The Minister of Agriculture designates “Innovation for Rural Development” as the key to a new era

Uruguay has been selected as a host country for the GCARD2 (Global Conference on Agriculture for Development). It is worth noting that Uruguay has been recognized as a country which has made a significant progress in the agriculture sector.

The Minister of the Agriculture, Taberé Aguerre, has very high expectations of the GCARD2. He points out that “the world gives us a tremendous opportunity to help to address and contribute to the Global Food Security issues.

The Minister designates that the Innovation of Rural Development, including innovations in production, organization and communication, as a consistency of a new era.

Aguerre raises 6 important core objectives of the GCARD2:

  • Sustainable Production
  • Agriculture
  • Management of the Natural Resources
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Climate Change Adaptation

To enhance the experiences of experts who are working in different realities, the Ministry of Agriculture will organize a field trip during the conference, where all the participants would have a chance to visit 6 different sites. They will be introduced to the policies, conducted by the Ministry or by non-state public agencies, which are related to research and production. Moreover, the participants will be able to integrate with groups of farmers from the agribusiness firms. Therefore they would see the interactions between the productions, marketing and manufacturing processes with the innovation complex, which is very important, highlights the Minister.

“Events like that are extremely useful for development and synergy”, says Aguerre.

Blogpost by Meerim Shakirova, one of the GCARD2 social reporters.

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