GCARD2010: The day in quotes and pics

Everything is ready to go

Corum, Montpellier

It is wrong to burn the food of the poor to drive the cars of the rich”, Ismail Serageldin, Library of Alexandria.

Ismail Serageldin

Declarations, commitments and speeches don’t feed hungry people“, Kanayo Nwanze, IFAD

Kanayo Nwanze

I urge all of you to push for that poor farmer“, Katherine Sierra, World Bank.

Kathy Sierra, World Bank

Why are bottles of Coca-Cola and bars of Nestle chocolate more available than seeds, fertilizer, and even condoms, in the most rural parts of Africa?“, Gordon Conway, Imperial College

Gordon Conway

“Only 5 to 10% of extension services reach women farmers. Only 15% of extension workers are women”.
Hafez Ghanem, FAO

Hafez Ghanem

Perhaps we need funds exclusively for agriculture, not just funds distributed depending on the national demands?” Margaret Catley-Carlson, Global Crop Diversity Trust.

Margaret Catley-Carlson
 The private foundations are able to take a unique role on long term activities, like drought tolerant maize, Prabhu Pingali, BMGF
Prabhu Bengali

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One thought on “GCARD2010: The day in quotes and pics

  1. Good point by Sir Gordon Conway on the distribution power of Coca-Cola in relation to other items such as seeds and fertlizer.
    Maybe the group Colalife could extend their vision to agricultural inputs (www.colalife.org).

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