What are These E-consultations About?

Simone Staiger-Rivas is coordinating the regional e-consultations. In a short video she explains why it is so important to join those virtual discussions. You can see the video here with subtitles in different langauges, like Russian, French, Spanish and more.

Here is the text:

I am Simone Staiger and I am the coordinator of the electronic Consultations for the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development GCARD. The electronic Consultations are one step of an ambitious process that leads to the GCARD conference that will take place in March of 2010.

The consultations are regional, and we invite you to join one of the six electronic discussions which will all take place in September.  The exact dates for each Regional E-Consultation can be found in the previous post.

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to share your experiences in Agricultural Research for Development in your region, and learn from others.  You can share your lessons learned about what has enabled certain agricultural technologies to help to achieve development impact.  And we will also provide you with background readings that summarize and suggest for each region  some key issues to consider and debate.

Your input will directly feed into regional face-to-face meetings where the regional issues and opportunities will be further discussed later this year. Those results will then contribute to the development of action plans, at the GCARd conference, for agricultural research for development around the world.

Register now and change the future of Agricultural Research for Development.

One thought on “What are These E-consultations About?

  1. Indeed this concept of taking innovative farmers to develop agricultural growth is significant in various national priorities.
    Livelihood and nutrion security have to be conerns of families than governments. Anthropologically speaking, from ancient man to this age man has been innovative to make agricultural growth for the needs of times.
    Agricultural development that is dircted towards growth national GDP may be low priority for farmers .Their concenr is exclusively to survice on the parcel of land with decent life of their families at equated comfort zones as the consumers of food.
    The human health abd well-being needs to be linked to crop health and animal health that form essentially life of farmers in theri farming systems in various countires.
    If the farmer asks back a protagonist of development, “Why should I produce more than what I need?” he sends the shocking message that the present human civilisation does not sustain him to be vertex of food production and economy.
    Probably more voices of farmers from continents, as I did once at PANCHGANI, MAHABALESWAR through FARMERS DIALOGUE, make the political systems of countries to be sensitive to the losing faith of farmers in goverments to sustain farming with futuristic well-being.

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