Synthesis of GCARD2010 Day 1 by Ismail Serageldin, Director, Library of Alexandria

Thank you, Dr. Adel-El Beltagy. It is an awesome task to be asked to try to synthesize what you’ve heard today. I kept count: we’ve had 33 very distinguished speakers in three very broad-ranging panels, not counting the opening addresses. I will try to pull the pieces together as I see them. It seems that the most important thing that has come out of this is really a recurrent theme of the importance of capacity building in the developing countries–the capacity to reach the poor, the capacity for the national systems to play a national role, the capacity for them to collaborate with others to be the recipients of new developments, to be able to build partnerships with stakeholders without being fragmented. We know that capacity building requires sound policy, requires investment in human resources, requires investment in institutions of excellence as well as institutions of reach to the developing country population. This is not easy, but that is where the extension work comes in.

See the full video

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