GCARD2010: Role of the Fast-Growing Economies as New Partners

The immense potential of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) to provide aid, guidance, and support to the developing world has not yet been reached, according to the Global Author Report (GAT) and discussed by participants at this session.
“I’m very happy that the emerging economies are taking AR4D into consideration,” said Guy Riba, Vice President of INRA.
This is indeed the sentiment of many international agricultural players, as their experience stretches far and wide into the many various facets of the agriculture research for development paradigm, and can provide guidance and support to much of the developing world. 
Dr. Pedro Arraes Pereira, President of EMBRAPA, articulated the strengths his country could leverage when pairing up with developing partners. In the areas of public/private partnerships, Brazil has experienced much success, as well as developing competitive processes for research funding and biotechnology in diverse climates and geographical areas. EMBRAPA representatives proposed to have senior people head up their partnered activities and programs in developing countries.
India’s major strengths in genomics were identified, as well as cooperation in capacity building and human resource development; partnerships in trans-boundary disease monitoring, and management biodiversity of crops.
Widely recognized as a technology powerhouse, China plays many additional roles to target agricultural research priorities. Dr. Huajun Tang, President of CAAS, believes that China could most contribute in combating trans-boundary diseases, farming and systems management, biotechnology, and the development of hybrid rice.
While included in consultations leading up to GCARD 2010, the countries of South Africa and Russia were not able to make it to this session, but they were present and contributed at the pre-meeting held in Beijing, China earlier this year.

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2 thoughts on “GCARD2010: Role of the Fast-Growing Economies as New Partners

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