Voices from the corridor – GCARD2010 day 2

How we will be able to focus on poor small holder farmers at a global scale? Each farmer and each of those farms are different and so small. How will we be able to make an impact on all those farms and invest the funds to really make a difference at that level? I would really like an answer to that question.” Indonesian women farmer

The regional session this morning didn’t go well. We spend too much time in describing the regional consultation processes and not enough time in discussing the results. We would have preferred to see one presentation highlighting the differences between the regions and then have a longer discussion with the audience. “ Two participants involved with the West Asia and North Africa consultation process.

The session on collective action this afternoon was brilliantly facilitated by Julio Berdegué. Many participants are eager to speak up and that shows that we need more interactive sessions.” Members of Foragro

I was not happy with the session’s exclusive focus on farmers, even if I liked its dynamic. The thing is that we at the CGIAR don’t work exclusively with farmers. We have many different partners and we cannot take over the job of the national agricultural research systems.” Director General, CGIAR Center.

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