Productivity Exemplified: The Uruguayan Economy

 The productivity and stability of the Uruguayan Economy – click above to see the full video.

Poised as a leader in country development, Uruguay has placed it self among one of the premier exporters from the Latin American Region. Out of the  eleven major exports for the country, the top 4 are meat, soy, rice and foodstuffs. All  of these are immediate agricultural products. This gives an insight into the productive economy of Uruguay.

The remaining products; wood, textile, clothing, chemical products, minerals, leather and furs are in various ways connected to the agricultural industry of the nation. With such a diverse economy, significant investment in these sectors, and comfortable infrastructure  Uruguay can safely refer to it’s economy as a stable one.

In order to maintain such a thriving industry, agricultural research and innovation is key. Practice of these success factors are exemplified by the close relationship between the agricultural and research sectors. As the country will play host to the Global Conference on Agricultural Research fro Development (GCARD2), participants will be able to understand the inter-linked nature of research and agriculture. With Uruguay setting the benchmark, it is clear that such factors have played a role in their ability to open new export markets and improve the quality of it’s products.

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