GCARD2010: Research themes for the CGIAR: A discussion

Mark Holderness, Executive Secretary of GFAR, opened Day 3 of the conference by calling upon the participants for decisive collection action: “We’ve set the theme over the last two days. I can see you are all fired up to do something; now is your chance.”

Dr. Mahmoud Solh, Director General of ICARDA, affirmed the need for feedback from stakeholders to develop the CGIAR mega-programmes based on demand, not supply. “It has been a long journey, but now we must focus on where we go next,” he said.

Eight parallel sessions, outlined below, mapped proposed thematic areas for the large-scale CGIAR collective action programmes. (Unfortunately the summary of the “Forests and Trees” session is not available.)

Agricultural Biodiversity

Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security

Water, Soils and Ecosystems

Agriculture, Nutrition and Health

Optimizing Productivity of Global Security Crops

Enabling agricultural incomes for the poor

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