soils, extensive research and innovations, turning Uruguay into an agriculture smart country!

Today Uruguay stands out on its economic, social and environmental growth in harmony with the environment (green growth).  It’s also has quality of life through political and social stability, making it the best country to live and invest in.

Currently Uruguay has:

  • Highest rate of electrification the whole continent!
  • Highest internet and pc connectivity in Latin America
  • The first to implement 1 laptop per child in the whole world (OLPC)
  • Highest human development index for latin America
  • Has evidence of poverty reduction in households per demographic area per year.

In terms of exports, 70% Uruguay’s exports are agricultural products due to its lands and efficient research and development. This has made Uruguay;

  • 2nd highest world wool seller
  • 2nd highest world short fiber pulp exporter
  • 5th dairy products marketer
  • 6th largest rice exporter,
  • 6th largest exporter of beef.

Still more Uruguay’s mains agricultural policies aim to achieve great competitiveness, natural resource care and environmental added value and more education. It’s also a pilot engineer in climate change adaptation, policies achieved through its well developed professionals through training, research, extension and opening of markets.

All these development initiatives are being funded and managed jointly by the government and the private sector. The highest investment is in agricultural research and development – a one dollar investment implies a 20 dollar return.

In short, Uruguay is a synonym for smart agriculture!

Blogpost by Msekiwa Matsimbe, one of the GCARD2 social reporters.

One thought on “Uruguay, a star in smart agriculture!

  1. This is an amazing fact about Uruguay! I was impressed by the fact that they have a fertile soil that makes their agriculture and livestock a success and improving as always. Knowing that they have a rich and fertile soil. Better farming also needs a better maintenance. Cheers for this article!

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