Need for Global Partnerships for Food Security

To address the issue of feeding 9 billion People and to have  national food security, the speakers at the today’s (29/10/2012)  GCARD2 parallel session on partnerships addressed the importance of public-private partnerships. Introducing the session on partnerships, Ken Cassman (CGIAR ISPC) spoke about the science partnership programmes of CGIAR.

The speakers emphasised the need for identification of the key constraints on building successful international partnerships addressing food security. D. Watson (CRP Maize CIMMYT) spoke about Mexico’s MasAgro partnership programme for addressing the improvement of wheat and maize commodities. B. Bouman (CRP GRiSP – Rice) presented on the contribution of CRP Rice in addressing the global food security in rice. He said that 25 years of science partnership had developed Swarna-Sub1, the submergence tolerant rice variety. When all other cultivators of rice failed due to flooding, the Swarna-Sub1 showed its tolerance and proved its strength.

T. Randolph from CRP Livestock and Fish presented about the improvement of meat, milk and fish improvement with AR4D partnership. The CRP on Livestock and Fish is working for the improvement of access and consumption of critical animal-source foods by the poor. On the Wheat Initiative, the international research initiative for wheat improvement, H. Lucas (IRIWI France) invited people to populate various committees and to improve the partnership network.

T. Lumpkin (CIMMYT) talked about the wheat improvement in Asia and the recommendations from the regional workshop on wheat improvement.

A presentation about the India’s National Agricultural Research System and the contribution of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) institutes in partnership with State Agricultural Universities and Farmers Science Centres for feeding 9 billion people was made by S. Ayyappan, Director General, ICAR. He presented about the contribution of agricultural research for making India reach a higher position in the production of various agricultural commodities. He also mentioned the initiatives of ICAR for the Students, Rural Youth and Farmers like Farmers First and Student Ready.

Blogpost by Sridhar Gutam, one of the GCARD2 social reporters.

Photo: G. Cuevas (CIMMYT)

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