Check Now: Dates and Background Readings for Regional E-Consultations

Join the regional consultation of your choice and provide your perspectives on the priorities for agricultural research for development, working back from the desired development impacts to ensure research and innovation are focused on meeting development goals.

Go to the following registration pages if you want to participate in one of the regional e-consultations:

Asia Pacific (1-20 September)
Regional Review Documents:
• Key issues (main drivers and major challenges) of AR4D in Asia-Pacific
• Questions for facilitating the e-Consultation

Central Asia and Caucasus (3-23 September)
• Registration:
• Regional Review Document: Download it in English and Russian

Europe (2-21 September)
• Registration:
• Regional Review Document: Download the Key issues

West Asia and North Africa (2-24 September)

Latin America and the Caribbean (14-30 September)

Sub-Saharan Africa: (7-23 September)

5 thoughts on “Check Now: Dates and Background Readings for Regional E-Consultations

  1. Dear Sirs/Madams
    Very pleased to see this activities to improve agricultural technology and production policy.As far as you know all the conseltant will spend more their valuable time to having challenge with cases to find wright method.How they will pay about that time that will be spent for these case studies?
    thanks in advance for your reply and comments.

    Yours Sincerely
    Dr Mostofi

  2. I shall be happy to participate in these consultations as part of the latin America/Caribbean Region.
    I understand some Spanish but ca’nt write. My second language is English. How will it work with Language differences?

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