Smallholder cooperation promotes dairy business in Uruguay

Cooperative support to smallholder farmers in Uruguay

In the small countryside of the Province of Florida, close to the heart of Uruguay, private cooperative societies are working with government to gradually change the lives of farming communities by providing access to land and infrastructure to smallholder farmers.

The Colony 33 Orientales is one of such communities provided with land, farm machinery and financial support. Conaprole Cooperative is the biggest private cooperative in the country, working with the National Institute of Colonization (NIC) to support dairy farmers by ensuring that their products reach the markets.  In addition, the Institute also awarded about 300 hectares of land to the San Ramon dairy producers Association which benefits 29 families.

For the farmers, the initiative allows them work together and by providing them with land, better technologies and access to markets, the Cooperative, NIC, and Ministry of Livestock has ensured higher productivity and income for them.

The NIC has big plans for this farming community and hope to build infrastructures such as a dam, better irrigation systems and to electrify the community. This will be facilitated by funding from the World Bank through the Ministry of Livestock.

Blogpost by Idowu Ejere (FARA), one of the GCARD2 social reporters.

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