Aligning the Agenda for Better Impacts – Next stop: GCARD2

CGIAR and CAADP join forces for agricultural transformation in Africa

Since 2011, the key donors and stakeholders of the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP) with CGIAR, a global agricultural research partnership, to spur agricultural transformation across Africa have come together under that is known as ‘the Dublin Process’.

Named for the city in which it was launched, the Dublin Process is aligning the needs and priorities articulated in national agricultural Investment Plans, spearheaded by CAADP, with the research strengths and focus of the CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs).

“This is significant and unprecedented,” says Frank Rijsberman, CEO of the CGIAR Consortium. “Previously, CGIAR and CAADP largely functioned apart, with minimal collaboration and much lost opportunity for cross-fertilization and advancement.  With the Dublin process we are linking the considerable scientific capacity and networks of 15 CRPs with the agricultural priorities of each country. The results could have an important bearing on agricultural advances in Africa.”

Since 2003, all of the countries of Africa have signed on to CAADP as a strategy to eliminate pervasive hunger and malnutrition, reduce poverty, generate economic growth, and relieve the heavy burden of importing staple foods. Each country has engaged in a national needs assessment and priority setting, along with regionally-based efforts that recognize agricultural development issues crossing national borders.

As a result of the Dublin Process, CAADP and CGIAR are now working together in a series of activities designed to harmonize their agendas and identify where the greatest value addition can be generated. (Read the full article on

Picture courtesy Peter Casier/CCAFS

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